27% Of Americans Feels
ET Has Visited
NEW YORK (ENTERTAINMENT WIRE) - Some 25% of Americans might not be
surprised by that salutation, that's how many suspect that alien beings
have paid a visit to this earthly realm.
Most of them don't know it, of course. Two-thirds of those who think
aliens have visited concede that it's just speculation on their part. Just
a third of them believe there's actual evidence of alien stopovers, which
could range from Ezekiel to Roswell, N.M., by way of the Incas.
A larger group believes intelligent life exists in a physical form on
other planets: 47 percent think that's the case, while about as many, 45
percent, do not believe.
There are some demographic differences: Men are a bit more apt than women
to believe intelligent alien life exists, 51 percent to 43 percent.
Younger adults are more credulous. But less-educated adults are more
dubious, as are Republicans. No alien tax cut for them.
This poll was done in support of "Chris Wallace's Internet Expose" special
on UFOs on

               Don't Exist    Exist   Haven't visited    Visited  No opinion

10/8/00         61          45                16                27        12

(IF VISITED) Do you say that based on evidence you've seen or read, or
is it just your speculation?

                 Evidence   Speculation   No opin.
10/8/00       33               66             1

Do you believe in intelligent life on other planets?

                       Yes    No
All                    47%    45

Men                    51     42
Women                  43     47

Age 18-34              55     41
Age 35+                44     47

Democrats              53     38
Independents           49     45
Republicans            38     55

High school or less    43     49
Some college or more   51     41
Among those who think intelligent aliens exist, just under six in
10 take the next step, which is to think they've physically visited
Earth. This computes to 27 percent of all adults, or more than enough
to keep Star Trek reruns on air well into the next millennium.
Note: the language in this poll was crafted to exclude spiritual
alien life and telepathic alien visits.
As noted, 66 percent of those who think aliens have visited say
that's "just speculation" on their part, as opposed to an opinion
based on evidence they've seen or read. The number who think there's
actual evidence of alien visits translates to nine percent of the
adult population. For comparison, in a famous question some years
back, eight percent said Elvis might still be alive. Perhaps - and
perhaps he's only visiting.
METHODOLOGY - This < survey was
conducted by telephone
Oct. 4-8, 2000, among a random national sample of 1,007 adults. The
results have a three-point error margin. Fieldwork by
ICR-International Communications Research of Media, Pa.
Analysis by Gary Langer.
ABC News polls can be found at < on the
Internet at:
Here are the full results:
    Do you think intelligent life exists in a physical form on other
planets, or not?
         Yes   No   No opin.
10/8/00  47    45      8
    (IF YES) Do you think intelligent beings from other planets have
or have not physically visited the Earth?
         Have   Have not   No opin.
10/8/00   57      34         9
         Aliens haven't     Aliens have visited:     No
           visited         Evidence  Speculation    opin.
10/8/00      61               9          18          12

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