Trumbull County UFO - Reverse
Speech - And Honesty
By Jon Kelly <>
In 1994, a startling UFO event unfolded in Trumbull County, Ohio that would involve over one dozen police officers. The recent "Confirmation" special on NBC allowed a public examination of this case and it's accompanying 911 dispatch recordings. Both an astronomer and a spokesperson from the local Air Force base provided skeptical commentaries.
This article will focus on the application of Reverse Speech technology to the material broadcast on the NBC special. For the complete background details behind this case, please see Kenny Young's excellent website "UFO Research: Cincinnati!" ().
Reverse Speech is the discovery of David John Oates, an Australian therapist presently residing in San Diego, California. His novel research has led to growing recognition within the medical and scientific communities, as well as the creation of occupational titles for Reverse Speech professionals through the US Department of Labor. His popular website ( contains hundreds of audio examples culled from client therapy sessions, political investigations, assessments of criminal personalities, and explorations into unexplained phenomena of science and personal discovery.
Within the sounds of normal speech, meaningful statements and phrases are embedded backwards. These expressions, called Speech Reversals, are located by playing recordings of human speech in reverse. Reversals portray relative honesty, motivation, and attitudes, as well as describing deep processes occurring within the personality.
In the case of UFO reports, the integrity of witness testimony is always under question. The potential for a hoax is enormous and great care must be taken to ensure that the report being given is based upon a solid foundation of truth. In these cases, relative honesty can be measured in terms of Congruity and Incongruity using Reverse Speech technology.
When a forwards statement is supported and supplemented by the contained speech reversal, this implies that the speaker is telling the truth; there is congruity. When the speech reversal contradicts or denies the forwards statement, this indicates a conflict within that person's communications and the necessity to reevaluate what they are really trying to say; a state of incongruity exists.
With the exception of the material from the astronomer and Air Force spokesperson, all of the reversals noted below were from telephone or police radio calls. Therefore, the audio quality is of a relatively low grade. Still, the reversals are prominent and are clear enough to document for further examination.
It is interesting to note that the public caller and the police officers portray a simplicity and straightforwardness in their communications. Their reversals are congruent with their forwards statements. In other words, they say what they are thinking.
The FAA tower operator, the astronomer, and the Air Force Captain, however, all speak in different shades of incongruity. The tower operator denies any sighting, however his reversal acknowledges that something of an unusual nature is taking place. Did he have a visual or radar sighting? He seems to feel a sense of responsibility, as if something had just been dumped "in his lap".
The astronomer, James McGaha, is humorous in the imagery of his reversal. He implies that while he and his contemporaries are busy looking out into the universe, there are others who are busy "looking in", and that they are somehow involved with the incident at hand. This reversal does not support his forwards claim that the officers were witnessing a star. A skeptic on the outside, he is apparently a "true believer" on the inside.
The Air Force spokesperson, Captain John Keytack, delivers the most unusual material in his reversals. They imply a very strong sense of involvement in the event, either as witness or participant. The rest of his material uses some very specific terms, such as "polymer", a chemical substance. I feel this represents awareness of an entire series of events, perhaps involving individuals from the Navy and a secret cargo. Somehow these all tie into the UFO sighting of which he strongly denies any involvement.
This brief inquiry answers some questions about the basic honesty of parties involved in the broadcast incident, however, it also opens the door to new potential lines of inquiry. Certainly, evaluating honesty is an important attribute of the Reverse Speech process. In the case of the Trumbull County UFO, we can be certain that at least some people are telling the truth!
Caller to 911 1) It (wasn't a slow rate was a fast rate but it was c)oming down. Reversal: We watch an unknown. / What a big bastard.
Officer in car 2) . . . moving east now on it. Reversal: Now I see it. Move.
FAA Tower Operator 3) (I don't see anything out there. Uh, noth)ing on the radar scope. Reversal: A non-earth thing in his lap.
Officer in car 4) (Just pulled off and there's definitely a s)tructure there. Reversal: I'll watch it. / Pattern. Real stripes.
Astronomer - James McGaha 5) (It's exactly identical to what) you would expect for a bright star . . . Reversal: They were looking in. They who cause this thing.
Air Force Representative - Captain John Keytack 6) There's no indication, evidence (or record of any kind that would indicate there were any experimental department of) defence aircraft operating here. Reversal: They ask can they do it. Nasty naval. Your cargo. / It involved a polymer.
7) . . . and what our in(volvement was. And there was) apparently none. Reversal: So, we're in it. So involve.
Note: RA files to support this document are available upon request.
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