'Mile Long' UFO Passes 150'
Over Oklahoma Farm House
From Jim Hickman <>

I just received the following phone report:
On October 19th, in the evening, in a rural area west of the town of Elk City, Oklahoma, near the intersection of Hwy 34 and old Hwy 66, an unknown object described as having red, white, blue lights flew over a family's farmhouse.
It was reported that the object appeared from the southwest at a very low altitude, hovered overhead for about 10 minutes, then made a 180 degree turn on its axis and flew away to the north.
This object was witnessed by one adult and 3 children that were outside at the time. One of the children actually got a flashlight and attempted contact with the object. No report if the object replied.
The object was described as being dark gray or black. It was too low to distinguish shape...they estimated its altitude at 150 feet and described as being over a mile long.
The witness stated she was able to judge the distance and size by measuring it against a new race track that had been built nearby. She described the object as being larger than the track. It was also described as making no noise.
It was also reported this same object had been seen on several other nights but that this was the closest encounter so far.
I have been given permission to meet with the witnesses and I will update this report when I get more detailed information...
Jim Hickman The Hickman Report
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