Argentina UFO Video
Considered Legitimate
Source: Diario 'El Tribuno' de Salta (Argentina)

A specialist in the UFO phenomenon from Salta analyzed the film made in Cachi and considers it to be legitimate. It shall be showin at a world UFO conference.
Saltan ufologist Daniel Quiroga Nunez, a member of the Red Argentina de Ovnilogía (RAO), considered yesterday that the film of an unidentified flying object obtained on Saturday the 23rd by mountaineer Antonio Zuleta of Cachi is "a document of undeniable scientific value" and added that "I shall request authorization to show it in the First World Conference on the subject to be held on the 17th and 18th of August in Mar del Plata."
Quiroga studied the videotape for three hours and reached the conclusion that "it is one of the best recordings I've seen," noting "I have no doubt that it is a mothership, in other words, an extraterrestrial device of gigantic proportions, capable of transporting lesser units and which have been repeatedly seen in different parts of the planet for years."
The researcher, a student in the School of Social Communications of the University of Salta, is 26 years old and has considered himself [a researcher] since 1988, when he was only 13. "My interest for the subject was handed down by my grandfather Oscar Núñez, a Chilean from La Serena who moved to Salta at a young age. His interest was a result of his working in construction, which involved work in the northern deserts of the trans-andean country, where he had several sightings. From that point onward, he devoted himself to research, assembling a large library and imbuing his interests in me," noted the young ufologist, the only specialist on the subject that lives in this province.
"After analyzing the filmed material, I'm able to state that it is an unconventional phenomenon. The object makes intelligent movements which are impossible for known human technology. It accelerates and decelerates at prodigious speeds, is surrounded by a green outline, has a white core and produces red and blue flashes while projecting violet and sky-blue beams. It is oval in shape, although in the video, its movements give it the appearance of changing shape constantly," he noted.
"It is possible that we are dealing with a mothership," he added.
"This recorded sighting strongly parallels two historic cases which took place in the province of Salta. One of then, a visual sighting made by a former magistrate during the '60s and another one filmed by a local soccer player some years ago," Quiroga stated. "The film is legitimate and it is well-suited for analysis. There is no trickery."
According to the Saltan ufologist, there are some curious details about the Cachi case, such as the fact that the sighting occured only a few hours away from the 54th anniversary of the first official UFO report of the modern era on June 24th 1947--the Kenneth Arnold sighting
Translation (C) 2001. Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi.


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