Police Make First Arrest
Over Crop Circles
By Cahal Milmo

They have been a source of mystery and amusement to students of the bizarre for years, but yesterday crop circles attracted the attention of a new audience - the long arm of the law.
A 29-year-old Wiltshire man last night became what is believed to be the first person in Britain to be accused of the novel crime of raiding a field and creating patterns out of flattened wheat.
Matthew Williams, of Bishops Cannings, near Devizes, was arrested after photographs allegedly showing him working with another man were sent anonymously to detectives.
He will appear before Devizes magistrates on Monday charged with causing criminal damage to an unspecified area of pasture near Marlborough in July this year.
The case threatens to blow the lid on what has long been believed to be the prime cause of crop circles well-equipped and highly adept hoaxers.
For years, fans of the paranormal had sought to explain the weird and wonderful patterns of interlinked circles, squares and diamonds as the work of aliens or freak weather conditions. But some crop circle creators have recently come forward to confess to their activities, carried out under cover of darkness using an array of ladders, tethered barrels and ropes to work "magic".
Police arrested Williams earlier this week after searching his home and recovering pieces of equipment allegedly used to sculpt circles. A second man was also detained but later released without charge.
News of the prosecution was welcomed by farmers in the rolling countryside of Wiltshire - prime territory for crop circles, with dozens appearing every summer.
Tim Carson, chairman of the National Farmers Union in the county, said: "It's no different if someone comes into your garden and causes damage. You spend a lot of time and effort planting crops and then someone comes along and destroys them, it's very annoying."
Andrew Naughton, who farms near Devizes, added: "Imagine you had a green car and someone came along and sprayed pretty patterns on the roof with white paint. That's the only way I can describe it."

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From Jimmie L. Holman < 11-4-00
News of the arrest of "circle maker Matthew Williams (also known as "TruthSeeker), came as no surprise. In recent days, Matthew had expressed great concern and indicated much turmoil within some "sects of the circlemaker community. Only a day before his arrest, Matthew in private phone conversation, had expressed in no uncertain terms that certain other divisions of the "crop circle community were "out to get "him personally in any manner possible.
Over the last year or so I have been privileged to have had many in-depth conversations with Matthew concerning the crop circle and other issues. Remarkably these conversations came as a direct result of Mr. Williams telling me that I probably didn't understand what crop circles were all about. (I am a member of a paranormal research group which meets in Dallas and although we do not make formations, the purpose for meeting was much the same as that of at least those he is closely associated with. More on that later) With-in an hour it became quite clear that I did indeed understand the issue and reasoning behind at least some of the formations. During ALL this time, great concern was expressed by Matthew Williams for what was becoming an important distraction.
Matthew was always conscious and wary, even critical, of the "hoaxers. He was also very conscious of the "commercial aspects (i.e. bus tours etc, and souvieneer sellers). He repeatedly stated he wanted nothing to do with, and did not consider himself a part of either. He did what he could to distance himself from those as well. He was also conscious of those alledged and well-known researchers who he had been in close contact and attempted repeatedly to convey the real meaning and purpose of the cropcircles. In fact I'm sure few would be supprised to know the prominent names of persons participating and personally involved in demonstrations.
More surprising might be however that the "truthseeker, Matthew, was these last many months, attempting to responsibly reveal the underlying "reasoning and purpose behind the construction of the crop circles and articulate the paranormal events that often seem to accompany their creation. It was this that has apparently led to the recent events. An analogy on this might be compared to a witch publishing the grimoire of their coven. In fact the complexities of the issues are probably in a way much the same but the threat caused was from those more distant who maintain monitary motives and affiliations. Interestingly, I have been informed that on at least one occasion, the farmer was compensated in cash prior to the construction of one of these "circles.
I find some points of "this arrest very suspicious on the part of the police. It has been reported that the event for which Mr. Williams was arrested took place in July. During that time period I happen to know Mr. Williams had repeated expressed that the Wiltshire police were being heavily pressured to make at least one arrest on this crop circle issue. Evidently they had been funded and received extensive night-vision, infrared, similar equipped helicopter equipment specifically for the purpose of monitoring crop circle activity. The fact that activity continued virtually unheeded even in the potential "infrared light of all this technology was very likely a major embarrassment to the police and those demanding the funding for such. Most suspicious though is the timeline of events considering the action for which he is supposedly being arrested is many months old. One must wonder and ask, "Who's agenda is being fuifilled?
Matthew Williams and associate Paul Damon . Have been well known for their "Truthseekers Review online magazine ( and their investigating of various UFO, paranormal, and conspiracy issues over the years. Is it just possible that there are at least "some who don,t want the full "truth to come out????
I sincerely hope over the immediate coming months we will have ample opportunity to hear directly from Mr. Williams regarding the full story and personal observations behind not only the arrest but the issues and recent events within the circle maker community. I know UFOn will welcome and gladly provide him that avenue without reservation. I know at least some of us wish Matthew well.

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