Best Canadian UFO
Cases Of 1999
From Bill Oliver - UFO*BC <>
From Alberta UFO Study Group

Note: an asterisk (*) indicates cases with the highest reliability.
January 16, 1999 9:00 pm Whitehorse, Yukon A large orange ball of light flew in a zig-zagging motion across the sky and then out of sight.
February 16, 1999 10:30 pm Whitehorse, Yukon For 20 minutes, a witness watched a starlike object moving slowly along the treeline. It was joined by a second object and the two lights reversed direction and flew away.
February 26, 1999 11:59 pm Blind River, Ontario * A red light was seen hovering over some railroad tracks by three witnesses in two vehicles who stopped to view it. As they watched, it began to move, rose into the clouds and disappeared.
March 14, 1999 3:00 pm Dunlop Lake, Ontario Two ice-fishermen watched "a silver bullet-type thing a lot bigger than a plane" moving over the lake.
March 5, 1999 10:00 pm Kimberley, BC * Six people observed a diamond-shaped object surrounded by brilliant lights. Beams of light wee seen coming from a pyramid-shaped protrusion on the bottom of the object.
April 27, 1999 4:30 am White Rock, BC A cluster of rectangular lights appeared on the ground in front of a residential house, making a humming sound. After 10 seconds, the lights vanished.
May 1, 1999 10:00 pm Richmond, BC * Three witnesses saw a bizarre square, flat object floating about 1,000 feet above the ground. It had floodlights on the front and the witnesses could see its silvery underside as it passed overhead without any noise.
May 31, 1999 10:00 pm Surrey, BC Two witnesses observed a group of 10 small red lights moving high in the sky. As they watched, the lights rearranged to form geometric patterns, then flew away.
June 16, 1999 11:40 pm Courtenay, BC * An officer in the Canadian Air Force and two other witnesses observed an object first thought to be a satellite. It stopped its forward motion, "dipsy doodled" in the sky, interacted with another object and then flew away.
July 28, 1999 10:00 pm Langley, BC A light "as large as a garbage can lid" appeared across the street from a witness, house. It moved slowly towards him and hovered over a hydro pole, then vanished.
August 1, 1999 5:35 pm Calgary, Alberta * Two witnesses observed a formation of eight silver objects high in the sky. They were originally motionless, but then began moving west except for one which headed north. (Source AUFOSG - A bit more detail on our <page5.htmlUFOs Over Alberta page)
August 21, 1999 12:00 noon Surrey, BC * A metallic object appeared in the sky near a passing aircraft. It moved slowly after the passing of the airliner and was eventually lost to sight.
August 26, 1999 3:00 am Medicine Hat, Alberta * A triangular object with white lights at its corners flew over CFB Suffield, performing several right angle turns, then flew out of sight. (Source AUFOSG View report on this website)
September 3, 1999 9:45 pm Notre Dame Ile Perrot, Quebec Three people saw a green triangular object hovering near a forest fire. It made no sound and disappeared suddenly as they watched it.
September 13, 1999 Brewster Lake, BC In the mid-afternoon, a conical silver object with "a long floating tail" flew slowly over a lake from horizon to horizon.
September 20, 1999 10:50 pm Edmonton, Alberta * A witness in West Edmonton observed a triangular object fly over his house. It moved at high speed, had red lights on each corner and made no noise. (Source: AUFOSG View report on this website)
October 2, 1999 3:00 pm Bird,s Hill Park, Manitoba Two hikers saw "a white tube with black ends spinning and falling toward the ground." It suddenly stopped falling, then flew away out of sight.
November 5, 1999 8:30 pm Salmon Cove, Newfoundland A glowing red ball of light was seen to move from the ocean inland across a bay, illuminating the beach and rock face.
November 30, 1999 6:30 am Markham, Ontario A bright triangular object was observed hanging in the sky for 15 minutes.
December 31, 1999 12:30 am Sudbury, Ontario Two bright orange balls of light followed one another across the sky, then stopped suddenly, changed colour and "shot up into the sky and disappeared."
NOTE: Although UFO sightings were reported from almost all provinces in 1999, the most interesting cases were almost all in Western Canada. In previous years, Eastern Canada has had this privilege. It is not known why the shift to the west occurred this past year. Perhaps this is only a statistical trend and the situation will reverse again in 2000.
For additional information, contact: Chris Rutkowski through UFOROM at 204 269-7553 or (rutkows@cc.UManitoba.CA).


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