UFO Sightings Expected To Increase

George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #11 3-12-3

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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. This report includes a wave of UFOs in the northeast, a prediction of a UFO wave and a New Hampshire UFO chased, Connecticut flashing lights, Massachusetts oval craft, New Jersey giant hang glider and cylinder, Maryland abduction, North Carolina egg, Georgia object with lights spinning, Alabama floating bell, Illinois cylinders flies over at 300 feet, California circles split, Oregon abductions, Washington UFOs over Navy Bases, Canadian disc sightings remain high, Strange red light in Alaska, Argentina chevron, English cone flies over at 300 feet altitude, Scotland fireflies, and Netherlands maneuvering light changes color. How to stay younger.
BOW, New Hampshire - If you see little green men on St. Patrick's Day, they're more likely to be extraterrestrials than leprechauns. At least that's the prediction of UFO researcher Donald Johnson, Ph.D., who claims there will be a rash of sightings starting Saturday, March 15, peaking March 25 and lasting throughout spring. He says 47 years of UFO research in his UFOCAT files suggest that sightings seem to happen on a 42-day cycle and peak every 61 months. Places like Denmark, Japan and Australia will get busy while, San Diego; Columbia, Missouri; and Brownsville, Texas, will be the hot spots in the US.  Johnson is asking anyone who sees a UFO to photograph it and send it to the Center for UFO Studies for analysis. Thanks to Don Johnson, ufocat@CUFOS.ORG
NASHUA NH.-- The witness walks his dogs every morning before work around five o'clock and often sees a satellite or two, traveling a straight and steady path. On February 27, 2003, I was amazed to see two objects traveling one behind the other, a good distance apart, at a low altitude. There was no sound that I could detect and the objects maintained a steady glow -- with no blinking lights. Above the objects and around the objects, at a much higher altitude were twelve other objects that I thought were Air Force jets. They maneuvered like jets and had blinking lights that pulsated regularly. The jets seemed to be circling the two other objects, but keeping a distance. I watched this spectacle for about four minutes until they disappeared.  Before I saw this spectacle, the lights on the interior of my locked car were on when I was at the top of my stairway with my two dogs. As I walked down the stairs, towards the car, the lights went out. I believe that the two objects passing over my house may have been responsible for the lights malfunction. Thanks to: Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
FARMINGTON -- The witness states that on February 28, 2003, "We were ice skating at about 8:30 PM, when we noticed three lights, white, red and white flashing about every second in a rotating circle pattern. It seemed to be in a circle but we couldn't see the outline of the craft. There was no sound as it moved about the speed of a small plane but in an erratic curve path across the sky. <>NUFORC
HAUPPAUGE, Long Island -- On Thursday evening February 20, 2003, at about 9:00 PM,  my girl friend and I were chatting in the car with her head on my lap, looking up at me and out the window. She suddenly asks me "What's that? Then she started pointing directly overhead at moving stars. I got out of the car and noticed three star like objects for thirty seconds moving in the sky. They were just as bright as the other stars in the sky, traveling in a triangular pattern. There was one in the front and two in the back in a triangular shaped pattern. It was moving slow enough to see for over a minute and the one on the left side moved diagonaly towards the leading light. It almost touched then went back to it's original position. Twenty seconds later the objects were at about a 60 degree angle, when I started noticing two other fainter lights appearing along side the two brighter lights on the sides. Now the objects were at about a 45 degree angle heading north. There were a total of 5 or 6 lights visible, when the original three lights started to dim as the other lights became brighter, then they all started to fade one by one at 9:32 PM. My girl friend saw eight lights overhead initially. Thanks to: Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
Todd writes, I read in Filer's Files #9 about a large kite/hang glider in Kenilworth, New Jersey. The dimensions of the kite as described struck a chord with me since I'm an avid kite flier and have large kites. The kite as described sounds like a kite I own that is approximately 19.5" feet across by ten feet high. It has an articulated Easton Carbon fiber frame and is capable of producing some very prodigious lift if the wind is moving. The Great Big Kite (GBK) was designed for aerial photography or doing stunts and can be flown as a single line kite. I'm sure prodigious altitude could be attained. The description of the story makes it sound as if the thing was a self-propelled steerable hang-glider contraption that could go much farther than 250 feet away from the person flying it. I can't imagine what the structure underneath the kite was but maybe it was a lightweight sheath (neoprene) for all weather aerial photos? The following large jpeg ( is a picture of me flying a Colossal Kiteworks. Thanks to Todd
SILVER SPRING -- The witness states, "This is the truth though scary." I was in my room grading my students papers at 12 PM, on February 20, 2003, when I noticed a bright light outside, so I went out to look and felt a warm sensation come over my body. The next thing I can remember is being alone on a cold hard table with people in Doctor like masks above me. I can swear they were at least 8 feet tall. They were slimy. I knew this because they touched me in places I'd rather not share. They stuck a needle in me but for some reason I felt no pain. In the back ground there were more people that appeared to be the female versions of the people. The people talked in a foreign language that I could not be understand because it was a series of clicks and mumbled speech. The room grew cold and I felt something being pulled out of me. My appendix I believe. Then I was knocked out once again. I woke up right where this adventure had started. I thought it to be a dream but then I felt the scar on my side. It looked as if someone had split me open with a machete. It was stitched closed as if a surgeon had performed the strange operation." (( <>NUFORC Note: We have inquired whether the witness would be willing to have the scar examined and investigated. PD)) Thanks to: Peter Davenport
SANFORD -- On February 14, 2003, the witness reports, "My cousin and I were coming from a dance when I saw a big white bright light in the sky that looked like a car light. My cousin said she saw it, too, so I began to slow down and rolled down my car window. It was shaped like an egg or oval with a light on top shining upward. When I stopped the light went out and many little lights came on in red, blue, green yellow, and white. They started to blink then fade in and out. Even with the lights out, I could still see the big shape in the sky for about ten minutes even though it was raining just a little. This is my second time seeing an UFO. Thanks to: Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
DALLAS -- The witness happened to look out his window at 2:00 AM, on February 23, 2003, and saw an unusually bright star in the western sky. This one appeared to have been spinning with red, yellow, blue, and white colors. I called my husband and he came and thought it was a star. We both went out side with a video camera and taped it. All of the dogs were barking as it was the only object in the sky and it hovered for about fifteen minutes. Thanks to: Peter Davenport.
HILLSBORO -- On February 13, 2003, we were driving along a dirt road in the middle of cotton fields for a joy ride and observed an orange glow behind us following at a distance. Our headlights were dimming by themselves, and the car felt like it was held to the ground by a magnet and didn't want to move. We turned around at 10 PM, and affirmed that there was no light source that we could see. We turned around and after a few seconds the orange glow was again following us. In the meantime, we saw a circle from the ground which encircled our view of the moon. There were thick wispy clouds blowing in quickly. We went around a curve in the road and my friend said, "Oh my God, look at this, you're missing it! I jumped out of the car.  Flying fifty yards away and descending to the height of the treetops was a bell shaped object completely covered in round white lights, separate but close together. The light was a pure white with the effect of silver mixed in. The object floated slowing just beneath the treetop, and then started ascending.  It flew off to the right across the trees toward Highway 20. The object wobbled as hovered and started ascending. The object was completely silent.  I grabbed my binoculars and it seemed to be alive, like a living flying self illuminated object. I am pondering if it was an angel or UFO? Thanks to: Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
MIAMI BEACH -- My husband called me on March 3, 2003, he is a crane operator and was looking up at the crane and was saw some type of object in the sky at 9:35 AM. He was still watching and he called all excited and asked me to turn on the news to see if it had been reported. He pointed it out to several workers and no one knew what it was. He said, "It was a silver metallic color and periodically there was red and he was ABSOLUTELY sure it was not a jet. At arm's length his thumb could cover it. He has had more than this sighting being that he works outdoors, but this one really excited him as it flew very slow west to east. Thanks to: Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
DOWNERS GROVE -- The witness was going home from work on February 11, 2003, and was about to enter I 355 Expressway at 4 PM, when he saw two objects passing over at around 300 feet high. One had a cylindrical shape with a circular shape, like a sphere at the ends. Both objects were dark in color and flying without lights. The sky was cloudy above these objects. The second one was flying 500 feet behind and lower then that first one. Another person, also, saw them and stopped his van in front of me and turned on his emergency lights so no body would hit us because there was no room to park. We watched them disappear to the northeast. I will never forget this experience. This is the second time I have seen something like this.  The first time was in 1983, in Tampico, Mexico at 4:00 AM, but it was totally different. This one had a lot of orange and blue lights and a small red sphere came out straight down
MATTOON -- Witnesses in the area have noticed a light in the sky almost every night for a month. On February 25, 2003, the witness reports, "It is scary the way it moved around so quickly, so I had my friend video tape it." It is the brightest light in the sky and moved from side to side and up and down. It looks like a spinning ball of energy. It has been in the sky now for over two hours. Thanks to: Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
AMERICAN CANYON -- The witnesses report seeing two craft several miles from each other at 11:30 PM, on February 22, 2003. The first one would stop and go, stop and go. Suddenly we saw a second craft, but it just sat in one place while the other moved. They both had an orange glow. As the first one stopped the second one dimmed it's lights then dropped something. It turned its lights back on, suddenly splitting in two. It sparkled like glitter, and then disappeared. The second one also disappeared and that's all we saw. Thanks to: Peter Davenport
VALLEY JUNCTION -- My wife and I left the casino parking lot at Grande Ronde, Oregon at exactly 10:30 PM, on February 21, 2003, but we have no memory of how we arrived at the intersection of 99 W and Highway 22 about twelve minutes later, a distance of maybe 25 miles. The time on our watches, as well as the car's clock are all the same. The only strange occurrence we noted was the sound of what can best is described as hundreds of frogs croaking as we left the casino's parking lot. During the previous month, we both missed 32 minutes of time on two separate days, as evidenced by each of our watches showing 32 minutes difference from standard correct time. Since we corrected the time on both watches, they have worked perfectly. My wife also has strange marks on her chest and left hand. Thanks to: Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
SUBMARINE BASE BANGOR -- On March 1, 2003, the witness noticed a very bright white light almost due south of his post 2300 hours (11 PM). He states, "What attracted my attention was the intensity of the light and the flashes, not twinkling like a star as seen through the atmosphere." It was about 30 degrees above the horizon and did not move and there was no sound. When I looked at the object through my binoculars, red and blue or blue/green flashes could be clearly seen. At about 2330, the object seemed to move away as it got smaller in size and the intensity diminished until it could not be seen. This process happened slowly over five minutes as it moved away and dropped in elevation by one or two degrees. The night was clear and cold with stars readily visible and just a hint of fog above the water of Hood Canal. At 2345, the object again became visible but was further south and west of its prior position at about 25 degrees above the horizon. The object very slowly moved west, but its change in position was faster than the Earth's rotation. The flashing lights were still clearly visible and none of other stars had flashing lights. At 2353 and at about 20 degrees above the horizon, the object again slowly started moving away until about 0012 at about 15 degrees above the horizon it finally faded from sight. It was back the next night at about the same time but further east and not as intense. All I can say is that I don't think stars fade out and then return lower in the sky, fade out, move west and higher in the sky. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
BREMERTON -- On February 25, 2003, about 7:30 PM, my husband, going to his vehicle after work looked up and noticed a strange looking aircraft flying directly over the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. The craft had a triangle/chevron shape with one light at each point of the three points which did not blink, as most aircraft running lights do. The craft was at an altitude of only 900 feet without sound, and was moving slowly north. There is a strict no-fly zone in effect over the shipyard and naval base.
BREMERTON -- On February 26, 2003, around 10 PM, my husband noticed an aircraft hovering over the tops of the trees in the downtown area of Bremerton. The craft was triangular/chevron shaped and had 3 lights at each point of the ship. This craft was unusually low, too low to be an airplane, and its movements did not fit with any existing technology known today. The ship was heading south at a stop-and-go pace without sound. This object was observed for at least five minutes before it descended vertically-upward into the clouds from a standstill/hovering position. This is the second night in row that a similar craft was seen over the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.
EVERETT -- In last weeks Filer's Files a sighting was reported of a disc below a large aircraft on February 24, 2003, sighting over Olympic Mountains. At 10:15 AM, hundreds of Boeing employees watched the first 777 ER take of on its first flight. It was accompanied by a small, silver or white colored "chase plane", which would have been taking photos of the new airplane. This could explain the sighting on February 24, 2003, over the Olympic Mountains. Thanks to: Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
VANCOUVER -- I live in a downtown high-rise on the 16th floor and was getting ready to watch the Simpson's at 9 PM, when I saw this flying object over the buildings in front of us on February 12, 2003. I knew it couldn't be a plane because it was so low and after watching the planes that go around here everyday I've memorized their flight paths. Second of all the lights in this craft weren't flickering or blinking, they were just constantly beaming a hazy sort of weird whitish/yellowish light. At first I didn't see the 3 lights on the corners of this triangular craft until it very slowly and silently hovered towards my building. Anything made by man that flies only 500 meters away has to make a sound. I had called my brother and as the craft got closer we realized that it was no plane, but some sort of triangular craft as it passed over a couple stories over my building. We saw it's structure and there was a red light in the middle. I was astonished and ran for my camera and eventfully found it and took one lousy picture. Suddenly instead of going on it's horizontal path it went vertically straight to the skies and turned into a star. 
ELLINGTON -- On February 21, 2003, a 17 year old boy from Prince Edward Island and his friends saw a bright light that caused their dogs to go wild. The witness writes, "My four friends and I started up our skidoos to let them warm up at 11 PM, and we came inside my house. The street lights and the power to the house went out and the skidoos stopped. Our two dogs were yelping, and my mom's cat was hissing at the window. There was a tremendously bright light in the yard from three objects that hovered like a yo yo for five minutes. The lights dimmed but these objects kept changing shape and formation. They went from circle to a square then triangle formation and they moved up fast turned on a 90 degree angle like a dime. The cordless phone wouldn't work and my cell phone kept ringing, but when I answered there was only static and weird noises. After 25 minutes, the bright light appeared again and these three objects shot up into the sky. The power went back on, the dogs and cat settled down. It even left a melted area in the snow of a triangle with circles on each tip and a strange sign like it melted the drift of snow.
MILL BAY ON VANCOUVER ISLAND -- Two Alcan Aluminum smelter employees on February 22, 2003, noticed a large disk shaped object traveling very low and slowly over the Douglas Channel. The disc rose up to clear the mountains to the north. The witnesses stood completely still with their mouths wide open watching! "They said, "If it moved towards them, they believed they would have been unable to move". The low flying disc had large, very bright white lights that shone on the water that lit up a good sized area and made a portion of the object visible. No other lights were visible, but after two minutes it gradually gained altitude to climb up over the mountain. They both knew for certain that what they were looking at was no normal aircraft due to it's size, speed and strange shape.
PRINCE RUPERT TO TERRACE, BC -- At 10:30 PM, a couple driving home 85 kilometers west out of Terrace witnessed a huge object traveling north across the Skein River on February 22, 2003. The disk shaped craft was dark and moved very slowly, but had two large almost rectangular lights that could be seen glowing from the bottom. The husband wanted to pull over to get a better look, but his wife was frightened, crying and "insisted" that he keep going and quickly. 
HOUSTON, BC -- Brian Vike reports two local residents stated, "My buddy and I were traveling along Highway #16 just east of town on March 3, 2003, at 7:55 AM, during daylight and just before Perow, they noticed a large object paralleling them along the highway. They were going 50 kilometers an hour and the object was 300 to 400 feet away, so they both had a very close up look at it. Sometimes there were trees between the truck and UFO which hindered their view, but there was no disturbance in the trees. The craft was slightly wobbling, like looking through a heat wave. The UFO looked like an "Air Stream Trailer", and its size was close to a Greyhound Bus. It was metallic in color, and no other features could be seen on it. No lights, windows, nothing! T he object stayed straight across from their truck as they drove along! The passenger rolled down the window to see if he was able to hear any sound, but none was heard. After almost a kilometer the craft turned slowly away from the highway, wobbled slightly, sped up, wobbled once again and then shot off out of sight very quickly.
HBCC UFO Note: Three reports, one coming from Vancouver Island, Kitimat and in between Terrace & Prince Rupert all on the same time of a similar craft.
Thanks to: Brian Vike Editor: Canadian Communicator (Paranormal Magazine) HBCC UFO Research
ANCHORAGE -- My sister-in-law called us outside on a very clear February 27, 2003, to look at a strange bright orange/red light moving in the sky directly overhead at 9:10 PM. At first we thought it might be a plane but the object suddenly stopped motionless and then reversed direction." I ran to get the binoculars and saw what appeared to be multiple lights rotating. After observing it for several more minutes we saw a small object separate and move away from the bigger object. The object then faded in and out then just disappeared. <>NUFORC
RIO DE JANEIRO -- At 2:40 AM, the sky was clear on March 4, 2003, when the witness saw a craft moving slowly about the speed of a Goodyear balloon and stated, "I estimate the cigar shaped object was two miles from my 22nd floor apartment with a flashing white light on top center, and a red light at each end, and a red light at the bottom below the white light. Every few seconds there would be a blaze of extremely bright intense white/blue light that would stay lit for a few seconds. It covered a very large area of the craft, at least 50% and when it switched off you could see some darker "yellowish" lights as if interior lights. I lost sight of it as it passed beyond my apartment building. 
BUENOS AIRES -- On February 25, 2003, at 10:30 PM, It was a dim orange light, which I first thought it was a comet or "meteor" by its fast movement, but when it turned to its right it had many stacked horizontal lines forming a chevron like shape. The object was fast moving and turned to the right, and then disappeared in four seconds. The night was clear while viewing the object, no clouds were in the vicinity.
RUFINO -- On March 6, 2003 at 7:35 PM, several individuals who were at the motorcycle racetrack of the Ben Hur Sports Club, in Santa Fe Province,  noticed a strange white light moving north over the city. The light was lower than aircraft normally fly over the city, it was much brighter than a star and suddenly vanished. Thanks to the Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Translation (C) 2003. Investigadores del Fenómeno Ovni de Rufino
I got up to let the dog out on February 21, 2003, at 2:20 AM, and my vision was drawn instantly to a star, that was moving vertically up and down. I thought it was because I was tired, but then 4 or 5 little lights appeared like fireflies buzzing around the bottom half of the object for twenty seconds and then disappeared. The 'star' was unlike the others and seemed as if it was revolving. Then a horizontal light appeared at the bottom of the 'star' for 10 to 15 seconds on two occasions. The firefly objects appeared four times. I fled to get the camcorder, but the sky clouded over before I could film it. Thanks to: Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
SHEFFIELD -- On March 3, 2003, there was a cone of light like Apollo 13 returning to earth, traveling at only 300 feet moving up and slow with no lights or sound. It was moving south at 12:15 PM. This is my first sighting ever, and I never believed in UFOs until now. The night was very clear, I just wish I had a camera to prove the sighting. The shape was amazing to see as I only ever see such things on TV. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
BUNSCHOTEN -- I looked from the roof window to the east on February 25, 2003, and saw some kind of a star flickering different colors of light. I thought it was kind of weird so I quickly got my binoculars and watched the star. I thought it stood still, but it moved very slowly up and down for fifteen minutes.
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