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George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network
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Filer's Files #50 12-11-2

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Geminid Meteor shower which peaks this year on Saturday morning, December 14, 2002, has begun. Unlike the recent Leonids, which were nearly overwhelmed in some places by moonlight, the Geminids of 2002 will not be dimmed by a glaring moon. These meteors come from a curious object -- a "Twilight Zone" cross between a comet and an asteroid -- called 3220 Phaethon.
Jeff Challender writes the Space Shuttle Endeavour had to spend three extra days aloft due to bad weather at the Cape, while millions of people were without power due to severe weather on Earth. I've now looked at every single tape from STS-113, which landed in Florida earlier today. There were 22 six hour tapes on this flight, and out of it all there were only two events of note. On December 1, 2002, the first event was composed of an apparently self-luminous object whizzing past the Shuttle/Station in the deep of night at 5:05 PM Central (Houston) Time. The sun was blocked by the Earth, so there was no external source of light.   
NASA is getting better at censorship. I am noticing a new phenomenon in which the live action downlink will stop cold for a short time, and resume live action with some portion missing. It's as if something was deliberately "cut out" of the broadcast, as in live radio or TV when they have a foul mouthed caller, and can excise the offending speech. On December 3, 2002, at 8:37 AM Central time there was another remarkable event when a strobing object came into view. After reaching a point near center screen, it stopped completely and became much brighter. Then after a short time stationary, it REVERSED it's course and exited the screen near the point of first entry, strobing as before. Satellites, ice and debris DON'T DO THIS.....EVER! Furthermore, there is no evidence of a firing of the RCS at any time during the event.
On Monday, December 2, the Shuttle Endeavour, and ISS, had undocked and separated that afternoon. When they came over Sacramento, California at 5:30 PST that evening, they were only a very few degrees of arc apart. It was absolutely awesome! I managed to get both spacecraft in the same field of view in my camcorder...even with zoom. Endeavour was in lead, ISSy in trail. ISSy was by far the brighter of the two due to her greater size and reflective surface area. It was the most incredible pass I have ever recorded, and won't soon be forgotten. I wouldn't be at all surprised if unwitting ground observers at various locations in the Pacific Northwest mistook this apparition for a UFO sighting, it was that rare and spectacular. This is only the second time in all my years of observing that I've seen this. The other time was a few hours after Atlantis had undocked from ISSy during the STS-110 mission last April. During that pass however, the spacecraft were quite a bit farther apart to the naked eye. May God Bless you and yours. Thanks to Jeff Challender Director; Project P.R.O.V.E.
Editors Note: The severe weather on Earth is likely related to sunspots and solar flares on the sun. Shuttle Endeavour finally returned to Earth on Saturday, successfully concluding what turned out to be a two-week International Space Station assembly and crew rotation mission with veteran mission commander Jim Wetherbee at the controls. Once again NASA has done a great job and kindly provided us with proof of UFOs in space. 
HAMBURG -- The witness reports, " I looked out the window and saw a flashing object that I thought was a plane on November 19, 2002, but it remained stationary for more than 5 minutes." I went to the other room and got my digital binocular camera, took pictures at 11:35 PM, and downloaded them to my computer. It was a "V" shaped object with multiple colored lights. It remained stationary for about 20 minutes, then disappeared. It just stopped blinking and disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
TURNERSVILLE -- Evelyn Galson phoned to tell me that on October 22, 2002, at about 9:20 AM, I was traveling on Route 42, when I noticed a boomerang object just above the trees on the left hand side of the highway. It was about two inches long at arms length, and was purest white. It looked like the same object I had spotted in 1998 with my husband, on Crosskeys Road. Again I was unable to stop, I had to pick up a friend of mine and take her to the doctors and she would have missed her appointment if I stopped. Since they are still around I will be looking around the area with my camera equipment more often. I may be able to get some photos or a video. 'Thanks to Evelyn Galson
HADDON HEIGHTS -- Paul Nahay, writes I was in a car being driven by Sue Swiatek (of the Fund for UFO Research, the website of which I am webmaster), on Sunday, November 10, 2002. We were driving south on Rt. 295. I was in the front passenger seat, and about 1:30 PM, Sue saw something to the left and ahead of us near the southeast quadrant of the Rt. 295 and White Horse Pike/Rt. 30 interchange. I got to see it for three seconds, so it was difficult to determine how anomalous it really was. What I saw was a large, dark rectangular object, oriented horizontally, just above the trees, about 1.5 miles away. It was the length (left to right) of two of my thumbs held at arm's length, and it was about 1/4 as wide as it was long. The middle estimate object was between 53 to 213 meters long or 1.7 times the length of a 747. It was either black or very dark gray, and it was somewhat "fuzzy" in its outline, in a way I can't quite describe; it looked strange, unlike anything I've seen before. We were currently driving down a hill, thus the object, which I happened to see as the bottom of it descended below the treeline.
Sue, who saw it for a few seconds longer, said she thought it was moving horizontally and downward, very slowly. There may have been an adequate clearing/field beyond the trees that we saw, where it could have landed. It looked too rectangular (sharpish corners) to be a blimp, at least the blimps that I have seen. Absolutely no wings. I'm clear on this. Definitely anomalous, but could have been an unusual design of a blimp that is more rectangular than I'm used to seeing. Paul says, "It was definitely not an airplane, nor a conventional blimp, and certainly not a helicopter; there were no wings of any kind, nor anything hanging down from it, such as the cabin of a blimp. Had it been a human-built craft, it had to be landing, and quite slowly (far more than any plane could), and it appeared to be going down in an area that was fairly dense with trees. We were startled enough by this sight that we pulled off at Exit 30 (Lawnside, NJ), and searched but were unable to see it again. Thanks to Paul Nahay, and Sue Swiatek see full report at <>
HAMPTON -- Early on December 5, 2002, this morning at approximately 3:45 AM, while I was on duty Security Forces for Langley Air Force Base, myself and another airman witnessed four flashes light up the night sky. It was a type of flash you would associate with a lightning storm. They were very sudden and lit up the whole area. It was raining and hailing, the weather was very poor. The first flash gave off a bluish glow, the second flash gave off a reddish glow, the third flash exhibited a yellowish-orangeish glow and the final flash was bluish-greenish. These lit up the entire sky and knocked out two city blocks' power. 
We patrolled the area suspecting it might have been the repercussions of a fallen tree or downed wire. We couldn't find any debris. We notified the Fire Department and the Power Company. We are still unclear as to what was the cause of the power outage. The airman and myself believe it to have been a UFO. After the third flash, we thought we saw an "Illuminated" triangle-vortex flashing around in the sky. It was very brief though. Thanks to
MARINE'S CHERRY POINT STATION -- John Thompson writes, "Here's a tidbit I gleamed recently from a former North Carolina resident." This man said in the late 1950s, while living not far from the home of the 2nd Marine Air Wing, that he had a remarkable close-encounter experience. While playing baseball with high school age friends someone hit the ball over the roof of his house. He chased the ball and saw a round, disc-shaped craft with platform around it just "sitting" in the air. The craft was 40 feet diameter sat motionless and soundless about a 100 feet away and about 20 feet high. An opening appeared in the UFO and a humanoid in a skin tight suit and skull cap stepped out onto the platform. The humanoid after only a few seconds spotted him and immediately reentered the UFO. The saucer then zoomed away. The humanoid stood about "five feet three" and wore "a gray suit." The sighting occurred on a bright, slightly cloudy, Sunday afternoon at about 3 p.m. He said, the dramatic daylight sighting left such an impression that he can remember what he saw over 40 years ago as if it was only yesterday. 
The unknown object appeared to used colors to mimic its background for camouflage purposes. He says despite being only several miles from the Marine base he never considered the UFO was a man-made craft because of its seamless construction, zero engine noise, and great speed displayed. The entity, despite its short stature, did have human form. This sounds much like the New Guinea sighting made by a priest many years ago. Thanks to John Thompson
Dave Crisp writes, I took a series of photos of UFOs on November 20, 2002, around 4 PM, The last shot in this mail was taken a The first shot was taken around 12 PM, November 20th. Two different videos at different times of the day of the same craft. Maybe not the same craft? They look kind of different. This is all too shocking to me. Each video is around 30 seconds long. Keep in mind, I did not know these were UFOs at the time and I had a hard time seeing them in the view finder. The sun was bright. I heard a jet during the second shooting and I thought I was capturing a real live jet spraying chemtrails. I hope this is clear but I am still processing this event. That tells me that it is strange and not natural. I am a certified drug counselor. Thanks to Dave Crisp
ALEXANDRIA -- I wanted to let you know that I had a strange sighting on December 6, 2002, just about 15 minutes ago at 2:10 PM, on Interstate 49 and Pineville Expressway interchange in a crystal clear blue sky. A photographer, Douglas Collier, and I were returning from an assignment. I am a reporter for the Alexandria Daily Town Talk. Just as we were approaching our exit into downtown Alexandria, I happened to look up and I noticed an armada of about 12 military helicopters flying west in formation most likely heading to nearby Fort Polk. This in itself was an unusual sight, but then, something else caught my eye, a cylindrical white-colored object hanging motionless beyond the group of helicopters. I immediately informed Douglas about the object and I told him to pull over -- which he did once we got onto the exit ramp and found a safe place to pull over. Unfortunately, he could not get a visual on the object, although I kept pointing at it. I watched it for about three minutes before it began picking up speed and disappearing in the northeastern sky. 
We put in a call to the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office, but there have been no reports of unusual aerial activity. The sighting immediately reminded me of that famous videotape from Mexico where the military helicopters are flying in formation and a UFO is spotted in the background. There was a similar report made in January 2002 where a hunter said he saw a cylindrical or cigar-shaped craft fly over him in rural LaSalle Parish. This area is very wooded and swampy. And in Jan. 2002, I wrote a couple of stories about in The Town Talk ( about strange lights seen in the sky. Just a little background for you. Thanks Andrew Griffin
BATON ROUGE -- The witness reports, I pulled into a Burger King at 1:20 PM on November 13, 2002, I was about to get out of my car when I saw a big black object in my rearview mirror, at first I thought the mirror had something on it, put when I got out of the car and looked at the sky I saw a big black sphere hovering in mid air. Then, after a moment, it just vanished.
BABCOCK -- My mother and I were driving home south on Highway 80 towards Babcock around 7:45 PM, and in the Southern sky for almost the entire drive to Babcock which was about a 15 minute drive we observed a huge light display on November 25, 2002. At first we thought it was airplanes but the flashing lights remained stationary, then we thought it might be satellites. It was an amazing display of lights like the Fourth of July. It looked like 15 to 20 lights flashing like strobe lights and they filled the entire front car windshield view of the sky and no where else in the side car window views. Amazing! Then when we got to Babcock and turned off on Highway 173 our mini van went dead and we coasted to the side of the road! We didn't stop to get out of the van and I got the van started again as quick as I could. The van stopped mysteriously two more times on the way home.
DETROIT -- Amy N. (age 30) reports, "I live in the suburbs and on November 27th, at 6 AM my sister and I were up. As I let the dog out I looked into the sky and there was a large stationary light. We got the binoculars and checked it out. It was a very large white light. It was at least 20 to 25 times as large as any of the stars located in the sky at that hour of the morning. Thanks to Amy.
NILES -- Walter Lawrence took a digital photo on Thanksgiving at about 3:30 PM, roughly one hour before sunset north/northeast of O'Hare International Airport. The formation of cylindrical or cigar-shaped UFOs lasted approximately 45 seconds. I ran into the house, and grabbed a small digital camera and snapped off one photo. They made no sound and were virtually motionless. When I returned they were moving from west to east and after taking the photograph, three of them shot off to the east so fast that if I had blinked I would have missed their departure. The fourth one took off almost due south right past O'Hare airport and was lost in haze. Thanks to Walter Lawrence. The photo show four cylinder like objects flying in formation. See views at: <>Filer's Files UFO Center Views
RENTON -- I live on a hill overlooking downtown Renton, and Boeing. Shortly after midnight on November 20, 2002, I was turning off the lights in my living room when a bright light caught my eye as a cloud illuminated, in which a round bright object bolted out from it (south to north). It sped at a VERY fast speed over Boeing where it then shot upward and disappeared into either another cloud or it just vanished into thin air. It could not have been an aircraft as it was completely silent and it was moving too fast. Eighteen months ago, I experienced another incident. I was living in Kirkland at that time and was awakened by a beam of light in my window and a loud "swish-swish-swish" noise. The VCR was turning on-and-off by itself. I woke up my boyfriend who was as startled as I. The next thing we remember is waking up in the morning. The clocks were off by 3 hours. I called Puget Sound Energy, but no outages had been reported that night. Then I noticed that there was a small purple crescent-shape on my right shoulder. It looked like a tattoo and it eventually faded after about a month. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
PORTLAND -- On November 19, 2002, the witness reports he saw a UFO pass from the south near the intersection of Holgate and 30th Ave. It banked and headed over the river towards downtown at 8:30 PM. I saw two strong rounded lights, like headlights, coming my way at an altitude a little low for passenger jet. It was of similar shape as a fighter and had a flashing red light similar to passenger jet's blink. I saw two circular lights on the bottom of craft. It was quieter and slower and a different type of shape than I'm used to seeing. I pretty much watch the sky every night. I've seen a few UFO's in my life. one very dramatic and I've seen a lot of planes. This one was different enough to wonder about. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
LOS ANGELES -- Dr. Leir writes, "For the 7th Year, the mysterious Camarillo UFO has returned. It has been seen now from two different areas. One in Camarillo and one in Carpenteria west of L.A. David Anderson with International MUFON is in the process of trying to triangulate the object and get an estimate of it's altitude. It's behavior is the same as it has been in previous years. It appears high in the Northwestern sky as a very bright star in about a window from 4:30 to 5:30 PM. It traverses the sky with a southeast heading and lasts for approximately 15 minutes. It is seen to spawn other bright objects which sometimes return to the original object. When it leaves, it folds up into a straight bright line and is gone. We have no further information to give a clue as to what this object is since it was filmed through Celestron 6 telescope some years ago. It is just pathetic that there is no interest or money to solve this mystery. I have even called Moorpark College (Local to this area) and they simply did not ever get back to me, even after talking with one of the professors there. I have also contacted the local amateur astronomical society and they also have no interest. This is absolutely pathetic and disgusting. Shame on so called organized science. Thanks to Dr. Leir
COZUMEL -- On the evening of Nov. 28, 2002, Thanksgiving in fact, my girlfriend and I were at a resort on the island of Cozumel in the Caribbean waters off Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. She decided to walk down to the beach and when she returned at 10 p.m. she had a weird look on her face. She said "Did you see those lights?" In the southern sky, she saw a semicircular band of pulsating, colored lights. The lights were positioned like they were on the edge of a circular object, arching on a curved plane. The lights were red, green and yellow, she said, with a prominent red light in the middle. She said they were blinking in a complex pattern, sort of like what was portrayed in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." There was no noise, and the lights just hovered in static formation -- I can only guess they were affixed to a large object. The lights slowly descended in her direction, while they pulsated about a mile away. After 30 to 60 seconds some clouds obscured her view -- and when they rolled by, the lights were gone. Just like that.
BUENOS AIRES -- An intense "UFO wave" rolled over Capital Federal on November 28, 2002. Two witnesses saw a variety of phenomena at 8:30 AM. Using a camera described as "broken and out of date" one of them was able to photograph a fleet of three objects descending over the northeast section of Capital Federal. No apparent electrical anomalies were reported in the witness's area. Minutes earlier, another object flashed for several minutes over the vicinity of Chacarita and Belgrano at an altitude of 1500 meters. "Arturo and I saw the entire phenomenon," says witness. He employed a Sony 360 Nightshot "reduced to VHS and paused" to record the images. "What can be seen in the video sequence is some 15 frames of one UFO, hitherto unseen, which crossed the skies from south to north on a lengthy journey, seconds before the formation was observed. It stopped completely for only brief seconds." To see the video: Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Lucy Guzmán, Translation (C) 2002
MOSCOW -- A joint Russo-Ukrainian space agency will launch a series of US-owned spacecraft for the Moon's exploration next year, the Kosmotras agency's officials said. The Russian-made Dnepr rockets would carry satellites that would take pictures of the Moon's surface and then land on the Moon, officials said late Tuesday as quoted by the ITAR-TASS news agency. Ultimately the small spacecraft would be able to deliver various commercial cargo to the Moon, as well as conduct experiments and explore the Moon's surface.
The first launch within the framework of the Kosmotras's 20-million-dollar contract with the US-based TransOrbital was scheduled for December 20. The Dnepr rocket would carry five satellites, owned by Argentina, Germany, Italy and Saudi Arabia, as well as a model of the Moon-exploring spacecraft. The first such spacecraft would blast off in October 2003, TransOrbital officials said, adding that the spacecraft would carry two cameras that would simultaneously photograph and film the Moon's surface. According to TransOrbital's president Dennis Laurie, the company hopes to "conclusively prove the often-contested fact that US astronauts landed on the Moon," as well as outline a comprehensive map of the Moon's surface. Thanks to Pravda
BBC News Online, Dr David Whitehouse reports: Two Australian scientists believe they have found evidence of a parallel universe of strange matter within our own Solar System. Dr Robert Foot and Dr Saibal Mitra, of the University of Melbourne, report that close-up observations of the asteroid Eros by the Near-Shoemaker probe indicate it has been splattered by so-called "mirror matter." Mirror matter is not antimatter, it is altogether weirder. It is somehow a "reflection" of normal matter, a sort of parallel series of particles required to restore the balance of the Universe. Sounds far-fetched -- some believe so. However, experiments are underway to confirm or deny the existence of this strange, potentially significant, but as yet undetected component of the cosmos. Cosmic balance Mirror matter is a hypothetical form of matter that restores nature's flawed left-right symmetry. Laws of nature, such as the rules that govern the interactions of fundamental particles, show a high degree of symmetry except that some laws are not the same when reflected in a hypothetical mirror. Blue dirt: Pools of dust may be impact sites. This means that elementary particles display a preference for left over right. In a way, the Universe is left-handed. Why? Nobody knows. Dr Robert Foot "There could be mirror matter stars, planets and galaxies out there." Thanks to BBC News Online.
Editor's Note: A parallel universe would explain most UFO sightings as they fly in and out of our universe.
Carol F. reports, "My girl friend and I were driving along the highway out in the country on a warm summer day, when I noticed a flying disc shaped object off to our right moving parallel to us, " I asked if she saw the disc? She said, "Yes, but its behind the trees now." As we drove along at 60 mph, it appeared again about 200 yards to the right of the highway, moving at our same speed and direction. If we sped up or slowed down it stayed in the same relative position off to our right. Occasionally it would be obscured by trees, but when we came to open fields the craft was still there moving with us. The craft stayed with us for at least fifteen minutes never changing its relative position. It appeared to be 30 feet in diameter, metallic, and smooth. We commented on it following us and felt very uneasy. Strangely, we arrived at our destination about an hour late. 
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