Pilot UFO Sighting Reports
From Brian Vike
Director HBCC UFO Research

Hello Brian,
The gentleman wishes to remain anonymous, which I always respect. Please do not ask me for the fellows contact information as I will not be giving it out. Also the last reports below, I also will be keeping the personal information private. Thank you, Brian
Here is a report on my sightings, in the air and on the ground.You may use them as you wish.
My first sighting happened in 1961, on a trip from Tampa, Fla. to Atlanta, Ga. It was a night flight and we had leveled off at our assigned altitude and were approximately 40 miles north of Tampa.We suddenly observed a flight of four star-like objects heading south, high above us and to the east, going very fast. They were in tandem and were surrounded by a bluish-white haze or glow.We called on Miami Center frequency and asked if anyone else was seeing these objects. Immediately, an Areo Commander aircraft crew said, "Yes, we are over Vero Beach and we have them in sight". Miami Center switched us over to Jacksonville Center at this time. After our initial call into Jacksonville Center, we asked if the controller had been getting any reports of UFOs. He replied that he had numerous reports and that the Air Force had scrambled jet fighters to attempt to catch them,but had failed to get close to them. He also mentioned that there had been many sightings all along the east coast of the U.S. from as far north as Richmond,Va. My estimate of their speed was something over 2000 mph and their altitude above 35,000 ft. We observed them about 30-45 seconds. After completing the trip and driving home, I turned on the radio to hear the latest news. The announcer said that according to a U.S. Airforce report, the mysterious objects seen in the eastern and southern states tonight, were meteors. I say, "Meteors, they were NOT". I knew I had seen my first UFOs and what a thrill it was.
My second sighting occurred in 1967 on the final leg of a trip to St.Louis, Mo.and back to Atlanta, Ga., with a stop at Huntsville, Ala. It was late afternoon, the sun had just gone down and the sky was quite bright with good visibility in a cloudless sky. In the southwest we noticed a very bright reddish-orange light that almost appeared like Venus would in a darker sky, but not in a color that Venus presents. It was just a short time later that we noticed the light was moving toward us. As it got closer we could see that it would pass behind our aircraft. Then, as our viewing angle changed, we could see that there were in fact, two lights (objects) and their brilliance was nearly blinding, traveling in tandem and the rearward object slightly to the left of the leader. Their speeds were just fantastic! A guesstimate of 4000mph. Their altitudes appeared to be in the 4000-6000ft. range and it was my belief that they flew right over Redstone! They left no smoke trails or plasma trails and simply disappeared after passing behind us. This sighting was the most thrilling I've had (so far).
Brian, I'll send you more sightings soon.
I would really like to extend my deepest thanks to this fellow for his reports.
Take care
Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research
SVC10 flight, direct London to Nairobi,
Briefly my best sighting. Brian.. SVC10 flight, direct London to Nairobi, 1971. Flying over France, approx 30000 feet, night, above layer of alto-stratus cloud, whose tops were sitting about 10,000 feet below us. I saw out to the left, below us, 5 lighted, largish, (21 foot?) objects, in loose formation, orange/yellowish, not too bright, located between us and the clouds, pacing us..As I was captain, turned the aircraft this way and that, so all crew could see them. As suddenly as they had appeared, they suddenly stopped and slowly sank through the clouds. causing a lovely glow for several seconds...We made no effort to contact ATC..
Thanks response, Brian, FYI we carried UFO report forms in our operations flight boxes in the Super VC 10 aircraft in East African Airways in 1971, my time...At that era, any mention of UFOs put u in the 'cookie' category, so we didn't bother to make them out. This was despite the famous East African Airways DC3 sighting, well documented in many books, (the years before I joined them), where the plane got permission to leave the airway and fly once round Mt Kilimanjaro, to allow all passengers and crew to view a 5 Kilometer long solid metal 'ship' sitting calmly above the mountain on a crystal clear day. NOBODY had a camera on board.
Best wishes
Thank you to the pilot for the reports.
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