Man Abducted In Brazil -
Amazing Photos Of Scene
By Felipe Castelo Branco
Note - All Photos And Text Copyright 2002-03 Felipe Castelo Branco
All Rights Reserved. May Not Be Reproduced
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Hello Jeff....I would like to share a couple of photos of the traces found after an abduction took place in a farm house near the city of Campo Grande, about 1300 kilometers nothwest of Rio de Janeiro. The event was witnessed by 28 people present in the farm (I was there as well), who saw the big "disc of light" (maybe 50 meters in diameter) hover silently above the house about 100 meters high... then the disc shot down a blueish beam of light on the house and "abducted" a man who was lying on his bed. This was around 8:00 pm and when we broke in the bedroom, there was this intense ozone smell. We were all very amazed to have witnessed such a phenomena. The man who was abducted returned after 48 hours and had a lot to say about his experience (it was his 3rd abduction). Our group has been studying the UFO phenomena in this area for the past 6 years.
Whilst the abduction was taking place, several disc shaped stones fell from the sky
(at least it looked like they fell from the sky...or simply materialized there).

Identical Stones Found On SoCal Islands
From Pat Fish


Regarding the photos of stones in Brazil on

Identical stones were once commonly found all over the Channel Islands, and I have a dozen in my possession that I bought from an old fisherman who picked them up on San Nicholas in the 1930's. They look pretty much identical. He told me the Chumash indians thought of them as good luck stones, and he thought they were droplets of volcanic lava that had swirled into stones as they hit the sea.

Whatever they are the resemblance to these stones that accompanied the abduction in Brazil is exact. I bet the Natural History Museum has a lot of them.



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