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Over US, Korea & The Moon

George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #48 10-10-2

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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. This week's files investigate Moon - Photos Show Moving Objects, UFO Crash at Cape Girardeau, Missouri in 1941, New Jersey - Red Circular Object Passes Jet Airliner, Ohio - Half Circle Craft, FirstEnergy Blamed For East Coast Power Outage, and Photo of Two UFOs, Texas - Round Object Moving Very Slowly, Arizona - Three UFOs Escort New Arrivals, Nevada - Eight Objects With Green Lights, Idaho - Something Strange in the Night, California - Cigar Mothership Launching Ten Spheres, Oregon - Light Flares as It Passes Jet, Canada --Rectangular Shape, Blinking Lights, and Florescent Green Round Ball, Dominican Republic - Saucer Crashes?, Chile - Large Spherical UFO Buzzes Mechanics, England -Video of Moving Light, South Korea - Photo of ten Lights and Video of Mach 5 Craft, China - The Truth is Out There, and Australia - A Bright White Light With Purple/Blue Glow.
LORD HILL-NORTON, Admiral of the Fleet, former Chief of the Defense Staff, former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee states, "The evidence that there are objects which have been seen in our atmosphere, and even on terra firma, that cannot be accounted for either as man-made objects or as any physical force or effect known to our scientists seems to me to be overwhelming. . . There have been thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of sightings and encounters, physical results and of the latter, by people all over the world whose evidence on any other subject would be accepted without question."
Moon - Photos Show Moving Objects
SMETHWICK, WEST MIDLANDS, UNITED KINGDOM - Dan Bright received photos of two objects moving across the moon. The photographer states,
"My son and I were taking photos of mars and the moon on August 16, 2003, 9 PM, using a Kodak digital camera held free hand to the eyepiece of my 4.5 inch reflector telescope. My son was bringing the moon into view when he noticed an object moving across the lunar disk. He quickly photographed it. We were surprised to find that when we downloaded the pictures to my computer, that we had captured the object showing what looks like a shadow on the surface of the moon. Could this object be a known or unknown near earth asteroid?" Thanks to Editor: Dan Bright, see photos:
UFO - Crash at Cape Girardeau, Missouri in 1941.
CAPE GIRARDEAU - Hal McKenzie COSMICTRIBUNE.COM writes, "A UFO crash and retrieval of debris and bodies reportedly took place in the spring of 1941 at Cape Girardeau, Missouri. At last weekend's UFO Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas, Ryan S. Wood presented eyewitness testimony backed up by newly released intelligence documents that support the reality of the case. The primary witness is Charlette Mann, who says her grandfather, the Rev. William Huffman, was called on the scene to "bless" three dead non-human occupants of a crashed saucer. Mann's testimony first appeared in Leo Stringfield's book "Crash Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum, Status Report VI." Mann recounts the 1984, deathbed confession of her grandmother who said her husband on an early spring night arrived at the site 13 miles outside Cape Girardeau authorities had already gathered. He was asked to provide blessings to the three dead non-human occupants of the craft. Wood later met Ms. Mann and videotaped her testimony, which was shown at the conference. In Charlette's own words, as recorded by Wood for an upcoming television documentary, she said she had seen a photograph of one of the dead aliens that had been handed down in her family. "I saw that (picture) and asked my grandmother at a later time. She was at my home fatally ill with cancer so we had a frank discussion.
Rev. Huffman described a metallic saucer, no seams, that had broken open in one portion, and had a small metal chair, gauges and dials and things he had never seen. However, what impressed him most was around the inside there were inscriptions and hieroglyphic writing. There were three non-human entities lying on the ground. Two were just outside the saucer, and a third one was further out. As I recall from the picture I saw, he was about four feet tall, appeared to have no bone structure, soft looking. He had a suit on that looked like crinkled, soft aluminum foil. I recall it had very long hands, very long fingers. The picture came down to Guy Huffman, Charlette's father, who gave it to a photographer friend of his named Walter Fisk around 1954. " Direct mention of the 1941 case is made in the MAJIC Eyes Only presidential briefing of Sept. 21, 1947, which reads, "This conclusion was reached as a result of comparisons of artifacts from the Missouri discovery of 1941. The technology is outside the scope of US science." Documents can be viewed at Wood's <>
The Majestic Documents website. <> 720-887-8171
New Jersey - Red Circular Object Passes Jet Airliner
The witness states: "I was flying on November 23, 2003, from Dayton, Ohio to New York, (LGA) and we were descending over New Jersey at 2 PM in an Embrajer-145, 50 seat jet, operated by US Airways Express, Chautauqua Airlines. Fifteen minutes from landing, we were slowing down, then speeding up, when I looked out the window, and I saw this red circular object pass to the side of us very quickly, then ascend with a lot of speed. It was traveling very fast, and what caught my eye was the shape. It was definitely circular and a bright reddish color. It disappeared from view rapidly. I've never seen anything that shape in the air before, and from an airplane, I really got a pretty good look at it, unlike the view one would get from the ground. It also moved with its own power. It descended rapidly in a jerky weird way, not the fluid way a normal airplane would travel. I am 36 yrs old and the object did not behave like or look like any aircraft that I have ever seen. Thanks to B J Booth at UFO Casebook
Ohio - Half Circle Craft and FirstEnergy Blamed For East Coast Power Outage
SOLON - A cream or light tan colored half circle craft was spotted over the Richmond and Aurora Road Intersection east of Cleveland on October 30, 2003, at 4 PM. The witness states, "I was a passenger in a car when I noticed something slowly gliding across the sky straight ahead. It was about 100 feet above the trees on the west side of Richmond Road going approximately 15 mph and went behind the trees. I did not see it after that. It was close enough to see that it was not a helicopter (no propellers visible). It was also not a blimp (no motor on underside, no markings). Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Ohio - FirstEnergy Blamed For East Coast Power Outage
The report by a U.S.-Canadian task force said the FirstEnergy operators did not respond properly, allowing the August 14 outage to cascade, eventually cutting off electricity to 50 million people in eight states and Canada. The task force report cites the failure of a FirstEnergy line near Cleveland, followed by problems with two of its other lines, as the ''initial events'' of the blackout. The task force also cited outdated procedures and shortcomings at a regional grid monitoring center in Indiana that kept officials there from grasping the emerging danger and helping FirstEnergy deal with it. ''This blackout was largely preventable,'' Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham said. The task force said it found ''no computer viruses or any sort of illicit cyber activities'' to blame. It also concluded that there was no deliberate damage or tampering with equipment associated with the outage. Among the faults found at FirstEnergy, however, was a simple failure to keep trees around power lines trimmed.
Editor's Note: I suggest that UFOs were more likely the cause of the failure than failure to keep trees trimmed.
FOSTORIA - George Ritter continues to take video daily of UFOs less than a mile from large power lines not far from the area where the blackout began. UFOs are regularly seen hovering over power lines. Forty UFOs were videotaped in a two-hour period. Aircraft, birds and insects are also seen on the videotapes and these take up a dozen or more frames on the tape, while the UFOs seldom are seen on more than one or two frames of the video. There are thirty frames per second on the videotape indicating the UFOs are moving at well over a thousand miles per hour. Here is a still image of two UFOs moving at high speed near high power lines.
Thanks to George Ritter
Texas - Round Object Moving Very Slowly
EL PASO -- The witness was going out to the payphone at 9:30 this morning on November 4, 2003 at 10:52 PM, and noticed something shining in the sky. I called my son over to see it. He could and I kept my eye on it. Then, I noticed another plane that was leaving a trail, while the first object had no trail, even though it was a cold morning. When the glare was off it, it appeared round. When I got back to my door it disappeared. Shortly after this thing was gone,NASA's planes started flying around. We have a small NASA training center here and they have those zero gravity training jets and a couple of what look like F-15 jets camoflauged in light blues. These are the ones I saw flying around right after that thing disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport
Arizona - Three UFOs Escort New Arrivals
Scott Heckman writes, "I am always watching for UFOs. Unfortunately, I have changed my residence to where I do not have the panorama that I once did while living on Turquoise Mountain 33 miles north of Bisbee in a ghost town area called Courtland." There are still unknown craft that fly nightly from New Mexico heading west through the Chiricauha Mountains that take up positions in the Dragoon Mountains. There are three craft that operate as pilot craft that assist newly arriving craft, piloting them into high remote canyons in the Dragoons. Some the of the new arrivals will remain for about 20 minutes before continuing onto the Roosevelt Lake area, then on to the Tonto Basin northeast of Phoenix. I have followed them to these locations. Some of the crafts fly carefully at low altitudes towards Ft. Huachuca on the US/Mexican border.
This evening at dusk, I saw a brilliant light descending in a floating manner to a location just across the San Pedro River. Its path was about a 20-degree descent; traveling about 200 mph before it disappeared below the tree line. My present location is seven and a half miles from the US/Mexican border on the west bank of the San Pedro River. I am situated in a sort of depression. My view of the sky is excellent except for the fact that I cannot see low-level flights to the east because of the cottonwoods on the river. Most every evening I see anomalous lights at tree top level, which fly towards the Ft. Huachuca, then disappear when approaching the restricted airspace near the fort. Frequently, I see three or more crafts with orange glowing lights or blue-white strobes that flash intermittently when approaching from the east towards the fort. It is not infrequent that F-16's are scrambled by the military, which pursue the unknown vessels back towards the mountains to the east and south back into Mexico air space. The location where I live is a militarized zone because of the intensity of the illegal migrant traffic, i.e., drug and smuggling. We have US Border Patrol (Office of Homeland Security) NSA, DOD, Marines, Customs, and US Army all assisting in the border's security. There is so much air activity including DEA black helicopters that many times it is hard to tell what is what, unless I travel to the Dragoon Mountains to watch the activity. The altitude affords me the opportunity to view hundreds of square miles of airspace. On nights when it is really windy the choppers cannot negotiate the peaks of the mountains. Yet, I can set up camp in the remote canyons and ridges to watch these unknown vessels fly where no choppers or conventional air craft can fly and watch all these strange unknowns enter the air space in the canyons and ridges with no problem at all. They kind of float around and descend into the remote canyons hidden from view. Despite the heavy winds that buffet them. Thanks to Scott Heckman.
TUCSON -- On November 4, 2003, at 2:30 AM, three lights about 120,000 feet, 160 degrees SE of Tucson looking similar to stars, moving closer than further away, back and forth for the duration of about 30-35 minutes and then suddenly dimmed and disappeared.
Colorado - Boomerang Shaped Object Moving Slowly.
COLORADO SPRINGS -- On the evening of November 8, 2003, a couple was watching the lunar eclipse when it was nearly complete with just a sliver left of regular lunar reflection, around 6:40 PM. The wife is a former teacher and the husband is a business owner say, "We both saw the boomerang shaped object in the lower right-hand quadrant of the moon that was moving in a slight arch downward and out of the moon's light. It took at least a minute to traverse this space. The boomerang was one-sixths the moon's diameter. It could have been anywhere in our upper atmosphere or in the space between the moon and ourselves as we viewed. The outline of the dark object was fuzzier rather than starkly defined. After at least a full minute of viewing as the object moved extremely slowly, it disappeared into the surrounding blackness of the night sky. Our atmospheric conditions on that night were absolutely crystal clear and we are located at above 7,000 ft. altitude. The lines were diffuse around the edges of the object and the shape of the object so consistently formed we doubt an owl could have produced such an image. Could it have been a plane? No, unless our government is working on a new class of secret boomeranged shaped craft." Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Idaho - Something Strange in the Night
MARSING - There was a strange flash in the sky on November 4, 2003, at 10:52 PM. The eyewittnesses report, "While sitting in living room talking about the bible, a brilliant flash came through the windows, we ran outside seeing meteoroids shooting up from the south." We saw a weird wide cloud forming in the south as the full moon lighted the scene. About 5 minutes later there was a screeching sound that awakened the wild birds, causing them to start squawking in the night. There was a long period of rippling of the ground and several minutes later a low thick cloud was seen flowing down the hills from the south and we could smell odor of burned grass or brush. I know it sounds weird but we were totally sober and straight. Thanks to Peter Davenport
Nevada - Eight Objects With Green Lights
LAS VEGAS -- On November 10, 2003, at 12:45 PM, two women were going up the escalator at the New York New York Casino looking at the eastern sky. They saw an uneven formation of tightly packed green lights in the sky traveling south. I then told my sister-in-law to observe that one of the green lights was breaking away at a higher rate of speed. Two others also broke away. We then saw an aircraft in pursuit. The green lights were vanishing in the distance and eventually disappeared into the low clouds. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>
California - Cigar Mothership Launching Ten Spheres
MADELEINE -- Debbie D'Amico writes, "I have a couple of good friends who 1992 and 1999 lived in a small town which is close to Likely, California and about a 30 minute Cessna flight's distance from the famed Area 51. One told me folks in this little town have seen grayish, metallic, cigar shaped craft that are reflective of moonlight and are about the size of a C-51 military aircraft. Using his telescope he saw a cigar craft after dark when there was a relatively full moon that emitted a very low whining sound. It was just outside our atmosphere going about its 'business' as our sun reflected on its surface.
On another occasion with a relatively full moon at about 2:30 AM, as he went to his outhouse he saw another larger craft that he judged to be about 15 miles away. The cigar was the size of a very small town and in the darkness it released ten small sphere type vehicles that would probably accommodate one human sized operator. These vehicles spread out as if they were sent to explore. He says, "These UFO's do not match most of the generic descriptions and he is unsure as to whether or not they are extraterrestrial in origin or part of U.S. Top Secret operations."
There's even a rather well known story of an elderly woman who for years was known to relate stories of being abducted and whom was found at different times in the years before her death wandering several more miles than chance would allow without a car to drive!
One of my friends had several unique UFO sightings during the Vietnam War on an LSD-31 the U.S.S. Point Defiance and in California. One night they were out in the ocean while on their way to Vietnam silently moving along when he as the Captain's personal driver, assistant and boson's mate, the Captain and several others were on the top deck with some gazing at the night sky. All of a sudden there was this dark shadow hanging over and beyond the ship and a bright all enveloping beam of light literally came down as if to observe and then most strangely as if light had matter like a curtain, lifted itself back into the large dark mass that then throttled upwards with very little sound. All on the top deck were in awe; some became ill and actually became incontinent from fright. My friend, standing next to Captain Goiter was more curious than anything and just turned speechless to the Captain along with a few others. The Captain said 'Officially I'm not supposed to tell you boys what that was but I think we all know what we saw was some unknown type of spacecraft.' He related that he had witnessed things like this before and so have many other sailors and that it is nothing to be too alarmed about and probably best just to 'keep it to yourself' since most folks would not believe it. Those who start websites such as this one or which feature volunteers with solid credentials and first hand experience of these things are the beginnings of the understanding that we are not alone. Thanks to Debbie D'Amico
Oregon - Light Flares as It Passes Jet
NEWPORT -- This object was on the South Beach area near the airport on November 7, 2003, at 8 PM, and was partially behind a hill, so I wasn't able to get a view of the whole thing. It was very big. It's hard to tell because of the distance away. It was at least 150 to 200 yards long. The object had two triangular points on each end and was connected by a straight piece. The object was very,very bright. The whole thing was lit up there. There were no spaces in the object that I could see. A white light circled the object through the middle. It moved up and down very slowly behind the hill just sitting there, then a coast guard helicopter flew over to the object and started circling around it, then the lights on the object went out instantly. Thanks to Peter Davenport
MEDFORD -- Lyn writes, "On the evening of October 26th I went outside between 6:30 and 7:00 and saw what appeared to be a satellite flying south at the altitude of a plane." Just after it passed by an airplane going in the opposite direction it flared up to a brighter and bigger white light, even larger than Mars. Then, just as suddenly, it dimmed down and kept going in the same direction. There were no blinking lights. I have never seen satellites brighten up that much. Thanks to Lyn.
Canada --Rectangular Shape, Blinking Lights, and Florescent Green Ball
LONDON - On November 8, 2003, a couple was outside watching the lunar eclipse, when a large cloud was moving in just prior to the total eclipse at 8:42 PM. The witness states, "I saw what I thought was a large bird fluttering down from the cloud and followed it as it slowed." It was very bright, a rectangular shape, like a row of white vanity lights over a bathroom mirror. My partner counted two sets of three lights. There was some sort of rod sticking out the front. My partner called to me to see if I was watching and exclaiming, "It seems almost to sense us." It then flew away very fast and very smooth. It headed south and then curved west. It seemed to change shape and texture when it curved and became almost translucent and plastic-like but maintained its rectangular shape. It just disappeared. It seemed to suck in the sound around us, as the entire event was very very quiet. More quiet than quiet.
DUNCAN B.C. -- Mike Malones Duncan reports, "I saw a blinking red, blue, and white light at 1:15 AM." He looked through binoculars and saw a huge dish shaped object right above a star. "We watched it for 50 minutes, it seemed to pulse out light bursts and almost glow. It did not move fast or erratic in any way. It was low in the sky and eventually we lost sight of it over the mountain." Thanks to
KELOWNA, BC -- A witness called Brian Vike the Director of HBCC UFO Research and reported seeing more bright green lights very low in the sky and traveling in a straight line for a short distance in about eight seconds on November 12, 2003. They made a slight change in direction heading to the north at 11:45 PM. It was flying low and it was so very bright that he thought it was very odd looking.
VERNON, BC - On November 15, 2003, a lady was watching television when something bright caught her attention at 9 PM. She reports seeing a large bright florescent green colored round ball of light traveling horizontally southwest across the sky. She observed the object for five seconds before she lost sight of it. There was a low cloud ceiling and the green object was well below it. She said that it was very large and at arm's length, it would have filled her whole thumb. Thanks to Brian Vike, 1 866 262 1989 - Free call.
Dominican Republic - Saucer Crashes?
Hundreds claim to have seen a UFO go down in the rain forests of the Diego de Ocampo Mountain, located near the Caribbean country's northern coastline. "The object was seen from Santiago by cameraman Noendi Valerio of Channel 25 TV, who recorded the beam of light from his home. In Navarette, several residents claimed having seen the column of smoke given off by the alleged spaceship," when it crashed on Wednesday, November 5, 2003. The Civil Aeronautics Accident Investigation Board is continuing to search the impenetrable mountains near Paradero where the accident supposedly occurred. They believe it could have been an agricultural aircraft, however, no one has reported an accident. Participating in the search-and-rescue operations are members of all of the Dominican state's security organizations. Bad weather and impenetrable vegetation has also kept searchers from continuing the search.
Residents of Gajo Alto, at the highest point of the mountain, claim having seen the beam of light but did not hear any detonation. Radar's did not pick up anything and Ramon Caceres, scientific advisor to the city's Astronomy Club stated, "There is no palpable evidence to affirm that a UFO is involved, it is nonetheless acceptable as a possibility in the scientific world to say that it was an aerolith or a UFO." Not long ago, a group of youngsters attending the Astronomy Club's meeting claimed having seen a red-hued ball emerging from the Diego de Ocampo Mountain's peak. Dominican newspaper El Nacional of Nov. 7, 2003. Thanks to Scott Corrales and Gloria Coluchi.
Chile - Large Spherical UFO Buzzes Mechanics
SUSQUES -- A team of three mechanics from Salta, who had ventured out to rescue a minibus belonging to a Canadian scientific expedition on the Chilean side of the Andean region bordering the provinces of Salta and Jujuy, had an unexpected brush with the unusual: an unidentified flying object (UFO) of considerable size, and having an "impressive white luminosity" followed them for ver two hours on a straight road that links the communities of Susques and Punamarca through the international Jama Pass. "I'd never been so scared. That thing didn't belong to this world. It moved at an impossible speed and at one point came so close to us we thought it would collide," said Raul Eduardo Oviedo Tomas of the "Forani" mechanic shop in Salta. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology
England -Video of Moving Light
LEYLAND, LANCASHIRE - The videographer Martin H. has sent a very impressive film to the UFO Casebook and their field investigator has found him to be an honest and sincere man who is not attempting to perpetuate a hoax. The film was made between 16:15 and 17:05 hours on November 16, 2003, and is 8 minutes, 13 seconds long. A sample clip of film and a still frame grab is available for study. Martin H states, "I decided to have a look at the early evening sky, camcorder at ready just in case. At about 16:15, I first spotted the unknown object quite a way off in the distance (through binoculars and spotting scope). It took me around 20 minutes before I could zoom in with the camcorder to start filming. The sky was quite clear with just a few wispy clouds here and there. The distance is quite difficult to judge but I would say that the object is possibly around 10 to 15 miles away. I couldn't hear any sound from the object. The object disappeared behind a cloud at around 17:05. Thanks to Martin and B J Booth, UFO Casebook
South Korea - Photo of ten Lights and Video of Mach 5 Craft
SEOKCHO - According to the Donga Daily, a UFO was spotted above the port area at 6:50 PM on September 17, 2003. The UFO consisted of brightly lit objects. According to employees at Seokcho City Hall, six lights appeared and then split into ten separate lights above the port. The lights reportedly stayed in the area for approximately 30 minutes. [photo: Yonhap News]
KYEONG KI DO KAYPYEONG --Yesterday, I received a videotape from Korea of a high-speed craft operating at exceptionally high altitude generally heading north. Their flight path would likely fly over North Korea at speeds estimated to be over 3000 mph. The flights occurred like clockwork about 8 AM on a weekly basis. It is doubtful these are any known aircraft due to the exceptionally heavy contrails produced and the rocket like engines. There were steady glowing lights at the nose of the craft apparently caused by friction at exceptionally high speed. The craft appeared to be a streamlined version of the SR-71. Thanks to Harm Myeonng in Korea.
CHINA: "The Truth is Out There"
La Voz de Galicia Spanish newspaper writes, "Half of the Chinese population believes in the existence of UFOs according to the results of a survey made known by the Outer Space Investigation Organization." According to UFO expert Sun Shili, a professor at Wuhan University, this high number of believers in the existence of UFOs is closely linked to the growing popularity of "the paranormal" among the Chinese. China is the country boasting the largest number of UFO enthusiast organizations in the world, adding to this the fact that "UFO" magazine, published by the OSIO, sells more than 400,000 copies a month.
Up until the reform and openness process spearheaded by Deng Xiaoping in the late '70s, the Chinese government and people believed that UFOs were spyplanes sent from the USA, the scourge of Communism. Currently one out of every five UFO sightings takes place in China "Extraterrestrials are becoming interested in China, as they were interested in the USA during the 1950s," notes Sun, when explaining the large number of sightings in recent years. The most spectacular sighting occurred in 1998, when a Chinese fighter played a game of cat-and-mouse with an alleged UFO for over 30 minutes near the Changzhou military facility in Xiangsu Province. The pilot, who described the object as a flying saucer straight out of a Hollywood sci-fi flick, was denied permission to open fire. Over 100 onlookers witnessed the event. Translation (C) 2003. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology
Australia - A Bright White Light With Purple/Blue Glow
ADELAIDE - The witness reports seeing a bright light in the sky that was stationary but bigger than the planets on November 4, 2003 at 10:52 PM. It brightened very quickly and increased in size to about 3/4 of a full moon. It was so bright that it lit up the houses below. I looked through binoculars and saw a very bright circle with a purple/blue outer glow. I, then, just watched it with my eyes from my backyard. It got smaller and bigger a couple of times then it stayed small and slowly started moving, increasing in speed, then was gone behind a hill.
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