Mystery Ice Ring Found In
Delta, Ontario
Paul Anderson
Circles Phenomenon Research Canada

Below is an article from The Mural newspaper in Athens, Ontario regarding the ice ring, and attached is a photo taken by the editor's wife, also a reporter for the paper (delta00.jpg, © Even the editor and publisher, Paul Hawkins, a self-professed skeptic, said he was at a loss to explain this one. Thanks to both for use of the photo and article.
Paul Anderson Director Circles Phenomenon Research Canada
Mysterious Ice Circle's Appearance Has Delta Resident Puzzled
By Cathie Whittaker
The Mural
Did a UFO visit Delta? That is precisely what Joan LaForty is wondering after discovering a very mysterious impression in the ice on the creek near her home on King Street.
"It's awesome. I've never seen anything like it before in my life," she said.
The narrow creek flows under a culvert, and widens into a small pond area in a field behind the LaForty's barn before flowing into Lower Beverley Lake. A track, about 3 inches wide, forming a perfect circle approximately 15 feet in diameter has been cut into the ice that is covering the creek. There are no tracks or marks anywhere else on the ice. There's nothing inside the circle, and nothing around it. On one side, there is a small patch of open water where the creek is flowing around the edge of this mysterious circle mark, otherwise, the entire impression is surrounded by intact ice. The ice on the surface of the creek is very thin, making it impossible for any person or animal to have walked on it. On the grassy slopes that surround the edges of the water the grass is frosted and completely undisturbed. Joan's husband Jim discovered the mark early on Saturday December 2, about 7:00 a.m. It definitely was not there on Friday evening, so it must have been made in the night or very early morning.
"It's as if something came down from the sky, landed here, and left this track in the ice," Joan explained. "Then it must have taken off again."
Before waking up to find a mark like this so close to home, Joan would not have believed in UFO's. However, now, she is not so sure.
I will admit, this is a very peculiar occurrence. As Joan and I stood there, looking at the mark on the ice, neither of us could imagine how it could have been created. We agree that there is no obvious theory to explain its creation. Realistically, no one would have been out on the creek without Joan, or Jim LaForty knowing about it. The temperature would have been close to -14 degrees Celsius. There are no other tracks anywhere around this highly unusual form and it wasn't there the night before.
So unless any readers out there have an explanation, it looks like this is one for the X-files.
From Bob Barnes <>
How strange that this story should pop up right now, while I've been reading and looking into a very similar account outlined in Ray Fowler's 1981book "Casebook of a UFO Investigator."
On January 10, 1977 in Wakefield, New Hampshire under blizzard conditions and a temp of 5-degrees F, a farmer found a perfectly round hole presumably melted through 14 inches of solid ice on his farm pond. At the bottom of the center of this hole, he could see a black box roughly 12-inches square laying on the bottom. Subsequent Civil Defense Geiger counter readings placed radioactivity at 3 roentgens per hour of gamma radiation! (Usual readings were in the 1000ths of rph.) The place was overrun by police, investigators, and the curious... the black box disappeared under mysterious circumstances... the NH governors office denied the whole thing... and within 24 hours, the entire surface of the pond had melted, despite single digit temperatures. In subsequent days the farmer's dog died, a photo appeared in the local newspaper of two men carrying a heavy object from the pond, and it was discovered that one of the investigators was working with a German Firm on some sort of secret assignment. It's an amazing story.
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