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George A. Filer <>
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Filer's Files #24
The prolific flare-producing sunspot group #9026 unleashed another moderately strong solar flare on June 12, 2000. The eruption was accompanied by a partial halo coronal mass ejection (CME) that arrived here on June 13. A coronagraph animation of the event shows a beautiful billowing CME peppered by speckles and meteor-like streaks resulting from energetic particles hitting the spacecraft's camera. Another CME occurred on June 18, but it does not appear to be headed towards the Earth. Sun flares have the potential to cause significant damage to the ionosphere creating greater chance of getting skin cancer. I urge that readers protect their skin if you are going out during these times. Hats, umbrellas, sunscreen, sunglasses, and cover-ups are good sun shielding gear. The UFO pilots seem to be aware of these sun flare problems. Overall reports have decreased by two-thirds to 150 reports for May from 400 during the fall months.
NEW YORK BRIGHT CYLINDER SPOTTED MINEOLA -- On June 2, 2000, at 10:20 PM, north of the North Star, we noticed what appeared to be a very slow moving teardrop shaped fuzzy object that glowed very dimly and appeared to wobble back and forth as it moved southeast. We hurriedly retrieved binoculars and my brother looked first. He exclaimed in a shaky voice that it was a "UFO." Nevertheless, I was sure he was looking at an airplane that was out of focus; so, I took the binoculars and zeroed in on the object. I could not believe what I saw. It was not an airplane. Rather, it was a tear-shaped object with a dim, fixed light at the top and several lights at the bottom seemingly surrounded by a haze. It moved in an irregular fashion in a wobbly circle. It appeared as though the object were tumbling across the sky. It then turned some 30 degrees to the right, and eventually disappeared into the haze. We looked at the sky intently for another half hour but did not see the object again. Thanks to Peter Davenport at NUFORC
STATEN ISLAND -- Larry Clark reports that on June 8, 2000, a huge cylinder UFO with an estimated 400 lights was spotted. My friend saw a UFO high in the sky that was even more visible than the moon at 9:00 PM. It was a bit taller than the moon and about four times wider. He said it was bright white and he could see flashing lights on the bottom of the cylinder shaped object. It disappeared when he turned away for a minute. The UFO was silent. Five other people saw this UFO at various locations throughout the night. A police car came ten minutes after the sighting driving down Jefferson, which is practically an abandoned street that the police never go down. The craft flew right down the street and they followed. The other witnesses were strangers. Thanks to Larry Clark,, and
BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY -- Jules reports they were driving/camping through the southeastern region of Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York over the past week from June 6 to 13, 2000. Several times, he watched as 'many' unusual moving objects streaked across the sky. They darted from one direction to another, seemingly unconcerned with any other 'normal' aircraft. Most of these sightings were around the Blue Ridge Parkway/Shenandoah Valley areas. And almost all of them were just during the 'dusk' time of the evening, before it got too dark. Thanks to Jules
DOUGLAS - MUFON Georgia's Joye Pugh has sent reports on three recent UFO events. Mrs. Lillian H. Williams is a staff writer for the Douglas Enterprise newspaper who wrote two articles concerning her personal encounter on April 28, 2000, and a second article of others who also had a sighting from a separate location. At 8:45 PM, Mrs. Williams and her husband (a retired law enforcement officer) were driving in the area on Highway 64. They observed a bright round orange light hovering just over the treetops in this rural area. They turned to approach closer, as it seemed to be moving slowly. Mr. Williams accelerated toward it and the light suddenly separated slightly, forming upper and lower portions with a horizontal band of six bright lights as the divider. Darkness was observed between the individual lights in this dividing band. The lower section was thinner and saucer like, the upper was thicker and seemed to be supported by the horizontal band. The whole structure was a blazing orange, almost like a huge sun. Suddenly four additional balls of light appeared, two on either side, magenta red in color, aligned perfectly with the large light. As they got closer, the lights turned, with the magenta balls moving randomly about. While it turned, Mrs. Williams was able to ascertain that the main light/object was indeed truly round. Upon passing some trees, the larger light was gone, but the smaller magenta balls remained, lingering in the same area. The witnesses pulled off into a field adjacent the smaller lights/objects, and watched. There was no noise, but the sky seemed to lighten and the smaller lights later disappeared. Mr. Williams returned to the field after daylight and inspected the area twice, but was unable to locate any trace evidence. Mrs. Williams felt the smaller lights were about six feet in diameter. Also on 28 April, a local couple was driving home a five miles to the east near Nicholls when they saw bright beams of light shining down beyond a patch of trees. They clearly observed six magenta red light balls as described by Mrs. Williams. They also pulled off to observe, and the magenta balls were last seen flying off to the east. On May 5, between 10:00 PM and 10:30 PM, a couple living just outside of Douglas near the Green Acres community also saw a large orange light in the sky. They watched for about 10 minutes, and then decided to videotape the event. The witnesses began shooting and after one good shot, the camera image turned into fuzzy static, and these witnesses thought that their camera was defective. They described seeing beams of light projected to the ground from the orange ball of light. Upon checking the tape, the witness indicated that along with the light beams, there appears to be a saucer shaped object in view. (The witness was apparently unaware of the various EM interference encountered in such cases.) Thanks to Joye Pugh and Tom Sheets, State Director-MUFONGA, ISUR Board. MISSOURI SILVER OVAL DISK SEEN
ST. LOUIS -- I am a 26-year-old transportation manager who was driving west on Highway 64/40 on June 6, 2000, when I saw a very shinny light reflecting in the distance. I assumed it was an airplane until I saw two other airplanes flying in the vicinity, one in front, and one behind the strange object. I realized they were moving but this light was not. Then it flashed like a reflecting flash, but much brighter than any reflections off the other two planes in the area at 5:22 PM. The planes were like a candle compared to a floodlight of the UFO. I noticed it was somewhat like a flat oval shape and silvery and pure white when it flashed, very clear and pure silver and white color compared to the two airplanes in the area. It looked like it was hovering when it flashed two lights towards me and then vanished. It could not have gone behind any clouds because there was a crystal clear sky with a bright sun. It disappeared at 5:23. This was my first sighting of something I cannot explain. Thanks to NUFORC Director Peter Davenport
DALLAS -- David Baugh writes, I listened to your interview today on 105.3 radio, I did not see the large silver disk sighted over Dallas' Love Field on May 26, but I saw the Chinook helicopters the Swedish businessmen also reported. I live in Denton and they flew over our house heading away from Dallas about 3:00 to 4:00 PM. I do not know if this means anything, but I thought it odd they were flying over, one of them had a long protruding boom like radar in the front of it. Thanks to Dave Baugh at COLORADO UPSURGE IN UFO REPORTS
ALAMOSA COUNTY -- Christopher O'Brien writes we have been experiencing an upsurge in reports recently. On March 17, 2000, at 3:00 PM, "Chuck" was driving southbound on Highway 285 just north of Antonito, when he witnessed "a metallic sphere ahead of him at about 30 degrees up. It did not maneuver in any extraordinary ways, but it sure didn't look like any airplane I've seen." SAN LUIS LAKES -- On March 23, 2000, of the witness stopped his van to observe "a temporary air traffic control tower" and a Quonset hut near Road 6N east. Then three miles further east toward the San Dunes turnoff, she observed two low-flying triangle-shaped objects "zip by" north to south at 3:00 PM. Close behind "chasing them," were three low flying jet fighters. She was then stopped and checked for "minute traces of radiation" by two men in a white unmarked Expedition who produced "NSA badges" when the witness asked who they were? MAXIVILLE -- On May 24, 2000, near the Rio Grande two waitresses watched a brilliant low flying light zigzag between La Garita Park and the old Del Norte Airport at 10:40 PM. Witnesses were sure the silent light array was not a conventional craft. The following day a dead calf was discovered in the area with an unusual hide scrape and small cut along the backbone.
CHAMA, NEW MEXICO -- On May 25, 2000, campers found two freshly mutilated cows, one with no head; and the other with the tongue missing. Nearby were four elk legs and with no head, neck or torso. That night the campers outside their tents heard a strange thumping sound. GREAT SAND DUNES NATIONAL MONUMENT -- On June 11, 2000, the witness reports, "We were hiking and saw several planes leaving contrails, but moving west was a round shape leaving no contrail about 2:40 PM. It was moving about as fast as a jet at that altitude, but even through binoculars, there was no fuselage or wings, just a round shape with a dull metallic color. MOFFAT -- On June 12, 2000, north of Moffat, two witnesses report finding a mutilated cow at Rd AA and CR 60. This case is under investigation. Thanks to Christopher O'Brien at WASHINGTON: FOURTEEN UFOs SIGHTED
TROUT LAKE - Michael Miley reports that on May 24 and 25, 2000, from 10:00 PM until midnight, James Gilliland, and I were witness to fourteen high-flying UFOs. Part of time we accompanied by Carolyn Gray and Marian Abbott. The objects appeared to be small, luminous spheres flying to and fro in the upper atmosphere with two to three times the brightness of the brightest stars. They flew at varying speeds, flaring and dimming as they went, sometimes they changed directions and made no sound at all. One anomalous light was a brief intense flash five times brighter than the brightest stars. According to James, UFOs were visible during three other nights that week. The UFOs were self-luminous spheres with no visible fuselage or wing appendages, and no running lights. Trout Lake is visited by UFOs on a regular basis and has been seen by many visitors. Gilliland's ranch is an hour's drive east of Portland and serves as a spiritual retreat and fledgling self-sustained ecological community, called the Self Mastery Earth Institute. Gilliland has been able to videotape some of these UFOs using his Sony CCD TR517 Night Shot 200X camcorder. Policeman from the nearby Yakima Reservation report similar UFO sightings near Mt. Adams in southern Washington. Gilliland encourages both ordinary folks and UFO investigators to come to Trout Lake to see the UFOs for themselves. To make a reservation e-mail James Gilliland at Thanks to John M. Novak and Michael Miley
KANEOHE -- On June 3, 2000, an object came up from the horizon in the northeast traveled towards the southwest in an unorganized group at 8:30 PM. A second witness arrived 30 seconds after the initial observation. Some objects seemed to circle others and even back track a bit. Without stopping, they appeared to "regroup themselves" and with incredible precision seemed to go to their assigned positions on "que" and stop. The remarkable formation seemed to form a "V" with the apex pointing towards the northwest. After the formation appeared there were less points of light then seen in the original unorganized group, but the lights were larger. At this point clouds obscured the whole formation, a muted amber red point of light flew to the south with great speed, and a white light took off to the north a millisecond later. The other witness claims to have seen a red point of light proceed the original grouping; "I did not see that light." At approximately the same time, our observation was taking place; NASA was to have a controlled reentry of the 17-ton Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, launched in 1991. The Satellite was supposed to enter the atmosphere along a 1,000-mile strip of the Pacific about 2,500 miles southeast of Hawaii. It was said that if it left its projected course sufficiently it would be in the southeast sky about 8:30 p.m. and could be observed here in Hawaii. It is my opinion what we saw was a completely separate sighting from a different direction. Later that night an amber red ghost like form was sighted moving across the sky. I am a trained observer. My profession is to observe even the "smallest" morphological structures of the human cell under the microscope. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC Director
UNITED KINGDOM UFO SIGHTINGS INCREASE SUFFOLK -- Philip Mantle writes two recent UFO sightings were passed to me via the Ministry of Defence in London. The first took place June 4 or 5th involving Mr. C. a senior university lecture who was driving along the M11 motorway at 1:15 AM with his mother. They both observed a rectangular object ascend, remain stationary, and then 'disappear'. This object had four beams of light shinning down from it and lit up the night like day. Mr. C. pulled his car over, stopped, but there was no noise from this low level object. He informed me today that he has flown in helicopters and airplanes and he could not identify this object as either of these. Other drivers slowed down and had witnessed the same thing. To his surprise, he later learned that his brother had seen the same UFO in the same area in the daylight a few hours earlier. Mr. C's bother described the object as being rectangular with four 'landing' legs sticking out with dark lines running along it. The National UFO Research Association for the UK is investigating these sightings. Thanks to: Philip Mantle,
UFOs FILMED IN LONDON: UFO Magazine in its current issue reports multiple sightings and filming of UFO's in April. The magazine, which carries an online version at, said, "London resident Christopher Martin, filmed four separate UFO incidents in 90 minutes." The UFOs are of the 'sphere' similar to those recorded so often in Mexico." Aircraft are visible in the same airspace as these strange objects and the third of the four events is really quite unusual. GRIMSBY, YORKSHIRE -- The BBC Radio Humberside carried this report of a UFO sighting. Investigator Chris Evers interviewed the 43-year-old family man who took a video of strange lights on May 21, 2000. Mr. Z had gone for a drive with his dog and noticed a white orange light in the twilight sky below the cloud ceiling at 9:20 PM. He found a vantage point on the road near Spurn Point and started filming. On the 50-second video footage, there is a pale yellow light moving in a southerly direction towards Lincolnshire at 50 degrees elevation. The camera is a SANYO with a built in focus and Mr. Z states that he struggled trying to focus the light into a sharp point because it was moving and changing shape. Only Arcturus and Spica were in the sky and are unlikely to have been seen through the clouds. Mr. Z. is adamant that what he saw was not a helicopter, aircraft, or planet. He contacted the local BBC as a way of showing his mates he was serious despite their ridicule. Thanks to Chris Evers, Editor UFO, Faster Than Light Magazine
SOUTH LITTLETON -- Sky-gazing security guard Jim Brace is convinced he saw an enormous UFO and will not change his mind. The 29-year-old was on patrol at the Unipart Depot in near Evesham, just before midnight on Monday when he saw a huge object in the sky. He then watched it for the best part of an hour. Mr. Brace, who said he did not believe in UFOs until the incident, said: "It was partly cloudy and this thing just gradually appeared. It looked like a plate, with small domes dotted all over it." Apart from ringing the police and my firm about it, I watched it the whole time. " It was going round in circles every five minutes." Evesham police would look into the report that an advertising air balloon may have been in the area at the time." Jim said: "I've never seen anything like it and probably never will again. " It was massive and impossible to put a size on it and it made no noise. Thanks to SHnSASSY1 ews&ID=46066&source=E AUSTRALIA DISC
LAKE GLENMAGGIE IN GIPPSLAND, VICTORIA -- Around June 1, 2000, a couple driving home early evening saw a very bright light shining down from the sky near Sandy Point Road. Stopping the car to investigate, they saw a disc above the road, which quickly sped away. These people are neighbors at our holiday house by the lake. I will be seeing them next weekend and will check out their story in more detail. If it warrants a report, you will have it immediately. I have been very interested in this subject since the mid 1950's. I run my own business in Melbourne. I'm really looking forward to Filer's Files. Thanks to John Hallowell
HARTFORD - On May 6, 2000, Robert D. Morningstar the president and pilot of Morningstar Aerospace was flying his Piper T-Tail Arrow # N29310 from Hanscom Field, MA. to Caldwell Airport, NJ. They were flying 20 miles southwest of Hartford when they had an encounter with a meteor at 9:16 PM. The meteor was also seen by the copilot, Sagar Samrat, and William Larrea. The pilot filed the following PIREP (Pilot's Report) with the National Transportation Safety Board: "A brilliant meteor first appeared just aft of our 9 o'clock position." Due to its apparent proximity, it manifested the intense luminosity of a noonday sun and first appeared to be several thousand feet higher than our cruise altitude of 6500 feet approaching rapidly to less than 500 feet away, closing with us and passing quickly forward of our aircraft. A deep, boiling roar accompanied its passage throughout our crossing. The meteor sank rapidly, closing and passing under us while leaving a scorching trail of plasma, airglow of ionized air, and steam behind it. It changed colors quickly from a bright acetylene torch-like neon-halogen white plasma with bursts of bright red from a "ruby ring" around its center, into a variety of intense emerald greens along the body as it decelerated along the port side passing below the aircraft. It exuded plasma-like vapors and green fumes of various hues. It was easy to distinguish luminous white ionized airglow gases trailing comet-like along its path from emerald and jade green vapors waving wildly within intense convection currents topside. They rose vertically, dancing upright as sinuous standing waves. The trail of vapors and its airglow were so bright that I could see the charred body of the meteor clearly in stark, black contrast and changing shape from somewhat round to roughly elliptical. I clearly observed the rippling of 2 and 3 bow waves preceding and "preparing" its passage. As it fell it appeared to be "boring" a ringed tunnel through the atmosphere, which I observed by banking the plane and craning my neck forward into the windshield to see it disappearing under the Arrow's left wing. I could see the black core within several rings, rotating, changing diameter, glowing around the red belt with ruby red nodes flashing like beacons on the back of jumbo jets. An innermost vortex of molten metal with flaming rings of white airglow gases, green plasma, vapors around it, trailed a broad, outermost plume of dense black smoke. The scorching heat of the trail was palpable. Instinctively, I sought to evade it by using cross-control forces of left bank, right rudder, and down elevator to bank and sink without turning into its vortex. I believe that the Arrow could have exploded if the meteor came to close. I later discovered that the meteor was an "eta Aquarid" meteor formed by debris left by Halley's Comet. A few nights later, we met with a visiting member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Tatiana Vassilieva and by taxiing and positioning another Piper Aircraft, I was able use high floodlights in a hanger and other light sources to reassess my previous estimates of the meteor's distance. In retrospect, I recall that the exact sequence of the metamorphosis of the meteor's shape and silhouette was from a still and brilliant round object (Solar Stage), to a smaller diameter just smaller than a full moon (in Supernova Phase), dissolving to oval (in the Cometary Phase), disintegrating in diameter to a tapering egg shape. Finally, the meteor transformed into a somewhat eccentric oval form rotating in its final plunge (during the Terminal Phase to landfall). As I was closing on the meteor at 140 knots, the distance shrank radically during convergence. So one might say that the encounter was "marginally tangential." Fully tangential would have meant complete annihilation (but what a way to go!). When I first sighted the meteor, I thought it was the sun! As it approached, growing smaller, I thought it was a star exploding. When it was just over a mile away and still high above our 9 o'clock position, I realized it was a meteor. I recall another brief impression that a new star had appeared suddenly in the night sky, perhaps one going "Supernova." It appeared to be still for a few seconds (meaning that we were momentarily "head-on" before aerodynamic forces induced a course change). However, the boiling roar of the clouds and of the atmosphere itself eliminated that possibility.
Then, its true and final trajectory became distinctly defined by the extension of a comet-like, acetylene torch-bright tail (by the 5th second of observation). It was clear to me that our paths, though very close, would not intersect. The meteor descended past our altitude 100 feet away at our 10 o'clock position and 75 feet below us at our 11 o'clock when I banked the plane to extend the observation of the "atmospheric tunneling effect." We probably descended another 150-200 feet after it in evading the vapors; convection and smoking trail, prolonging the chase for 3 or 4 more seconds. When I leveled after it had passed below us, I recall that my altitude was just above 6300 feet whereas at the outset we had been straight and level at 6500. To my knowledge, this is the first time anyone has made a Head-on, Side-view, and Tail-on in-flight scientific observation of a bolide meteor entering the atmosphere to landfall. In the aftermath of this encounter, I felt it incumbent upon myself to bring this to public attention. I feel this way especially in view of unsatisfactory explanations given for recent aviation tragedies, which have occurred in this area. These are the destruction of TWA 800 on July 17, 1996, and the crash of a Piper Saratoga on July 16, 1999 piloted by the late John F. Kennedy Jr. Thanks to Robert D. Morningstar. The Egyptian 990 tragedy craft may also qualify. Photos and a more detailed version of this report can be seen on Bruce Cornet's web site at:
Tim Cooper writes...This article is devoted to the subject of intelligence failures to recognize and articulate the meaning of surprising material that often confronts the U.S. intelligence community while assessing intentions and capabilities of potential hostile enemies. The intelligence subject of unidentified flying objects (U.F.O.) first investigated by the Air Force and the Army in the summer of 1947 is an excellent example of how reliable and credible intelligence was either ignored or held in denial by upper echelons of the United States military and civilian defense intelligence agencies. Other examples of intelligence failures are examined for defining the consistent problems analysts incur when presenting surprising material to policy decision makers in Pentagon and White House senior staff positions of the government and why indecisiveness at high levels often results in failed opportunities to inform and prepare military leadership for appropriate actions in the defense of the United States. Please see below for further information,
PHOTOGRAPH BOOKLET of some of the best UFO shots available and data on their propulsion systems by US Navy Commander Graham Bethune.. $10.00. Send check or money order to G. Filer 222 Jackson Road, Medford, New Jersey 08055
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