Huge UFO Slowly Passes
Over, Dazzles Lima - Taped
By TV News
From Deuce <>
Translation By Scott Corrales
LIMA (IPRI-03.10.00) - During the early morning hours of this March 10th, a UFO made a slow flyby of the city of Lima at a very low altitude for about 15 minutes, allowing many local residents to witness its unhurried passing. Some witnesses claimed having seen small spheres emerge from the object at a given point, drifting away aimlessly. Dozens of witnesses phoned the news media and several minutes of video footage were secured by camera operators from Panamericana Television (Lima Channel 5). The news has been spread all over the country through the second edition (noontime) of the "24 Horas" (24 Hours) news program on Panamericana TV. The following is a transcript of the broadcast:
Voice of Valia Barak, anchorwoman on the "24 Horas" set: "A strange object crossed the skies over Lima early this morning. Thousands of citizens witnessed the phenomenon..."
Voice of Viviana Coehllo, on site reporter, with camera image by Juan C. Amoretti: "This was the object observed by many at 1:30 a.m.. Strange movments and plays of light were seen in the heavens over the city of Lima, drawing the attention of hundreds of onlookers..." (A group of four lights in a triangular arrangement can be seen, moving with uncharacteristic slowness over the rooftops).
Eyewitness (an anonymous young woman engaged in nocturnal street sweeping for the municipal authorities): "It was a big ship with yellow and red lights...and ten little ships came out..."
Voice of Viviana Cohello: "A considerable number of phone calls from El Callao, Los Olivos, San martin de Porres and Villa El Slavador congested the switchboards of Radio Programas del Peru (RPP). The common denominator was the unidentified flying object that flew over our capital."
Eyewitness Bruno Guzman, journalist: "It is quite startling to go from receiving the claims, phone calls, and eyewitness accounts to become a participant in this environment, this spectacle we've just seen. We can't quite explain properly or scientifically what happened this morning.
Around one o'clock in the morning we began receiving calls from the public; later we peered out the 7th floor window; later we climbed up on the rooftop, and we've been able to attest to the lights [being reported], these points of color that changed intermittently from blue, red to white light, moving strangely."
(Information courtesy Rose Marie Paz Wells. Translation credit (c) 2000, Scott Corrales)


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