Peru Military Actively
Investigating New UFO Sightings

From Kathy
Translation Courtesy of A. Rhodes, Lima, Peru
From El Comercio (newspaper)
Section B pg. 14 March 1, 2003

Three films of unidentified objects in Chulucanas are being analyzed...
Colonel Jose Raffo of the Peruvian Air Force and chief of Direcion de Intereses Aeroespaciales is trying to explain the different news about the different sightings of UFOs which have occurred in the last years and months in various points of the country. He says itÕs a given that there are anolmalous aerial phenomena which do not correspond to what is considered known or normal, and they are doing investigations and studies to determine how to treat this information.
One of the sightings has awakened the unusual curiousity and interest of various specialists and institutions, among those OIFAA (Oficina de Investigaciones de Fen-menos AZreos An-malos) of the Peruvian Air Force. In Chulucanas, Piura, the population observed UFOs which were actually filmed in three opportunities.
The sightings were observed between October and November 2001, and after a followup and investigation of the events, OIFAA has now decided to name the investigation Project 33, because it is the first of 33 events which they are currently investigating.
According to the studies of Dr. Jorge Choy Montes, OIFAA investigator, the sightings recorded on video were produced between October 13 and 15 and November 15, 2001, in Chulucanas in the valley of Morrop-n, and were seen by dozens of people in the province.
The investigator revealed that in addition to the observations, there were numerous references by the townspeople of frequent sightings. In the last few months there have been sightings around a hill called Pil¦n, where between three and four UFOs have been seen each month.
But Chulucanas is not the only zone in the country where UFOs are spotted, according to OIFAA investigations. There are 23 other points which exist in Peru where anomalous aerial phenomena have been frequently observed.
The heads of DINAE and OIFAA, coronel Jose Raffo and commander Ronaldo Lapoint respectively, emphazise that the investigations of the sightings are to detemine what type of anomalous aerial phenomena are produced in the skies of Peru. "We donÕt affirm or negate that they are UFOs, or meteorological phenomena, phenomena of physics, chemical, etc."
The three sightings in 2001 in Chulucanas lasted 2 hours, 26 minutes and 12 seconds, and 42 minutes respectively.
According to the investigation of Dr. Jorge Choy of OIFAA, the Chulucanas case involves close encounters of the first kind for collective sightings and recordings, encounters of the second kind for supposed tracks of landings, of the third kind for presumed observation of crew members of the craft, of the fourth kind for presumed abductions of people and animals, and of the fifth kind, for supposed actual contact with craft crew members.
Cerro Chuschuco in Tacna, Cerro Quisango located in front of the ruins of Kuelap in Amazonas, Cerro Huaytapallana in Junin, Callejon de Huaylas in Ancash and Chongoyape in Chiclayo are some of the zones where sightings have been reported



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