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The purpose of Filer's Files is to enlighten and give the reader insight into the real world around them. My computer crashed this week and it was only the kindness Robert Kocher, Chuck Warren, and Camelot Computers that were able to get me up and running with a better system. These men deserve thanks and recognition as modern Knights in our search for truth. Without their help you would not be reading these files.
This week, we have numerous sightings and we'll cover a half dozen of the best ones.
MCDONOUGH - On September 23, 1999, the witness was traveling on I-75 North and at the Jonesboro Rd exit spotted a perfect "saucer" shape object. The metallic silver object descended about 250 feet then moved to the left towards Hampton, GA and stopped and hovered. The witness stated, "This object was definitely an UFO to me as there was absolutely no tail or wings or propeller visible." It struck me as a perfect saucer shape. I am a skeptic but to me this was an UFO. I told a few of my friends and one of them reported her experience on Wednesday, the previous day.
JACKSON - She and two co-workers went outside for a smoke break at 3:00 PM and saw a very "saucer"-like black object hovering over the trees behind her office in Butts County. She said that they went inside to get more witnesses and when they returned the object was gone.
TAMPA - Ignatius Graffeo writes that he has obtained a video tape of the FOX-13 Tampa September 7th, UFO news report. Seeing it again confirmed my original impression that it was definitely not a disintegrating rocket booster or a meteor! The video clearly shows a close-up of a huge gun-metal-gray "V," triangular or wedge-shaped craft. It is perhaps the best video ever taken of this type of sighting. It is not a bright light or a flash across the sky like space junk claimed by NORAD. It's an unbelievable videotape of a slow moving and stealthy huge craft. It looks like a surveillance type of UFO or Black Project plane. The report does not say who took the video, but it is very impressive! I am amazed how such a sighting could be mistaken for anything else but a UFO. It is truly frightening how this type of craft can flaunt itself in our skies and be explained away as space junk. I will try to post a good photo of the craft within the next couple of days. Meanwhile I did get the audio portion transferred to RealAudio (289K). Listen carefully! Ignatius Graffeo
ORLANDO - On August 21, 1999, three witnesses saw glowing circular objects above them at 11:45 PM. "We were sitting outside in the drive way when my Mom looked up and said what is that?" I stood up and observed two objects then one appeared out of no where. Now there were three criss crossing each other erratically in the sky very rapidly. They just disappeared after twenty minutes. Thanks to Morgan Clements Director World Wide Reporting Center,
GALLATIN NATIONAL FOREST - There is UFO activity in the beautiful state of Montana. I recently took a four day back packing trip to Gallatin park. On all three nights little satellite like lights could be seen. At first they just seemed like satellites and cruised at the same speed and light intensity across the sky. Little by little I started to see more objects. Some UFOs could be seen stopping and changing direction. Others could be seen following one another across the sky. I did not see any move at extremely fast speeds, but they seemed to be at the edges of our atmosphere. They would move extremely fast from the two to ten o'clock position in the sky in three seconds. Still others seemed to flash and then just disappear. These sightings occurred between August 28th and 31st at approximately 11:00 at night. In the spring and summer of 1997, I was living in Missoula, Montana and my friends and I had similar experiences in the Bitteroot Mountains and the Lolo National Forest. One night in particular, I was with three friends and we all saw activity like UFO dog fight. The lights were moving at incredible speeds circling around one another and chasing one another across the entire sky. You can see them on any clear night. Thanks to Jeffrey M. Smith;
SHERIDAN - Jerry Burgess writes when I was twelve years old, some fifty years ago I had a sighting. On September 10, 1999, five family members were involved with a new dramatic sighting. I was visiting my daughter and son in law 37 miles southwest of Portland. My daughter's home is on a hill top that gives a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. About 7:15 PM, we were sitting on the front patio, when my grandson pointed out an object low in the northeast sky about 15 degrees above the horizon. The object was dark in color and seemed to be stationary and bobbing up and down like a cork on water. My son-in-law and I both retrieved our 10X50 binoculars. Through the glasses the object appeared to be a narrow triangular shape. Even though there was plenty of sunlight the object did not show any reflection or lights. It hovered in one place for 15 minutes, then it started to move at approximately 15 miles per hour directly west toward our location against a ten mph wind. Suddenly the object put on amazing burst of speed going from 20 degrees off the horizon to almost directly over head in a matter of seconds. It slowed down again and hung almost stationary. The object was triangle in shape and about the size of two 747's or perhaps larger. There was no markings or lights visible. The object seemed to be drifting with the wind when suddenly it just winked out and was gone. It didn't seem to accelerate out of sight. One-second it was there the next it was gone. The object was about the size of a dime at arm's length. It was much higher than the normal 11,000 foot aircraft approach altitude traffic into Portland Airport. Thanks to MUFON,s Jerry Burgess
RAINBOW VALLEY - CAUS reports that John Edmonds and his wife saw a strange object on September 22, 1999. An unidentified object was seen hovering in the foot hills about a mile west of 195th Avenue and Ray Road at 9:33 PM. John was cleaning his pool when he observed an object with a bright light in the center with six smaller indirect pulsating white lights on the outer edge. Twice in four minutes the smaller lights went off completely and then turned on again. A nonsynchronous pattern was detected. A large red orange cloud of smoke was noticed soon after object blinked out. When John attempted to drive toward the object, it blinked out at a distance of 800 feet. John said, "The glare of the object was so bright he could not discern a shape." The next night, on September 23, 1999, three small groups of triangular craft were sighted heading southwest into the Goldwater air artillery range at 9:18 PM. Three minutes later the sky lit up with the deafening roar of afterburners as F-18 fighter jets passed over in pursuit. The jets attempted to pursue the triangular objects at a sound breaking pace, but the pursuit was futile. Shortly a pair of attack helicopters began sweeping the desert floor for an unidentified target without success. Thanks to Peter A. Gersten Director CAUS and John Edmonds
Early in September of 1999, Marilyn Ruben of Alien Abduction Experience and Research (AAER) received a possible photograph of an alien. Marilyn asked we inform our readers about the amazing photographs. The photo was taken outside at night by an abductee. The alien's body glows in a plasma like electrical light showing its right arm and side. The entity appears to be standing still or almost still as the arms appear to hang in a resting position at its sides. There is an orange glow around the alien's head, neck, shoulders, and backside of its body, but the front of the alien does not seem to glow. The glow may be from the alien's energy field that is picked up by the film, but may not be apparent to the photographer. The alien appears muscular in structure and very different from humans. The skin appears to have a red orange striping. Due to the cloudiness surrounding the striping, it could also be part of the alien's energy field. Thanks to Marlyn Rueben. If you have any further information or comments please contact me or AAER at These spectacular photographs can be observed at or
GRAND MERE, QUEBEC - Robert Leblond reports the Association Quebecoise d'Ufologie, (AQU) is investigating a case where two small alien beings in white were surveying a garden. Mrs. H. coming out of her shower, saw two biological entities completely covered in white from head to toe similar to astronaut' clothing on October 24, 1998. They wore some kind of helmet and were picking specimens off the ground. The entities seemed to float rather than walk. Their size and physical appearance were similar to humans." About 75 feet behind them, there was a thick brown fog made up of different bright colors with a bright glow about 27 feet in diameter. She watched for three minutes before leaving the window. When she returned, the entities had disappeared and the fog was moving away. There were ground traces noted by the investigators that were examined and photographed. There were four traces; two measured twelve inches in diameter and two were ten inches. Soil samples were taken and are being analyzed. The investigators discovered several holes two inches in diameter and eight inches deep filled with dirt that was different from the rest of the garden. AQU commented the soil texture inside the holes was brown in color and seemed to have been sieved. The dirt outside the holes was of a thick consistency and rich like normal garden black earth. Some footprints that seem to correspond to club-feet were also noted. Thanks to Michel M. Deschamps and Louise A. Lowry World Of The Strange Weekly Newsletter.
BAKU - The Moscow newspaper 'Komsomolskaya Pravda' has published an article concerning a UFO seen above Baku, the capitol of Azerbaijan. A huge glowing rotating UFO was escorted by three small 'classic' flying saucers according to a witness who is a Doctor of Sciences in Baku. The Doctor was able to capture 40 minutes of video on his hi quality digital Sony camcorder with 300 x zoom magnification. Some 5000 frames are available and the full 3-D picture of the UFO, is clearly seen. Thanks to Anatolij.
Barry Taylor comments, the recent UFO sightings are strange. The size and color are the same as the huge daylight sighting of a blue and orange 'cluster' on June 26, and July 6, 1999. When the object took-off at around 3,000 klm/hr they seemed to be the same type of objects. The one video taped on September 15, had a strange dangling 'ribbon,' that was not seen on the others. The ribbon seems more like a 'special' device for use in what ever they are doing. It could be some type of 'antenna' or 'information gathering' device. I now have a 2x telephoto lens for my video camera so hope to get a closer look if one comes around again. Thanks to Barry Taylor
The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), paints a grim picture of the environmental crisis facing humanity at the turn of the millennium and places prime responsibility for both problems and remedies squarely upon the world's most developed nations. Based on contributions from UN agencies, 850 individuals and 30 environmental institutes, GEO-2000 outlines problems and points to serious new threats. Its key finding is that "the continued poverty of the majority of the planet's inhabitants and excessive consumption by the minority are the two major causes of environmental degradation. The present course is unsustainable and postponing action is no longer an option." UNEP's Executive Director Klaus Topfer said, "Despite successes on various fronts, time for a rational, well-planned transition to a sustainable system is running out fast. In some areas, it has already run out. In others, new problems are emerging which compound already difficult situations." The world water cycle seems unlikely to be able to cope with demands in the coming decades. Land degradation has negated many advances made by increased agricultural productivity. Air pollution is at crisis point in many major cities. And global warming now seems inevitable. Tropical forests and marine fisheries have been overexploited, while numerous plant and animal species and extensive stretches of coral reefs will be lost forever -- thanks to inadequate policy response by national governments and international agencies. Thanks to Richard F. Haines more details at (
PASADENA, CA. - Our $125 million Mars Climate Orbiter that traveled 416 million miles to Mars vanished September 23, 1999. It was entering orbit when for the second time in six years a NASA satellite was lost just as it reached Mars. The Russian Phobus satellite was lost in a similar mishap a few years ago.
Robert Collins has collected a great deal of information concerning alleged vaults at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The 'Vault Report' is just the tip of a greater iceberg that contains "truths" from many sources that the government chooses not to reveal. The 'Vault Report' includes information from many dedicated UFO researchers as well as our government which is reported to have enough Sensitive Compartment Information (SCI) documentation to fill a full size Mayflower moving van from front to back, bottom to top. For amazing information go to the URL
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