Aliens, UFOs - The Truth Is
By Dan Ahrens

The truth has always been out there.  Most people don't seem to look at the facts that have been right in front of them in our recorded history.  The truth is UFO's have been around longer than we have written history on them.  One of the most amazing cases is of course Roswell which if you have not lived your life in total seclusion you have most definitely heard about.  Common sense tells us that the government has lied not from day 1 but from day 2 on this case.  The biggest problem is that many people have bought in to the balloon explanation and dismissed it as "The government wouldn't lie about that."
Think for a moment that the government launched a top secret balloon with a tin foil and balsa wood reflector on it and it crashed in the New Mexico dessert.  Wow, aren't we lucky our government cleaned that mess up.  We would all be speaking Russian today if our cold war enemies had gotten there hands on that tin foil and balsa wood..."Give me a break".  Look at the facts. "They" say it was in our best interest for national security to cover this up for over 50 years.  Yet for many years the plans for building a nuclear device were available at your local library.  In recent years with the rise of the information age you can bring up the plans for a nuke by doing a simple search on the internet.  Crashes have been around for as long as UFO's have been around.  This tells us that these are machines, and like any machine they break down from time to time.
Alien abductions have been abundant in history also.  Sure they have many legends shrouded around them in history but they have been around.  Some even go as far as thinking these are demons visiting them.  This gets back to people not thinking on there own and looking at the facts.  The fact is that people are being abducted on a regular basis.  They are taken aboard a craft (which I don't think demons would require) and various experiments are performed on the victims.  Now you say it can be explained by sleep paralysis.  Not quite... Many cases are of dual abductions.  Both victims are paralyzed and both recall the same events at the same time, with the same details.  An epidemic of sleep paralysis, I don't think so.
Here is the most amazing facts on alien abductions.  Abductees describe the beings most often as being about 3 feet tall, grey with large eyes, and skinny bodies.  They are placed on some type of examining table and various instruments are used on the abductee seemingly to remove bodily fluids or skin samples from them, as well as other medical type examinations.  Here is the kicker...Most describe the same type of experience.  The table used is made "human size" not the size for a 3 foot being.  The instruments used are specifically designed for the examination of humans, not the aliens that are described.  This means that if you look at these facts rationally and logically, aliens have premeditated the act of abducting humans.  Why would they equip their ships with furniture and examination equipment for the sole use on humans?  Good question, but it does lead to a preconceived plan to come to our planet for the purpose of studying and examining humans.  If we ever conquer long term space travel and venture off to explore other worlds, ask yourself.. Would we have an examination room on board our ship for 3 foot grey beings with large eyes.  Not likely, we wouldn't know what we would encounter out there.  This brings us to a conclusion that:
1. These beings have a vested interest in us and have designed crafts and equipment for this sole purpose.
2. UFO's are machines and do occasionally malfunction causing a crash.
3. If you find a field full of balsa wood and tin foil, call the government immediately in the name of national security.
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