Calama, Chile - More UFOs
And Strange Airport Activity
From Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center

On March the 5th, 2003, several people reported seeing another UFO near the local airport in Calama, Chile. The object appeared in broad daylight, yet it was bright enough to be quite noticeable by a great number of people in different parts of the city. The first report came from people standing at a bus stop next to the Ekono Supermarket, in the northeast area of Calama. Each eyewitness mentioned that the object appeared to be a white, about the same size as what the planet Venus looks like in the sky, but several times brighter.
According to eyewitnesses, the bright object appeared and then it would disappear in a synchronized manner every 5 to 10 seconds, apparently without moving in any direction. The UFO sighting lasted about 3 minutes.
Another eyewitness, a taxi driver by the name of Carlos reported seeing the same object from the opposite side of the city the Southwest of Calama, in a neighborhood called Caspana. These sightings have been happening so often and for the most part, in the same area, which causes many people to joke around and call that area "ovnipuerto, meaning UFO Airport or landing base.
During the recent UFO wave that has been taking place since mid February in Calama, there have been additional sightings of strange looking humanoid creatures, appearing mostly at night. A group of catholic school students, most of them about 15 years of age, reported seeing a strange being near their house. The strange noises on the rooftops and in their backyards at night reminded them of a previous sighting two years ago, when they saw a strange figure standing about 1.2 meters tall. The being appeared to move around not by walking, but by making small leaps.
Aside from the UFO wave still in effect, the airport authorities have decided to close down the airport for approximately the entire month of June. Officials have issued a press release stating that the airport will be remodeled and the runway will be "expanded" in order to receive international flights and accomodate "bigger" types of aircraft, including from "private organizations."
Jaime Ferrer Translation by Mario Andrade



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