Strange, Spectacular Lights
And Fireball Over Kansas
From Jim Hickman <>

WICHITA - Kansas watches as a strange sight lights up the night.
"There's one big white light and around it was five little balls, just lights, just following them. And then thru the sky there was just like vapors and vapors were like different colors - blues and oranges. It was just odd," said eyewitness Anthony Davis of Valley Center.
We've had reports of the fire in the sky from all over the Midwest. From McCook, Nebraska in the northwest, through Great Bend to El Dorado. In Wichita, hundreds saw the sight.
Gary Bishop of south Wichita said, "So I looked over my shoulder and right across the sky from the southwest to the northwest, down a little bit. There was a meteor that left a trail of blue lights. It was beautiful."
As the object screamed across the sky, 911 couldn't keep up with all the calls that were coming in. 911 supervisors say they had more phones ringing than dispatchers to answer them. They say they had around 150 calls from witnesses saying they saw everything from space aliens to a plane crash.
While dispatchers were getting all those calls on the meteor shower, they did have a serious car accident to deal with as well. Luckily, supervisors say that call got through without much of a wait and response time wasn't affected.
So what was it in the sky? We talked to the North American Air Defense Command to find out. Master Sergeant Larry Lincoln told us, "It seems to be a very heavy meteor shower. Our weather people told us to expect something like this from the 10th to the 29th of October, with the heaviest coming down around the 15th. It seems to probably be coming down a little early. The mission of NORAD U.S. Space Command is tracking. Tracks man-made objects, satellites, things like that. Things that are in orbit. So in this case again, it's a meteor shower. We would not necessarily see that heavy the I.R. signature, probably wouldn't be significant enough, so that's what people are witnessing."
That's the official word from NORAD in Colorado Springs. Although no one at the U.S. Space Command there witnessed the event. Their response is based upon our accounts of the lights. _____
KFOR Ch. 4 TV's news morning news show reported on the "Mystery Object in the Sky" seen over Oklahoma last night, as I reported earlier. I now have a copy of the video of this object.
This is a direct transcript of that broadcast, my comments are in parentheses...
"It happened last night about 7:30 when a strange sight surfaced in the sky, reports came in to our newsroom from across the state, and every caller said the same thing, they had seen a mysterious fireball in the sky. (Note: on screen a map of the state with cities reporting listed, Erick, Enid, Clinton, Elk City, Blanchard, Alva, Leedy, Oakwood, Choctaw, Mangum, Ringwood, Sayre.)"
"...Well we called Tinker AFB (In Oklahoma City) the National Weather service and even NORAD, we quickly learned the object had been seen by folks from Texas to Nebraska."
"Take a look at this, (playing video of object)
As it streaked it's way across Wichita Kansas someone actually caught it on video tape, you can actually see several objects moving in a group, some eyewitness's report they saw the objects exploding, even raining down sparks.
One caller even reported that cars were stopped along an Oklahoma highway (I-40), and drivers standing on the side of the road watching the fireball as it passed by."
"We don't know what it was" said Chris Sohl of the National Weather Service, "we tend to speculate it was a perhaps a meteorite or even the possibility of man made space debris entering the atmosphere. (Note: I would have thought they would have called it a "weather balloon" jh)... We had comments that it looked like a lot of sparks associated with it, so perhaps it was breaking up as it entered the atmosphere.
"Well officials at NORAD say that they are setup to track man made objects, so nothing appeared on their radar, but they say most likely it was a meteor. Spectacular sighting anyway..."
End of transcript.
Eyewitness reports to follow...
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