NUFORC - Multiple Objects
Overfly Victoria, BC
From Peter B. Davenport
Director - National UFO Reporting Center

At 0847 hrs. (Pacific) on Sunday, August 12, 2001, the National UFO Reporting Center received the first of what would become several reports of a formation of maneuvering lights, which reportedly were witnessed by a group of six people attending a wedding reception in downtown Victoria, British Columbia, at approximately 0015 hrs. on the same date.
The first witness, a college-educated male, reported that the group had witnessed a rather dramatic meteor a few minutes earlier, which had caused their attention to be drawn to the night sky. They were hoping to witness another. Some minutes later, the attention of the group of was captured by a cluster of 6-7 lights in the southern sky, each of which appeared to be approximately twice the size and brightness of a bright star, and all of which were moving across the sky in a "nose-to-tale" formation. Shortly after the lights had first been spotted, the formation suddenly executed a "clockwise" turn, and formed a large, stationary circle of lights in the sky. The formation was described variably by the witnesses as either "hexagonal" or "square," and it remained motionless for at least several seconds.
The lights then appeared to flare up individually, after which each of them sequentially appeared to ascend and disappear from sight of the witnesses.
At least one of the witnesses said he believed that the objects were not self-luminous, but rather reflected bright lights from the ground. The other witnesses with whom we have spoken have stated that they thought the objects were self-luminous.
One of the witnesses was a professional wedding videographer, who began video taping the lights immediately after they had formed a circle and stopped in the sky. In a telephone conversation, he reported that the objects are not visible on the tape. He surmises that they simply were not bright enough to be detected by the camcorder he was using, which was not compatible with low-light conditions.
The incident is now under investigation by members of the UFO*BC group, based in Vancouver, B.C..
We would welcome reports from anyone else who may have been witness to the incident. The witnesses to this incident probably will be guests during the Jeff Rense radio program on Tuesday evening, August 14, 2001. Please see < for program and broadcast details.
Individual reports can be seen here: ((three links to reports))
Prepared by Peter B. Davenport
Director at 1815 hrs. (PDT)
Sunday, August 12, 2001
050 Investigator Request: Yes
055 Called Hotline: Yes
100 Date: 09/12/01
110 Time: 00.15-30
120 Duration: 4 Minutes
130 Sighting City: Victoria
140 Sighting State: bc
150 Sighting Zip: V8Z 1Y6
165 Sighting Country: Canada
168 Number of Craft: 6-7
170 Witnesses: 6-7
172 Shape: Oval
180 Description: 6-7 oval shaped objects witnessed traveling over
Victoria British Columbia evening sky.
190 Description: 6-7 oval shaped objects witnessed traveling over Victoria British Columbia evening sky.
I was attending a wedding reception last night at the Princess Mary restaurant in Victoria, British Columbia. At the restaurant on the top floor was an outdoor patio where guests of the wedding would go to smoke and socialize.
The group (5 in number) which had gathered on the patio were talking about how beautiful the moon looked coming over the western horizon and we talked about the number of shooting stars which had shown themselves throughout the evening sky. Just as we finished discussing the shooting star, which I had just witnessed, one of the people in the group yelled,
"What is that" and pointed above us looking east in the night sky. It was a group of about 6-7 oval shaped objects traveling in a straight-line formation. They didn't seem to be lit up by their own luminescence but since they were traveling over Victoria near the city center it looked as though the city lights lighted them up.
The objects appeared to be a grayish in color. It was also hard to tell exactly what altitude the objects were traveling. We couldn't discern any noise coming from the objects throughout the entire sighting.
They proceeded to move in a westerly direction until they began to form up into a new formation in an square/rectangular shape and began to ascend into the sky almost directly above the city center. At this point the videographer who had been hired for the wedding was called out on to the patio and we all pointed to the objects in the sky and told him to start taping the event. A few other people who came out on the patio also witnessed the formation and their ascension.
The objects continued a slow climb in the square shape formation. As they got smaller we could see their lights flicker and at this point it was hard to make them out. However, we did see some of the objects seemingly streak off into space, but I do clarify at this point they had
become faint star -like lights. All of us who witnessed the event just stood there in disbelief but we all had to agree we just saw something unexplainable and it clearly was a UFO sighting.
The sighting happened on August 12, 2001 at approximately 12:15 AM to 12:30 AM. The duration seemed to be around 3-4 minutes and the weather was clear.
My background is I'm an amateur historian and currently work in the IT
The other witnesses:
One is a chef
One is a student of Computer Programming
The Videographer, I don't recall his background
The person who first spotted the object has an insurance background
The other witness who saw the whole event I do not know personally
A few others who came out later during the sighting Come from various backgrounds.
(NUFORC Note: We spoke at length over the telephone with this witness, and we found him to be an exceptionally credible witness. We believe that the witnesses were looking into the southern sky, and the Moon was rising in the east, where it usually is seen when rising. Please see other reports for the same date. PD)
I'm wondering if I can update my witness account I sent you earlier today. I seemed to have noticed I had my directions in reverse. The objects we saw were a little to the west of us moving on an easterly heading and the moon was rising in the east. I noticed on your website you posted the report and you correctly pointed out my error. In my haste to get the my account written and with not getting much sleep last night, I made the error. Could we change it to reflect the proper headings?
Thank you...
Warm Regards,
(name deleted)
((NUFORC Note: Our gratitude to the witness for the follow-up comment. The witness first contacted our Center at approximately 0845 hrs. (PDT), despite the fact that he had been out until the wee hours of Sunday morning, celebrating at a wedding reception, apparently under somewhat adverse conditions. We admire the witness's apparent tenacity, and we are impressed that he was able to submit a report at all at that hour! Minor technical oversight regarding the location of the Moon in the morning sky corrected here. PD))
050 Investigator Request: Yes
055 Called Hotline: Yes
100 Date: 08/12/01
110 Time: 12:00AM
120 Duration: 10 MINUTES
130 Sighting City: VICTORIA
140 Sighting State: bc
150 Sighting Zip: V8N4V5
165 Sighting Country: Canada
168 Number of Craft: 6-8
170 Witnesses: 10-12
172 Shape: Formation
180 Description: Group of Many Ufos taking formations over nighttime
190 Description: While going outside for a smoke at a wedding reception, I noticed a bunch of people pointing at the sky. We were having a meteor shower so I thought, 'that's what they were looking at.' They told me to "look at the formation" So, I did. To my shock, there was about 6 or so stars in a hexigonal patern but the stars were moving like they were doing a show.They were in a semi circle and the circle sort of broke a bit and they one by one started to move farther away and sped off at a high rate of speed. This was in front of at least 5 others with me. Wow. It was wild.


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