Ohio Motorists 'Surrounded
And Paced' By Multiple UFOs
By Kenny Young <>
Subject: UFO Report: Ashtabula and Trumbull Counties, Ohio - 7/22/00
Location: Between East Liverpool and Ashtabula, Ohio, Route 11
Date: Saturday night [July 22]/Sunday morning [July 23]
Time: Between 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Three motorists advised the Ashtabula County Highway Patrol office that they were "surrounded and paced by multiple red lights" while traveling northbound for nearly 40-miles on Route 11 between East Liverpool and Ashtabula, Ohio [Trumbull and Ashtabula Counties] around midnight on Saturday night, July 22.
The three motorists, ages range from between 60 to 70-years, were viewed as highly credible by Northeastern Ohio researcher George Pindroh, who interviewed them on Sunday, July 23. The key witness is an ex-law enforcement officer. Pindroh, contacted for a statement on this report, graciously afforded information of the sighting. He also expressed his respect for the privacy of the witnesses.
Pindroh told of how the threesome, while driving late at night on a desolate stretch of Route 11, became alarmed as a red glow came into view. One passenger asked the driver if the light source was a truck on the road. As they continued to travel toward the light source, they report that 'many lights' suddenly became visible 'all around' their vehicle. One light was extremely huge [estimated to be at least 3-feet in diameter] and the other lights were smaller, basketball sized objects that were strangely seen all around the car, on top, on each side and in back of their auto, a Cadillac.
The witnesses related to Pindroh that the lights, estimated to number almost 35 at one time, were thought to be attached to one larger, unseen object, rather than free-flying light sources. The lights, said to be very close to and above the car, paced the threesome as they drove an estimated 40-miles along Route 11, headed south to north. One passenger told Pindroh of being "scared to death."
While driving along with the lights in pursuit, there was no traffic seen on Route 11 with the exception of one other car. It was thought that this car had stopped and its driver was looking out his window at the lights. The threesome, however, continued on without stopping.
While traveling on, the ex-law enforcement officer reported to Pindroh that they had experienced an unusual 'dark area' that coincided with a disruption involving the car's burglar alarm system. The electronic car alarm was said to have 'went off' repeatedly while they drove along, further contributing to the mayhem. Strangely, a rain-like moisture had also accumulated on the bottom half of the windshield on the front exterior portion of the car.
"As best as they could describe," Pindroh reported, "a strange darkness occurred and everything went black."
The claimants informed that the lights seemed to 'go to the left' and toward the front of their car as they approached their home. The first thing they did when entering the house was to rush to the phone and place a call to the police.
In investigation of the claims, researcher George Pindroh contacted the Ashtabula County State Highway Patrol office on Tuesday, July 25 and confirmed the advisement to their office of numerous red-lights by the claimants. Pindroh also learned that there were additional calls about 'red lights' received at the same office around the same time frame, and yet another call was received at the Highway Patrol Office on Sunday concerning red lights seen on Saturday night.
Learning that the automobile was later found to have had its pre-programmed radio stations 'reset' and its clock also found to be inaccurate due to electronic default, Pindroh consulted with a Cadillac dealer concerning the alarm system disruption and the radio/clock issue. The dealer was not able to fully explain the electronic oddities, noting that if the car had lost power during the experience, the driver would know as power steering would be lost and the car would have to be re-started. Further, the moisture on the vehicle as described by the witnesses is not compatible with condensation from the air conditioning system, according to the Cadillac dealer.
Thanks to George Pindroh of the Cleveland UFOlogy Project [CUP] for the preliminary details of this sighting that was reported to the Ashtabula County State Highway Patrol office and releasing the information for this summary. Pindroh further advises that a full and more detailed report on this case is pending.
Filed: July 27, 2000 Kenny Young -- UFO Research

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