You Can't Tell The People
The Definitive Account
Of The Rendelsham Forest
UFO Mystery
By Georgina Bruni
With A Foreward By Nick Pope
Published by Sidgwick & Jackson
Coming (UK) November 10, 2000
"UFOs? You must get your facts right, and
you can't tell the people."

- Margaret Thatcher to Georgina Bruni, May 21, 1997
Certain members of the UFO community have argued that I have been too secretive about my findings on this case. However, there have been very good reasons for my silence. This investigation has taken a great deal of time and effort, but it has rewarded me with an enormous amount of valuable data. Because of the complexity of this case that data can only be published in its entirety, which is what I have done in "You Can't Tell The People."
The incident, which took place during Christmas week 1980 on the perimeter of RAF Woodbridge, then leased to the USAFE, has gone down in history as Britain's most famous UFO incident. Over the years a handful of American military witnesses have come forward to give their account and this has certainly shed some light on what occurred but, and they will admit this themselves, that although they were witnesses, they only have a piece of the giant puzzle that is Rendlesham.
Remarkable evidence, such as Lt Colonel Halt,s famous memorandum to the Ministry of Defence, and his audio recording taken in the forest during his personal experience of the incident, have been in the public domain for many years and these have been accepted for what they are. But this casebook reveals the amazing facts behind the memorandum and adds vital new information concerning Halt's tape recording. It also takes issue with other documents pertaining to the case that have never been investigated, as well featuring an interesting exchange of correspondence between prominent British establishment figures.
Apart from re-examining the testimonies of witnesses that have already gone public, other important witnesses, military and civilian, speak out for the first time, explaining why they have kept silent for so long. Their evidence is revealing and astonishing and adds greatly to the authenticity of the case.
The casebook also presents comments from British political figures and interviews with several key players, many of which have never gone on record until now. This includes a former USAF general, several former USAF commanders, and a former deputy commander of the AFOSI, a former British RAF officer, British police officers, Ministry of Defence employees and RAF personnel. It also reveals those who were called upon to investigate the incident and how their reports were never made available.
Until now there has never been a full investigation of this case and that is not meant as a criticism to those who tried to get answers in the early days. In fact I was surprised to discover just how much data these British and American researchers had individually collected and, I am grateful that they kindly opened their files to assist with my investigation; and it should be noted that much of this information is being published for the first time.
Because the true facts of the case have never emerged, many hours have been spent debating theories such as the UFO being nothing more than the beam from a nearby lighthouse station and/or stars - or rabbit holes as being the cause of the indentations in the forest floor that the witnesses claim were from the landing legs of the UFO. However, I have not based my findings on witness testimony alone, but have sought whenever possible to take their information and investigate it further, which has produced some very interesting results, including photographic evidence.
I am confident that whoever reads 'You Can't Tell The People' will find it a valuable casebook that will answer many of the questions often posed regarding this incident, and I would go as far as to say that approximately 80% of the information has never been made public before. This of course has only been made possible thanks to everyone who has contributed to this investigation, and it goes without saying that they have been generously credited.
This December marks the twentieth anniversary of the Rendlesham Forest incident - a time to spare a thought for those who were involved in these unusual events. Due to the harsh treatment metered out by those who wanted to silence them, coupled with the debunking tactics, the witnesses and their case has not had a fair hearing that is until now. 'You Can't Tell The People' takes a stand against the silencers and tells the people not only what happened in Rendlesham Forest in 1980, but also reports on the aftermath and the lengths that were taken to keep the people from learning the truth.
It is time to tell the people the truth about the Rendlesham Forest incident.
Georgina Bruni London
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