NIDS Special Report -
A Two Year Old Cow
Survives Animal Mutilation
On May 20, 2000 NIDS was alerted to a two year old Charolais cow which had been mutilated near Cuba New Mexico, three days previously but the animal had survived. The animal was recovering at a nearby veterinary clinic. On May 22, 2000 the NIDS veterinarian plus two NIDS investigators arrived to examine it. The animal,s left ear had been removed completely, its right ear was substantially removed and the animal,s lips appeared to have been injured or degraded. A search for needle marks was negative. Both veterinarians concurred that there was no evidence whatsoever that the animal had been attacked by predators or scavengers. Rather, they concurred that a sharp instrument had likely been used to remove the ears. Multiple blood samples, a small tissue biopsy and fecal samples were taken and analyzed.
The report on this unusual case can be found at { HYPERLINK "" }
The report includes photographs of the animal, plus the results of the analysis that was undertaken. It also contains a discussion on the likely methods used to immobilize the animal.

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