The Mystery Of
The 'Morphing UFOs'

By Brenda Livingston

In Part I of "What Are Those Objects In The Trails?" ( began a detailed description of a particular type of aerial object which appears to be distributed into the atmosphere via a category of "chemtrails" (CTs) or persistent contrails (PCs).
As more of the public generate more videos and photographs of these mysterious objects, it is increasingly clear that the characteristics of these anomalous objects need more clarification. Because there seems to be some confusion about these objects and attempts to compare these unique objects with more "conventional" structured UFOs, I will further describe the objects and their interaction with one another.
At least two types of anomalous objects appear to be 'formed' within certain persistent contrails and follow patterns of distribution across the skies. Moving from location to location, these CTs/PCs appear to release a plethora of objects... smaller spheroidal dark brown objects (this type of object can also be in living, blue, yellow) and the larger white objects (which may be a conglomerate of PC material/substance).
The dark objects generally line the outer edges of the trail and many seek out the larger white objects within the trail and 'attach' themselves to the outer perimeter of the white objects. Other dark objects may depart the trail independently, swarm around other dark objects, form 'trains' or lines of dark objects or 'buzz' closely around other dark objects releasing a dark particulate trail. The white objects can vary in size hosting two to several (as many as 10 or more) of the dark objects.
The combination objects -- composed of two or more dark objects and a larger white one -- "combos" move out of the PC and may form "fleets" (multiple "combos") across the sky or at times combine with other "combos". This further combination may take the form of a row or 'train' of combo objects, an amorphous conglomerate of objects, or various geometrical formations of objects.
It is these "clusters" of "combos" that can appear as morphing UFOs or craft because of the continuous rotation and movement of dark objects about the white objects as they move through the sky...
Several people have released videos and photographs to of very unusual objects passing overhead fairly close to ground level at times. In my estimation, these are clearly "dark/white combo clusters" having at least one of their origins or distribution points "chemtrails" or persistent contrails.
The films of Mark A. Olsen of objects above California presented by Brian Vike of HBCC UFO Research appear to show various groupings of dark/white "combos"... in 'trains' and one in a triangular formation as can be seen in the links below.
R. McLaughlin's spectacular footage ( taken in the Los Angeles area appears to reveal the incredible combinations these objects can form while moving across the skies. One can identify 'trains' of both dark objects which move to form chevron formations and combinations of dark and white and red objects in both trains and more amorphous looking forms.
One must keep in mind that the white objects appear to be composed of some of the material/substance within the trails and often the trail contents are dragged out from the trail by these objects as they leave in 'combos'. This rather amorphous material/substance from the PCs then form the strange pseudo-cirrus "clouds" that are quite different than the normal high cirrus clouds...forming at any altitude based on the altitude of the persistent contrail.
When one sees clusters of "combos", this amorphous white material/substance which covers at least the outer shell of the larger white objects intermixes and at times appears to cover the whole cluster... leaving the dark objects appearing to be embedded within this cluster conglomerate.
Often a cluster of either dark objects or dark/white "combos" appear to be a moving morphing mass rather than separate and distinct objects rotating and moving in juxtaposition to one another. It is easy to see why some have proposed these clusters of objects to be some sort of structured craft or UFO "morphing" and changing shape.
The most astounding and massive collection of video clips of these dark objects and dark/white "combos" was taped by Anthony Woods of Bedhampton UK. Amassing hundreds of clips and sharing these with scientists and experts for their analyses, Anthony Woods certainly stands among the great explorers of these mysterious objects.
On one of the video clips from "My Journey", an object moves across the sky looking like a dark backbone with a hint of white at one point. As this object rotates, it becomes apparent that there is more to it...looking like a conglomerate of white spheres cradled by the dark backbone. One can see a reddish color covering at least one of these otherwise white spheres seeming to be exuded by the darker object beside the larger white spheres....then a sudden flash of light appears to be emitted by the object.
My interpretation of this footage is that the dark 'backbone' is actually several dark objects in a row with their dark substance around them... a 'train' of dark objects attached to three or more dark/white "combos". Some of the dark objects appear to be exuding a reddish substance and/or becoming red as they heat up and flare and produce light.
Upon analysis of many clusters and of separate "combos", the dark objects may exude red or blue or yellow hues that appear to cover the white objects and disperse into the atmosphere. This may account for the various colors witnesses in the pseudo "clouds" resulting from these persistent contrails and their objects.
The dark objects when analyzed with software used to detect temperature variations on film appear to be very hot at times, the same as ambient air other times. The films also show these dark objects flaring outward with this heat. This is in contrast to the white objects which appear to possess a cold core. Most interesting is that although reaching high temperatures, these objects do not appear to combust or sublimate due to heat.
See and the Tracers site and articles for more information about the activities of these objects and the characteristics they have in common. "What Are Those Objects In The Trails - Part 2" will be available soon.



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