'Historic' New NASA
UFO Shuttle Footage
With 'Stark ET Evidence'
To Be Revealed
From Robert M. Collins <>

From Joe Firmage <
Presuming that the 'J.F.' herein refers to me, it should be noted that I have neither seen alleged new NASA footage nor engaged in discussions concerning purchase of same. Obviously, I hope that something genuinely new and important has been uncovered, but we've been down this path several times before and have not found compelling evidence. ISSO's team will naturally withhold judgement until it can be examined.
- Joe Firmage
UPDATE 2-1-2000
From David Sereda <
Dear Jeff,
I have led a four-year investigation at NASA of the alleged Martyn Stubbs NASA video footage. It is important to note that NASA video is the property of all Americans by law. It cannot be copywrited or owned by anyone. My investigation with NASA involves over 20 letters from Top NASA scientists about the phenomena on the tape. It is a very sophisticated investigation with many baffled minds.
I have written 1/3 of a 300-page book about this investigation. It is the property of David Sereda. For anyone to publish or speak in public about my letters (my private mail) is a Federal offense and is punishible by law. This is why I must keep this part of the soon-to-be released alleged Stubbs NASA video NASA investigation with me.
For people who want to know about my investigation, my book will be called "Evidence 2001, The Case for NASA UFOS?" I also have the video in my posession what may be over fifty (50) 2-3 mile wide spacecraft filmed on a recent NASA mission.
For anyone interested in helping me with publishing the book, please send e-mail:
Statement From Russell Callaghan
From Mark Hall < 1-31-00
Hi Mark. We got on the phone with Martyn in Canada who was upset to say the least about the actions of David and during a hour long phone call all recorded at Martyn's agreement we have prepared a statement which is now on our website and in the hands of Bob and Teri Brown organisers of the 9th International UFO congress in Laughlin.
Over the weekend of 29/30 January, two e-mails from D.S. were posted to a number of individuals which purported that UFO Magazine and Novacity Pty. Ltd., organisers of the 'Phenomena' exhibition, had "stolen" five years of work and were selling it as their own in respect of NASA footage obtained by a TV Cable Station Manager (M.S.) based in Vancouver, Canada.
A threat was made that a lawsuit would be filed against UFO Magazine, Novacity Pty. Ltd and organisers of the 9th International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival (Laughlin, Nevada 5-11 March 2000) for alleged breach of contract.
We have since been given full authority to post the following statement from the TV Cable Station Manager (M.S.), dated 31 January, 2000. Please take note.
"Let me say that I'm not in any company or any partnership or anything like that with D.S. Any discussions I've held with him were contingent on us forming a company. And we haven't formed a company.
"He has absolutely no ownership and neither did M.B. Those are the two guys who have helped me get e-mails. I've since had a call from J.F.'s scientist. I think that J.F. wishes to throw the full resources of his millions at us, and I think that's what has caused this.
"I don't know what they're up to, but if you want to put anything out on any web page, any letter, any phone call, you just say to disregard those e-mails because we are not in a partnership.
"Secondly, you can say that you have negotiated this completely privately with me and if anybody disputes anything that Quest Publications International Ltd (publishers of UFO Magazine) and Novacity Pty. Ltd (organisers of the Phenomena exhibition) they can contact me.
"I don't care how much you have to scorch them. I have no agreement with J.F. and the fact of the matter is I'm not in any company with D.S. or M.B. They do not own anything.
"People are smelling millions from J.F., but the problem is he has no rights to the video. They can go to NASA and purchase the video, but NASA says they don't have it.
"You don't have a thing to be concerned about and I'm glad that you called me.
"I'll try to get a hold of D.S. and M.B. and try to undo the damage that they've done, and in the meantime I want you to tell every person associated with what we're trying to do, that this is crazy. D.S. is my own researcher, that's all he is. He's in Hawaii and I can't control the guy. We've got something happening on March 11th.
"Just tell everyone, the inside people that you know, the Congress and everyone else, that D.S. is a researcher of mine who like you, can't believe how great the footage is.
"It's over-enthusiasm gone nuts."
* This material will be presented at the Congress on 11 March.
If you would be kind enough to make sure the statement gets around we would be ver grateful.
It seems the Congress in Laughlin could be busier than ever.
Canadian Cable TV Station Manager
NASA Footage Gets Ripped Off
By David Sereda <
Dear Jeff,
I am Martyn Stubbs, partner in a new UFO Documentary film called "Evidence 2001, The case for NASA UFOs." I read your (posted) article about how Russel Callaghan and Graham W. Birdsall plan to release our project to the world without our permission at the UFO Congress in Nevada This March. ___
Martyn Stubbs entered agreements with UFO Magazine and The Phenomenon Exhibit for an article about my research with NASA for 4 years and Martyn's NASA video footage 5-year research project. The exhibit was not to sell or show this footage outside of itself. It was supposed to promote the Martyn Stubbs Video and David Sereda Investigation at NASA and our up-coming documentary film.
What these men are doing is a crime. It took Martyn 5 years to collect this footage. It took me 4 years to have conversations with NASA at a very high level. It is our project. This is a rip off. We are both furious about this breach of contract and will file a lawsuit against UFO Magazine and the Phenomenon Exhibit for over $10 million if they do not cease and desist with this plot to destroy our project.
David Sereda
Please publish this on your website.
My e-mail is
Information about the new NASA footage. There is a short preview copy of some of the footage that I saw in Leeds last year at if you have a 28.8 modem and if you have a 56k modem.
During last September's 18th Leeds International UFO Conference, the audience were made privy to news that UFO Magazine had acquired 520 video tapes totaling over 2,500 hours of NASA space shuttle transmissions. These had been recorded and logged by a Canadian TV station manager who believed the footage contained stark evidence of extraterrestrial activity.
Last August, a representative from UFO Magazine and the Australian-based Phenomena exhibition traveled to Canada at the behest of this individual. Following a week-long series of meetings, agreement was reached for UFO Magazine/Phenomena to disseminate relevant segments of that footage to the world.
Since then, brief segments of the footage have been screened at the Acapulco Conference in Mexico on 12 December and on special TV monitors within the Phenomena exhibition in Fremantle, Perth.
Several highly respected figures within the fields of UFO research and SETI have viewed some of the material. The term 'historic' was ventured on three separate occasions. Other highly placed figures within NASA itself, as well as eminent physicists have expressed bewilderment on viewing the footage for themselves.
Considerable international media interest has already been expressed.
We are now able to disclose that a timetable for disseminating this material into the public domain has been agreed among the relevant parties. On Saturday, 11 March, Graham W. Birdsall and Russel Callaghan will make a 3-hour presentation on the NASA footage at the 9th Annual International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival, which is being staged at the River Palms Resort, Laughlin, Nevada (5-11 March).
The world's media have been extended an invitation to attend.
Their lecture will end at 12 noon (4.00am GMT). Back in England, at that precise moment, a presentation of the NASA material (video/stills/explanation) will be uploaded onto our Webster and made available to the world.
Thereafter, it is anticipated that multinational TV and news gathering institutions will assist in further disseminating this material across the globe.
Further details and background information will feature in the March/April 2000 issue of UFO Magazine, available on newsstands across Britain from 24 February.
The Australian Phenomena site where most of this info will be disseminated is at <
©Mark Hall, 2000


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