Worldwide International
UFO Research Day Coming June 24
From Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo

On June 24, 2001, International UFO Research Day will be held with the support of dozens of organizations from different countries.
The purpose of this event is to offer proper recognition to the efforts made by researchers in the evolution of Ufology as a serious and disciplined field of study. Many of these researchers, who largely remain anonymous, have devoted a considerable part of their lives and resources in sacrifice to the search for the truth about extraterrestrial life in our universe. Some of them have placed their reputations, their lives and their livelihoods in jeopardy. This is the day on which we choose to honor them.
June 24th was chosen as the date for this celebration due to the U.S. civilian aviatori Kenneth Arnold's life-changing experience on that day in 1947--an event which led him to describe the formation of objects he saw as "flying saucers", a term which acquired currency all over the world.
To this end, on the evening of June 23rd, beginning at 10:00 p.m. and running to 2:00 a.m. in the morning of June 24th, we shall celebrate a major UFO Alert jointly with Argentina's Project Condor. Thousands of people all over the planet will raise their eyes skyward in a common search for any unusual aerial phenomena as a sign of their support for this event.
All interested parties are invited to join this major event.
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The following lists the participating organizations to date:
Proyecto Condor - Argentina
Centro Estudios UFO - Argentina
Grupo Café - México
Ovnivision - Chile
Centro de Investigaciones Planetarias (CEINPLA) - Venezuela - Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican Research Group (PRRG) - Puerto Rico
Miami Ufo Center - USA
Calama UFO Center - Chile
SIB Betelgeuse - Spain
Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Alieligenas (CEIA) - Brazil
IPRI - Peru
JJ Benitez - Spain
Institute for Hispanic Ufology - USA
Misterio-AR - Argentina
Al Filo de la Realidad - Argentina
Alcione - Mexico
CEIA - Brazil
Presenzaliena - Italy
Extratrerrestresonline - Canary Islands
Operación Contacto - Mexico
OJIO - Mexico
MUFON Nuevo León - Mexico
TOC - Chile
Los Ovnis Proyecto de Investigación - Equador
El Dragón Invisible - Argentina
Contacto OVNI - Colombia
Diario Estrella del Loa - Chile
CEMCA - Puerto Rico
Enigma 13 -1230 AM - Mexico
CIELO - Argentina
ODEFO - Chile
Grupo Austral - Chile
ESIO - Chile
EBE-ET - Brazil
OVNIS Inc. - Puerto Rico
GIFAE - Mexico
FOC - Chile
AIFOC - Chile
EYE - Spain
GIFOR - Chile
SPOC - Brazil
NASAIC - Puerto Rico
VI Alerta Ovni de Malaga - Spain
Canal Ovni de Terra - Chile
CUA - Puerto Rico
Proyecto Orion - Venezuela
and others ...
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For more information please visit:
Dr. Virgilio Sánchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center Chupacabras

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