Scores of UFO
Enthusiasts Flock To
Nevada Desert To Witness
Planetary Alignment
GLENDALE, Calif (PRNewswire) - On May 5, 2000, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus will align with our planet, the sun and the moon for the first time in 6,000 years -- an astrological phenomenon that some believe will create a vortex in outer space and allow extraterrestrial life to visit earth. Psychics, astrologers, pyramid experts, prophesiers of the apocalypse and Nostradamus all predict that the extraordinary planet configuration will bring chaos to earth.
On the eve of this historic five-planet alignment, masses of UFO enthusiasts donning intergalactic costumes will converge upon the world-famous Little A'Le'Inn, located on the Extraterrestrial Highway (Highway 375), near the military's Groom Dry Lake base (known to conspiracy theorists as "Area 51"). To mark this historic event and celebrate the May 2 home video and DVD release of the $70 million hit comedy film Galaxy Quest, DreamWorks Home Entertainment will dedicate of the world's first alien beacon -- a giant flying saucer emitting a powerful beam of light into cosmos to welcome all inter-galactic and terrestrial visitors. DreamWorks also will host an alien costume contest awarding TV/VCR combos and cash to the winners, followed by a free outdoor screening of Galaxy Quest to entertain the crowds as they await the prophesized alien arrivals.
The Little A'Le'Inn, a quaint motel and restaurant 115 miles northwest of Las Vegas, has long been a mecca for UFO believers because of its close proximity to Groom Dry Lake Air Force Base. The highly secretive government installation is rumored to house alien remains from an alleged UFO crash that took place in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Since then, the area has developed mythical status and continues to draw crowds of UFO aficionados and conspiracy theorists from across the globe.
Galaxy Quest, the fun-filled and action-packed space ODD-yssey features a stellar cast including Tim Allen (Home Improvement, The Santa Clause), three-time Academy Award(R) nominee Sigourney Weaver (Aliens, A Map of the World), Alan Rickman (Die Hard, Sense and Sensibility), Tony Shalhoub (A Civil Action), Sam Rockwell (The Green Mile), Daryl Mitchell (Home Fries) and Enrico Colantoni (Stigmata).
They're not astronauts ... they only played them on TV.
For four adventurous years, "Commander Peter Quincy Taggart" (Tim Allen), "Doctor Lazarus" (Alan Rickman), and "Gwen DeMarco" (Sigourney Weaver) risked their lives on dangerous missions in space aboard the NSEA Protector -- until their series was cancelled. Twenty years later, the stars of Galaxy Quest are still on a mission, appearing at science fiction conventions for far-out fans. But when a group of aliens intercept the show's television transmissions and mistake them for "historical documents" they beam the crew into space to help them in their all-too-real war against a deadly adversary. Now, with no script, no director and no clue, the actors have to turn in the performances of their lives to become the heroes the Thermians believe them to be ... .
In keeping with the film's sharp wit, DreamWorks Home Entertainment is pushing the envelope with the Galaxy Quest DVD. In an intergalactic first, the Galaxy Quest DVD will boast a Thermian language track -- a dubbed and synched audio featuring the screeching language of the movie's friendly aliens. The DVD also features seven deleted scenes, over ten minutes of additional, hilarious footage, that further explore the characters and key scenes of the film. Also included is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the making of the movie, entitled "On Location In Space." The program is a fun backstage look at talent at work, as well as a glimpse at the technological advances and challenges involved in making the movie. Other DVD extras include the theatrical trailer, production notes, cast and crew bios, with all-new sound bites from the talent, and much more!
Galaxy Quest is directed by Dean Parisot ("Home Fries"), who won an Academy Award(R) for his short film "The Appointments of Dennis Jennings." The film is produced by Academy Award(R) winner Mark Johnson ("Rain Man") and Charles Newirth. The screenplay is by David Howard and Robert Gordon, from a story by David Howard. The executive producer is Elizabeth Cantillon, with Suzann Ellis and Sona Gourgouris serving as co-producers.
In honor of this intergalactic event, a group of GALAXY QUEST Thermians, one of the films' hilarious alien contingents, will be on hand to co-host the event with DreamWorks. The Thermians, who flew to Earth from the Klatu Nebula to recruit the unwitting cast of a hit sci-fi show from the 1970s in their desperate war against their arch rivals, will join Rachel, Nevada residents, Area 51 conspiracy theorists, UFO believers, astrologers, among others for a once-in-a-lifetime evening under the heavens.
DreamWorks SKG was formed in October 1994, by its three principal partners, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen -- as a single company to produce live-action motion pictures; animated feature films and television programs; network, syndicated and cable television programming; records; books; toys; consumer products and interactive entertainment.


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