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Filer's Files #33 8-15-2

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UFO SIGHTINGS INCREASE: Canadian Top Secret Memo claims UFOs are the most highly classified subject in US, NASA reports life existed on Mars in past, Asteroid flies by Earth on August 17. Strange Connecticut Square UFO, New York domed UFO, Pennsylvania sphere, Washington D.C. report, North Carolina flashes, Ohio flying pen, Arkansas daylight discs, New Mexico cylinder, California lights, Canadian UFOs, Mexican UFO flotilla, Argentina UFO takes cell phone, English UFO landing. German police chase UFO, Greek landing, Bulgaria three days of sightings, Nepal fireball, and Russian dog fight. Movie "Signs" about crop circles a box office hit. New Pictures Reveal 100,000 Galaxies in just a small area of the sky.


In North America, the best view of asteroid 2002 NY40 occurs after sunset on August 17, when it passes within 330,000 miles of Earth, slightly farther away than the moon. It should be visible with binoculars cruising past Vega, the brightest star in the summer skies. Most asteroids pose no threat to Earth. But they do contain valuable metals, minerals, and even water that we might tap in the future. 

The feasibility of knocking a potential rogue asteroid off course is undergoing studies with money from the European Space Agency (Esa). Deimos-Space a Spanish company is designing the mission and hopes its plans will convince Esa to give the go-ahead for a full scale test on a real asteroid. The company has come up with a plan, which it calls the Don Quixote mission, to launch a pair of probe spacecraft called Hidalgo and Sancho at a far off asteroid. One would hit the asteroid at extremely high speed, deflecting it slightly from its orbit. The other would observe the asteroid and make highly accurate measurements of what happened after the impact. The idea is that the mission would tell scientists how hard they would have to hit a real rogue asteroid heading for Earth in order to deflect it safely. Thanks to BBC News Online  


VERNON -- Tom Manna reports that at 11:20 PM on August 3, 2002, I saw a large object fly over heading northeast. It was about the size of a quarter held at arm's length. I live in a very quiet area, and this thing was totally silent. The blinking lights were white and red, with a steady blue. They were shaped in sort of a square pattern. Two whites blinking and two reds lower down with the blue steady lights toward the middle. Thanks to Tom Manna,


UTICA -- Peter Davenport reports he interviewed an exceptionally credible witness, a 42 year old nursing student with a previous B.S. in Home Economics who is also a cub scout leader who was driving on July 29, 2002, with her Army veteran husband and their 8 year old son at about 10:15 PM. Lighting strikes lit up the humid sky, when they witnessed two flashing lights on an object which was hovering above the road ahead. There was a green flashing light on the left, and the red flashing light on the right about 20 feet apart. The object simply hovered, and was absolutely silent. We had our windows down but we could not hear the roar of a plane or the whirring, buzzing sound of a helicopter. We immediately reported this sighting to the Marcy Substation of the New York State police. The dispatcher called our house later and stated the local police told her there were no other sightings reported and this was unlikely to have been a military maneuver since it was operating over a very densely populated area. The son saw a domed shape that was illuminated by lights behind it. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


NORTH HUNTINGDON TOWNSHIP -- Stan Gordon reports, three witnesses, a man, his wife, and a friend were standing in a parking lot on July 24,2002, involved in a long conversation. About 10 PM, the friend said, "Look behind you." They observed a small absolutely round and shiny bubble like object." The sphere was estimated to be the size of a tennis ball. While it gave the appearance of a bubble, "it was solid, in a way not like a bubble, there was thickness in the wall of the object." As they watched, the object floated past at less than ten feet. They could have reached out and grabbed it as the object continued slowly down the road "moving straight at six feet off the ground." There was no windl, yet this bubble zoomed on past us." It zigzagged left then right, and was halfway down the complex when they lost sight of it. The object did reflect light and there was no sound detected during the twenty-second observation. The witness who has a military background, stated, it gave him the impression that it was "a probe of some kind." Note: While reports of small spherical objects are not common, since the 1960's, Stan has recorded several that were very close to the observers, and range from several inches to a foot in diameter. Thanks to Stan Gordon PA UFO/Fortean Hotline: 724-838-7768


Researcher Kenny Young contacted Major Barry Venable, a Public Affairs officer with NORAD concerning the launch of two F-16s of the 113th ANG from Andrews AFB on July 26th against an unidentified radar track. She says, "To date, we have acknowledged that we scrambled fighters to investigate an unknown aircraft detected by radar. The unknown aircraft faded from our radar screens before the fighters arrived. The fighters investigated the area where the unknown radar track was located, detected no other suspicious activity or aircraft, and returned to base. At no point in their mission did the fighters "chase" anything. We did acknowledge that we did not know what aircraft caused the radar signature. "Any unknown air activity is potentially threatening-that's why we respond. Public discussion of these possibilities or our determination of actual cause does not serve the public interest. "We continue to assess over 400 other potentially threatening events since Sep 11-and will factor it into our overall threat evaluation. Despite the unfortunate publicity arising from the sensational yet unproven eyewitness account of "blue objects in the sky," NORAD is treating this event in the serious context of providing an effective air defense for North America." Thanks to Kenny Young


OUTER BANKS -- While on the beach at 9:50 PM, my brother-in-law saw a red light about a mile south of us on the coast line on July 23, 2002. About an hour later he saw the light again just southeast of us but closer. Fifteen minutes later we both saw a similar light northeast of us. After fifteen minutes, six of us saw the light for the final time at 21:50 PM, to the southeast with single red "flash." Then it split into two "flashes" then three "flashes." Each "flash," being it's own separate light and occurring for five to ten seconds over the Atlantic Ocean. We all looked for these lights the next two nights and didn't see anything however it was cloudy. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


YOUNGSTOWN --M. J. Ruben writes, "In Filer's Files #32 you reported a dramatic night sighting on Highway 84 on July 31, 2002. A young man witnessed a flash of light, followed by a sighting of an object that looked like a "fountain pen." The object streaked across the sky, stopped, and the truck ahead of the witness suddenly was no longer there! It sounds like a possible "abduction," a.k.a. interaction case. This UFO - Truck incident reminded me of a series of similar events that happened in Detroit in the late 1980s. I had the opportunity to discuss it with one of the witnesses. During rush hour traffic on I-275 (a major highway in the Detroit area), motorists would suddenly find themselves driving head-on into speeding traffic on the other side of the divided highway! People were so startled to see this, that it started making the evening news each time it happened. The "rest of the story" was told to me by a witness involved, who said a large semi-truck in front of him would not let him pass, causing him to think afterwards that perhaps this was a UFO! Like other motorists, he suddenly found himself driving on the other side of the divided highway head-on into oncoming, speeding traffic. To me, it sounded like highway abductions, with people and their cars put back down on the wrong side of the highway. The news never mentioned the suspected UFO involvement. Thanks to Marilyn Ruben, Alien Abduction Research


NORTH LITTLE ROCK -- The observers report seeing a saucer shaped object on July 27, 2002, that was silver chrome like with bright sunlight bouncing off of it. My adult daughter and I were heading west at 4:00 PM, when we both saw a hovering the disk above the tree line about a mile away. As we drove closer, we could see it more clearly and observed for a couple of minutes that it never moved, and just reflected the sun like a mirror would. Neither one of us has ever seen anything like that. 

POCAHONTAS -- The witness was awakened by a 2:30 AM phone call from his neighbor, asking him to look at this thing in the sky on July 28, 2002. He got his binoculars and observed, "The object moved west and would flicker green, blue and orange to the naked eye, but with my binoculars we could see that the top was blue, the center was orange and the bottom was green." With binoculars, we could see it was saucer shaped as it slowly moved westward. It was visible for about an hour before it left our sight heading west. It was my first UFO experience. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


ADDISON -- My brother-in-law called on July 29, 2002, to say there was a UFO sighting at around 9:30 PM, that was seen by a lot of people. It was round with a couple of different colored lights. It came down and hovered for a while before going straight up out of sight. One of the guys interviewed on the radio said he has never believed in UFO's and now he has seen one! Thanks to Peter Davenport


SOCORRO -- The observers stated, "It was a flying triangle to the best that we could determine on July 26, 2002, the lights fused together as one but were distinctly separate, like the sun and nearly overpowering to watch for very long. At 5:45 AM, just before sunrise the object just 'blinked out' and just slipped into another dimension without a trace. It flew vertical. "I have always thought they flew horizontal, but what we have seen both times indicate that these fly on a vertical plane as opposed to a horizontal axis. Similar objects were seen two days before. Thanks to Peter Davenport


Nora writes, "On August 7, 2002, I was outside and saw a bright red planet at 10:55 PM, so I went inside to get my glasses and binoculars so I could see it as clearly as possible. I came back out to look at that red planet, when I saw a UFO that flew an erratic pattern, left, then right, then left again. It flew all around the place -- taking huge amounts of space -- and intermittently flashed a very bright white light in a pattern, I've never seen before. It wasn't constant, or consistent, and I couldn't predict when it would flash again -- then it vanished. It was flying towards the west, but not low when it did. Thanks to Nora 


TELKWA/HOUSTON -- Brian Vike reports, "A retired teacher. her son and husband all watched a "HUGE" glowing white-yellowish object fly straight down the valley from their home. Smither's Interior Newspaper reports a major sighting took place from 10 to11 AM, on July 29, 2002, when nine witnesses in different locations watched a huge glowing object. A logging contractor said it looked like an oak barrel in shape and made of metal. Two projections stuckout from the center of the object. It was cruising faster than the small aircraft they see in the area. It flew along side the Smithers Airport heading southwest. It was darker in the middle and rotating in the center. Other witnesses saw something to the right of the airport flying in a southwesterly direction. The object was round in shape and silver (metallic) in color. While they were watching this object, it up and disappeared instantly. It would have been close to the size of a normal wall clock at an approximate distance of a kilometer and a half away. They figured it was going to crash into the ground, although no one had seen this take place. 

PENTICTON -- My friend, who lives downstairs was outside watching the sky on August 10, 2002 . He said that he saw fast moving lights, faster then a plane and stopping in mid air and dropping straight down and disappearing for a couple of seconds. They started zigzagging around in circles and eventually formed into a triangle. I joined him and we saw four lights at one point, which were flashing all sorts of colors. They would disappear and reappear but after a while they were gone. Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC.


MEXICO CITY -- On Sunday, July 21, 2002, at 7:10 PM, "Salvador Guerrero captured on video a small flotilla of seven gray barrel-shaped objects" as they were "flying over the eastern section of Mexico City." According to the report by Ufologist Ana Luisa Cid, Guerrero originally saw eight objects, but one darted away, and he was only able to catch the seven UFOs with his telephoto lens for a period of five minutes. Guerrero said. "The UFOs moved slowly in formation, three of them in a vertical line, and the remainder in a triangular formation." Thanks to Daniel Munoz NotiOVNI


JACINTO ARAUZ -- A rancher claims he was only a meter and a half away from a "flat, three-legged flying apparatus"- which left him immobilized. Raul Dorado, owner of a field says everything began with a noise similar to that of a "whirlwind" and he later saw a strange craft descend over him, whisking away his cellphone and leaving him momentarily speechless. "He recalls. "It was a dim green colored circumference--although in daylight, I wasn't able to note its luminosity. It had three legs and was barely a meter or meter and a half away from me," he maintained. "When I saw it, I felt something like an electrical charge and fell to the ground on my knees, paralyzed, unable to do anything, with my shotgun leaning on the ground," he continued, "I was also carrying binoculars and had a cell phone in my left hand, which was sucked up by the green circle." Senior officer Marcelo Alarcon in charge of the Jacinto Arauz Sheriff's Office said, "We placed calls that night to Raul's cell phone to see if anyone answered and on two tries, it would ring and then cut off, and on a third attempt, a sort of breathing could be heard, and then the sound of the keypad being dialed." Follow-up efforts -- indicated that the cell phone is either off or beyond the coverage area. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Translation (C) 2002. and Gloria Coluchi. .  


DEVON, CORNWALL -- Western Morning News reports strange lights in the sky were seen by a number of people that prompted a flurry of calls to a local radio station on August 3, 2002. BBC Radio Cornwall dealt with the inquiries after a woman from the Southeast rang the station to report seeing lights coming down in a field. The station's Laurence Reed said the call had attracted more than its fair share of interest. He said: "We had a call from a woman from the Camelford area who said that she had seen a UFO. Dr Robert Massey of the Greenwich Observatory in London , said he could not think of an astronomical explanation for the lights. "The planet Venus is visible quite low in the sky just after sunset and it's not likely to be the International Space Station - that only looks like a fairly slow-moving light which takes three or four minutes to go right across the sky." Thanks to FarShores


GOTHENBERG -- We were flying at 37,000 feet, on August 8, 2002, on a Ryan Air Flight over the North Sea at 13.30 hours when below us a white missile shaped object was flying the opposite direction at incredible speed clearing the horizon in about thirty seconds. The object left no trails and there were no signs of jet or rocket propulsion. Later we saw a conventional aircraft at the same altitude and in comparison this aircraft was moving at roughly fifty times slower than the previous object and was at least ten times smaller. Thanks to Ron Peploe and UFO UK News


LÜBECK -- Chief of Police Achim Kähler and his colleague Dirk Schöning were on night patrol, when they saw a bright light racing across the sky that at first they thought was an aircraft crashing. What was strange about it was that the fiery object flew on and at such speed that it could not be caught by the chasing police auto. "I saw a *circle of* red fire," said Salvatore Cairoli. The object flew apparently intelligent controlled towards Travemuende, before it turned off to the right and disappeared. The operations center immediately made inquiries with the air traffic control in Bremen and with the Air Base of the German Federal Armed Forces in Jagel about low-altitude flights -- but found nothing! Thanks to FarShores translation


CRIMEA -- Anton Anfalov says, "I would like to report that on July 31, 2002, at 22:15 PM, I saw a strange object that flashed a yellow light in the sky. Then I noticed strange dim yellow blinking light high up that flew south over the Crimean peninsula possibly in space. The object did not look like an ordinary satellite because of its constant blinking. It obviously wasn't any aircraft, most have white or red flashing lights, not yellow ones. Thanks to Anton Anfalov, Research Specialist for MUFON in Ukraine, UKUFAS (Ukrainian UFOlogical Association)


PRINI -- Aliens have landed on farmers' fields and are destroying the crops. A farmer from Koziakas region reports bizarre flying objects that landed in his field last week wreaked havoc with his wheat field. "A disc-shaped object appeared over my field, it was full of holes!" said Athanassos Tsioukas. The farmer confused by what he saw, rushed to the local coffee shop. "When we got back to the field the aliens had gone, but their machine had left markings in the soil, each as deep as 20 cm. My crops had been cut off." Farmer Apostolos Patramanis who owns the next the field is another witness of the landing. "Bright flashes light up the sky and then a huge object appeared and landed on Tsiokas's crops" he claims. The children said, they also saw the sky glistening above the village, when the object was landing. In recent years, growing numbers of UFO sightings have also been reported in Cyprus, Greece. Thanks to Sirius


KIRCAALI -- It has been reported that the residents of the Vizrojdentsi district have been witnessing a show by UFOs every night. The "Standart" daily newspaper published in Sofia, wrote that ongoing visits by UFOs for three days was first reported by 14-year-old youngster Anton Dimitrov. Anton describes the first UFO as a triangle-shaped bright red object. "Two other UFOs joined the first one making 8 or 10 circles in the sky and then disappeared over Kircaali Dam" he says. Thanks to Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center, Turkey


KATHMANDU [AFP] The Weekend Australian of August 11, 2002, reports, Many residents of Southwestern Nepal are living in fear after seeing a fireball swoop down from the sky to attack a woman two nights in a row. The Kathmandu Post quoted residents of Nepalgunj saying the UFO would target people sleeping on their terraces and roofs to escape the summer heat. "Sahim Khan, 55, was sleeping peacefully on her terrace when the fireball-like object flew towards her ready to attack her and when we rushed towards Khan's house, it disappeared instantly." Residents said the same ball of fire had come after Khan the night before. Superintendent of police, Gokarna Bahadur Pal, told the paper he had seen a red object in the sky but did not know what it was. Rumors were circulating in the town that a fireball killed a woman several days ago in a village in neighboring India. Thanks to: FarShores UFO News - 


SEROV -- Vickie York reports, "Hundreds of awestruck eyewitnesses watched in shock and disbelief as 36 UFOs waged a spectacular dogfight above a Russian air base!" The incredible aerial battle, which took place at about 5,000 feet, was seen by Russian air force officers and two visiting foreign journalists, from Poland and Latvia. "For twelve minutes, the sky was ablaze with rays fired from the battling starships," says Polish news reporter Igor Wroclawski, who was there to cover an air show. "Several of the craft that were hit appeared to be damaged by the rays and one of them caught fire and crashed into the mountains." The dogfight erupted at 2:05 AM on May 11, at the foothills of the Ural Mountains. Radar first detected two groups of massive objects entering Russian air space, and the base was put on full alert." "When I went outside some soldiers were pointing up in the sky," says Wroclawski. "I looked up and I could see dozens of saucer-shaped objects about 90 feet in diameter circling overhead." Within minutes of the initial radar sightings, the two sets of flying discs opened fire "The weapons were as deafening as thunder and they lit up the entire night sky," says Wroclawski." After twelve minutes, the UFOs took off to the south. The Russian government emphatically denies the report.


In the latest NASA study of a 4.5 billion-year-old Martian meteorite, researchers have presented new evidence confirming that 25 percent of the magnetic material in the meteorite was produced by ancient bacteria on Mars. These latest results were published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology. The researchers used six physical properties they refer to as the Magnetite Assay for Biogenicity (MAB) to compare all the magnetic material found in the ancient meteorite -- using the MAB as a biosignature. Magnetotactic bacteria, which occur in aquatic habitats on Earth, arrange magnetite crystals in chains within their cells to make compasses, which help the bacteria locate sources of food and energy. The fact that Mars Global Surveyor data suggest that early Mars had a magnetic field is consistent with a reason why Mars would have magnetotactic bacteria. "Our best working hypothesis is that early Mars supported the evolution of bacteria that share several traits with magnetotactic bacteria on Earth, most notably the MV-1 group," said Simon Clemett, a coauthor of the paper at Johnson Space Center. Mars has long been understood to provide the sources of light and chemical energy sufficient to support life, but in 2001 the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft observed magnetized stripes in the crust of Mars, which showed that a strong magnetic field existed in the planet's early history, about the same time as the carbonate containing the unique magnetites in ALH84001 was formed. In June, researchers using the Mars Odyssey spacecraft announced that they had found water ice under the surface of Mars. These attributes, coupled with a carbon dioxide-rich atmosphere, would have provided the necessary environment for the evolution of microbes similar to the fossils found in ALH84001. "We believe this latest study proves that the magnetites in ALH84001 can be best explained as the products of multiple biogenic and inorganic processes that operated on early Mars," Thanks to NASA

Editor's Note: These recent findings by NASA support my analysis of ancient monuments and fort like structures on Mars, that were likely built by an advanced civilization in the ancient past. 


"Signs" invaded theaters last weekend, setting box office records for star Mel Gibson and director M. Night Shyamalan. The story of extraterrestrials and crop circles captured $60.3 million the first week. It was by far the biggest debut for a film starring Gibson and/or Shyamalan, who directed 1999's The Sixth Sense. The crop circle phenomenon helped propel Signs, says Dick Cook, chairman of Walt Disney Studios. 

NANCY TALBOT CALLED TO ANNOUNCE A NEW CROP CIRCLE WEBSITE. I urge you to visit She just returned from Maine and is now working on Crop circles in New York and Idaho

HUBBLE TELESCOPE REVEALS 100,000 GALAXIES in a small area of the sky indicating there are more galaxies in our universe than previously thought. Recent discoveries of over 100 planets outside our own solar system indicate our galaxy alone should have about 100 million Earth like planets.

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