Norwegian Woman Watches UFO
Land On Her Lawn - Then Take Off
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Police in Helgeland, north central Norway, have been getting a rash of reported UFO sightings, while a woman in the northern town of Bodø insists a small flying object landed in her garden.
It's enough to spur images from the "War of the Worlds," and police chief Roar Tøgersen doesn't see any reason to doubt that people are describing what they actually saw.
Tøgersen says several more people have come forward after news reports carried the account of three people in the town of Mosjøen who dove for cover when they saw a low-flying, whirling object hurtle through the night skies.
"We also have several other witness observations of the same phenomenon in the same time frame on Sunday," Tøgersen said. He's been in contact with Norway's Department of Defense, but says they haven't made any observations of their own.
Other people have reported sightings of additional UFOs that apparently resemble small, brightly lit balls. While the larger object over Mosjøen emitted no noise whatsoever, Tøgersen says the smaller objects are reported to have made a hissing sound.
But the most remarkable reports came from the northern city of Bodø. There, a woman went out of her house to smoke a cigaratte. Suddenly, she says, a flying object landed on her lawn, stood there awhile, and then lifted off and flew away.
What's more, two other separate individuals reported the same sighting, at the same time, on Saturday evening. One of the two was driving his car when he spotted it flying over Vefsnfjorden, while another saw it while out on a veranda. Both reported that it was brightly lit.
Aftenposten's Norwegian reporter Frode Sætran
Aftenposten Interactive English Desk Nina Berglund
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