Ufologists World Wide Set
Their Eyes On Chilean Senator
From Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Source: La Estrella del Loa


The efforts of Senator Carlos Cantero Ojeda to unravel all the compiled information by official organizations involved in the Chupacabras case are resonating among UFO enthusiasts throughout the world. Such international UFO and paranormal enthusiasts include Miami UFO Center and even the Jeff Rense Program, a very popular U.S. radio talk show. Ranked number eight in the world by, delivers a high quality Internet broadcast and maintains a website that receives 5 million visits every month.
Recently, Jeff Rense's website has published two translated articles from this newspaper. One of the articles mentions Senator Cantero's intentions to declassify Chilean police and government reports regarding the Chupacabras case in order to get to the truth. As a result, ufologists throughout the world are looking forward to the release of the information, whether it's favorable or not.
During his last statements to newspapers like "La Estrella del Loa, "La Estrella del Norte, and "La Prensa de Tocopilla, Doctor Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo, Miami UFO Center director, has praised the senator's initiative because it finally solidifies his now lengthy investigations in Calama, Chile. "This cannot be kept from the public for much longer; it's been more than a year since we began gathering physical evidence regarding these phenomena, he said. Doctor Sanchez-Ocejo also stated that Jaime Ferrer, his associate in Chile and director of Calama UFO Center, has the support from many scientists and professionals with vast experience in the paranormal field.
Besides expressing his support for the senator, Sanchez-Ocejo explained that he belongs to a non-government organization and conducts independent investigations with the assistance of his associates. Furthermore, he does not receive monetary contributions from third parties.
One of the many organizations involved in the investigation of the mysterious animal deaths since last year is the Department of Environmental Health. Doctor Lucas Buchard Señoret, a veterinarian and head of that department, claims that his organization submitted reports to the local tribunal courts, police departments, and the media through the pathological anatomy department of the Calama Hospital.
The department head also stated that in the reports, his organization clearly declared that the deaths of the domestic animals in the area were not attributed to a mythological creature but rather caused by stray dogs, and in some cases, by people who took advantage of the restlessness and panic of the community.
Jaime Ferrer shows a total opposite view. He believes that there are still no professionals capable of solving the mystery behind this phenomenon. "A veterinarian, a zoologist, or even a biologist may have an opinion about this case; however, they cannot define the outcome, nor come to a conclusion because we are facing a species that is unclassified and totally unknown to us. That's why we hear ludicrous statements, such as the notion that this phenomenon is caused by stray dogs. He said.
Translation by Mario Andrade, Revista Digital Cronos Original Article (with picture of coverage)


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