UFO In Bush Speech Video
A Street Lamp

From Jerry Glass
Load this video from cspan. In particular watch the very beginning before bush steps into the office. Wow look there is the space ship. Oh wait it's not a space ship. It's a STREET LAMP!

From Craig McGinley
I watched the President on TV last night. I did see the Object in the window. It seemed clear to me that this was a reflection of the teleprompter that the President was reading from. That is why it appeared to be shape shifting as some suggest.
Jeff -
On Thursday, June 6, 2002, in Las Vegas, the (less than) Amazing Kreskin tried to perpetuate a hoax by hypnotizing 300 people into seeing a UFO. Unfortunately when Kreskin, when he dropped his handkerchief, the que to see a UFO, only a few in his pre-stage audience saw something, and a thousand additional bystanders coming from as far away as Australia saw nothing.
But prior to Kreskin's antics, at 5:15 PM PDT, President George Bush preempted several television shows with the news about creating a new agency. Shortly thereafter the phone here at MUFON Riverside started ringing.
As the President spoke UFOs appeared behind the right side of his head. One of the callers recorded it and stated that there were two primary objects that changed shape.
My first thought was that light reflected off the White House window. My second thought was that while video may be difficult to analyze, perhaps one of the news agencies shot the event on film? Jeff, may I suggest contacting Jim Dilettoso at Village Labs (Tempe, Arizona)? If willing, Jim may be able to render an expert opinion which can be reported on an upcoming show?
Jerry Glass
Riverside County, CA
From: Rikki Cole
Did anyone else see the shape changing object noticable behind W's head, out the window of the White House during his speech? It moved back and forth from behind his head, was like a fire baloon in it's shape changing and so distracting that I watched it more than listened to the speech. Just wondered if anybody else noticed it. Thank you.

From: SuzanneY
What was the bright white light that was morphing and moving left to right outside the window behind the Presidents head? It was in the air, because you could see the traffic below. Tell me I'm not the only one who saw it.
From: imunurme2
I just finished watching Pres. George Bush give a supposedly LIVE announcement of his Home- land security plan. He was sitting at a desk with a window directly behind him. Outside the win- dow just above his right shoulder you could see cars going back and forth. The sky outside the window appeared blue. What was strange was that there was a light in the sky behind him that would appear over his right shoulder and go behind his head, and then come back out from behind his head to over his right shoulder again. At times the light would seem to morph into different shapes, split into 2 and maybe even more parts. At one time another strobing light flew from behind Bush's head toward his right and off the screen. The time was 8:09 according to the time broadcast by the station and superimposed on the screen. I do not know if this was maybe a re- flection of the video lights from in- side the room where the announce- ment was made from, or if it was actually something outside in the sky. But with Kreskin's prediction for to- night, I sure thought it was strange. So strange that I recorded it on my VCR.


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