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In Search For 'RODS'
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Have you seen the unidentified flying object we shot over the skies of San Diego?
They're called "Rods" or "Skyfish." Some believe they are unidentified creatures that swim through our skies. No one has ever found a dead one or brought one back alive. The only way to see them is on videotape played back frame by frame.
While filming in Tierrasanta we caught a Rod on our own video. We showed it to scientists around San Diego. No one knows what it is.
Want to catch your own? Jose Escamilla, the man who discovered these Rods, has developed what he calls a "Sky Fishing Protocol" -- a sure fire way to capture these things on video.
1) Adjust your video camera's shutter setting. Depending on your camera, it might be a dial with little pictures on it. Look for the sports setting. That will ensure you have a high shutter setting so each frame of video will look like a single picture without blur.
2) Point your camera at the sky. Leave something, like a tree as a frame of reference.
3) Adjust your zoom so it matches what you see with the naked eye. Don't use a wide angle, or zoom in for a closeup.
4) Let the camera record for 10 minutes. Then, change angles and record for another 10 minutes.
5) Time to look at your video. Play the video at regular speed. If you see something go by, replay it at slow speed.
6) Did you find anything on your tape? If so, we want to see it! send your video sighting to:
Marianne Mancusi Special Assignment Producer KFMB-TV 7677 Engineer Road San Diego, CA 92123
Good luck! and happy fishing! For a more detailed description visit Jose's website at
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