Firmage - International
Space Sciences Organization
Debuts In May
From Joe Firmage
Hello friends,
The International Space Sciences Organization is scheduled to formally launch its operations in May, 1999. As part of this launch, a completely new web site will be opened at The new web site (free and open to the public) will demonstrate the full breadth of initiatives ISSO has planned and underway, including:
1 - A structured and organized publishing system for a new initiative called "The Truth Files" -- a new public library of cutting edge rigorous research, analysis, and speculation on extraterrestrial life, space exploration, UFO phenomena, and advanced consciousness studies, from historical, scientific, and theological perspectives.
2 - A comprehensive link and book reference library, and an organized real-time threaded discussion system spanning the same subjects.
3 - An integrated radio broadcast schedule for "The Truth Files", coordinated to run regularly both directly on the Internet and, within a time slot of Jeff Rense's Sightings show dedicated to The Truth Files, on syndicated national radio. Each program in the series will feature invited guests representing the best of the best researchers in pursuit of the truth at the cutting edge of thought. A wide range of diverse but well-grounded opinions will be welcome, but only the most rigorously argued will be put on air.
4 - Information about the summertime launch of a worldwide event tour featuring a film produced by ISSO.
5 - A volunteer membership system which will begin to organize people around the world who share the common desire to build a brighter future for humanity and who have resources or talents to contribute to a better understanding of the subjects studied at ISSO.
With this message we are opening our first semi-annual Invitation for Papers for the "The Truth Files". We invite submissions from serious researchers of cutting-edge discoveries relevant to history, new principles in science, concepts of spirituality, and unusual phenomena in evidence.
The specifications for submissions are:
- Provide a one line title - Include an abstract of up to 100 words - Please try to limit to less than 100 pages in length - Format your work as an Adobe Acrobat file - The copyright remains with the author, though permission is granted to ISSO post in "The Truth Files" library - Submissions can be e-mailed to - Include contact information for follow-up
Evaluated by a review process conducted through a board of advisers, the top 10 papers will be featured as part of "The Truth Files", and each author will be invited to address the public through a dedicated 3-hour ISSO radio broadcast on the Internet and air waves. Each of these authors will also receive a $1,000 honorarium from ISSO. ISSO will award the authors of the top five papers an additional $5,000 each to be used to advance their domains of research as they see fit. I consider this amount of money symbolic of the importance, and not sufficient to be compensatory, of a genuine attempt to communicate important knowledge to human beings around the world.
The deadline for the first round of papers is May 1, 1999, and awards will be announced on July 1, 1999. Each six months, this invitation will be reissued, reviews conducted, papers posted, and awards granted.
Whatever your views may be, and regardless of whether you agree with me, I respect you as equals, and I ask only truth. I hope you will join me in supporting a new and genuine effort to promote a deeper understanding of the remarkable times in which we live.
Best regards,
Founder & Chairman
International Space Sciences Organization