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WASHINGTON (AP) On October 28, 1999, "Stop and think about what we're able to do today," said House Majority Leader Dick Armey, R-Texas. "Today we're proving we can fund government without raising Social Security and without raising taxes." Clinton stood ready to veto the measure because of the damage he said would be caused by the bill's 0.97 percent across-the-board cut that failed to provide money to help communities hire thousands of elementary school teachers. Clinton told educators visiting Washington. "If we were being attacked by space aliens we wouldn't be playing these kinds of games." " These kinds of games are only possible because the economy is strong and the American people are self-confident ...." Editors Note: Clinton may have attempted to give a message about aliens similar to those Reagan gave in three speeches. His comment seems odd, and may indicate he has been thinking about the subject. The Internet is full of rumors about meteorites going to splash into the Atlantic Ocean this weekend causing gigantic tidal waves. My data indicates this is very unlikely.
COOKSTOWN - On October 26, 1999, a cylinder shaped object was seen moving very slow flashing red and green lights. Other aircraft were moving along their normal flight routes at 10:00 PM. The witness looked at the cylinder with a spotting scope and I saw a metallic form without wings zig zagging in the sky. I know the difference between normal aircraft and this type of craft. I have seen this thing a few times when I was out deer hunting. What is the big secret about these things? Why can't the government admit it? Thanks to Peter Davenport, UFO Reporting Center,
WARETOWN ABDUCTIONS - My name is Jeanne and I live in Waretown, near the Atlantic Ocean. In 1975, my friend and I saw an orange shaped football hovering nearby making a humming sound. We all ran. Since then, I have had high pitch sound in both my ears. My next experience was in June of 1999, when my whole family was sitting on the back porch around 9:30 PM and the sky was jet black without stars. There was one lonely cloud with lights inside. Something kept flying out of the cloud and going back in. This thing would go up and hover, down and hover. It looked as if it was searching for something but it kept hiding in the clouds. We had our own air show. Twice in September of this year, I saw three hovering UFOs. Two were small and one was quite large. I kept repeating, Jesus is my savior, and the three ships turned into one. Ever since my 1975 sighting, I started getting migraine headaches and weird dreams. The dream that sticks out in my mind is (way before Terminator movies came out) was when I was lying in my bed and I remember floating up and through this spaceship. It seemed to be made of liquid metal. Exactly like the cop on Terminator! I never remembered that until I saw that movie. My health keeps getting worse. I was in my 20's, when I had three miscarriages; the first one hurt like labor and I was three months pregnant, the other two were both in my fourth month. Neither of them hurt. I went to see my Doctor and he said, "This can't be!" I also feel as if I have a child somewhere and can't find him/her. Anyway I have more to tell, but I wanted to report this years sightings. Jeanne
BALTIMORE - Bill Bean has sent some fine photos of the UFOs. He says, "I would say in the majority of my photos, I did see the craft. I have better photos, that I'll be sending you. Most of the triangular craft have a reddish-orange light underneath. It flashes and my latest video footage shows, some type of antenna, looking thing on the top. Thanks to Bill Bean. Editor's Note: This weekend Bill Bean, Wendelle Stevens and Tom Benson donated photographs for the Air Victory Museum's UFO display in Medford, NJ. If you desire to participate in this UFO display please contact me at See Filer's Files after November 6, for the photos.
DAYTONA BEACH - NUFORC reports that on October 22, 1999, a witness was driving west on Interstate 4 when he and his passenger saw a flying metallic object. It kept changing shapes at 2:10 PM. I thought at first was a cloud. Then I noticed a football shaped object in a metallic color catching the sun shining on it. It moved forward and stopped and then stood itself on end and changed into a spear shape. It flew off quickly changing to a pin head and disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC
PEPPERTOWN - On September 27, 1999, a hunter walked three miles into the woods and smelled burned ozone and heard something strange like a low electrical hum 6:30 PM. The witness said, "I walked down the hill into valley and saw three suited humanoid figures around a deer carcass about 150 yards away." Behind the beings was a round metallic object that I watched for ten minutes. It was sharply defined with a 12 foot radius and ten feet high. After about 15 minutes a being came out of the stainless steel like craft and pointed in my direction. The beings all started moving toward me so I fired four or five shots into the air and ran up hill. I heard a strange sound about 90 seconds later, that may have been the craft leaving. It was almost dark by then. I went back next morning but there was nothing there and I am not crazy. Thanks to PUFORI at Editor's Note: Several recent reports indicate the beings are taking wild game. Ozone is a blue gaseous powerful oxidizing form of oxygen derived from an electrical discharge.
LOMBARD - Peter Davenport reports two similar sightings on October 26, 1999. The witness saw a disk shaped UFO at 7:10 PM. She stated, "It was so huge it took my breath away!" At first I thought it was the moon until I opened my sun roof and saw the moon above me. I followed the craft and saw that it had a flashing light in the middle and the rest of it was just glowing with light. It was moving very slowly. It rather looked like the planet Saturn. Other people saw it as well, and planes in the sky were turning around. It appeared they were trying to avoid it. My ears started to ring. I don't know if that has anything to do with it but just thought I would mention it. CHICAGO - Three hours later also on October 26, 1999, another witness was driving north on Harlem Avenue and saw a huge object at 10:15 PM. There were very bright lights around the bottom and a large bright light at the top. The object was moving very slowly across my vantage point. I could see the object on the top of the trees. It was about two or three miles away. The lights were as bright as the shopping center lights. A row of lights was at the bottom and one or maybe more at the top. I pulled over to the side of the road to put on a better pair of glasses and fish my camera out of my purse. When I looked back up, it was gone. I am an artist and I would be willing to draw a picture of what I saw. I have a Masters in Writing. I consider my self to be level-headed. Frankly, I don't know what I saw. But I know was not a plane or helicopter it was just too big. I have lived near O'Hare Airport for the past 20 years. I know planes. I'll never forget it! Thanks to Peter Davenport, UFO Reporting Center,
CORRINE - October 25, 1999, 12:18 A bright white disk-shaped object flew in view. The disk-shaped object had a bulbous protrusion on top and below it. As I looked outside from my bedroom window, the sun was directly above the roof overhang. From the West came the very bright object that moved quicker than a bird to the east. It clearly was not a bird nor a plane as it moved up and down as it moved east. It disappeared going in an upward arch. Thanks to the National UFO Reporting Center Report Editor's Note: Several people report seeing a Halloween Philadelphia News channel television report showing three disk shaped UFOs in the mountains near Salt Lake City. Does anyone know more about these videos?
YAMANASHI - Jeroen Wierda reports that a 28 year old, Point Pleasant, NJ female was visiting Japan on October 24, 1999. The witness stated, "I was taking photographs of Mt. Fuji for thirty minutes with 100-300 Macro lens. The view that had a powerful effect on me. What I didn't notice until I had my photos developed were what appears to be eleven clear visible photos of bizarre lights trailing through the sky. Some points appear to hover at the top of Mt. Fuji. I am a portrait/freelance photographer. I have tried over and over to find a rational explanation for these unusual photos. They left magenta trails of light through the sky with circles of blue and green. There are powerful beams of light sharply outlined. Two UFOs appear in many of the photos usually separate, but once side by side. They made no sound. In one photo the object is in the shape of an octagon with distinct corners. There appears to be a powerful light source that emits a strange magenta/green energy. I didn't notice the UFO's at the time, and only saw them when I got film back. Thanks to: PUFORI,
LHASA - PUFORI report on August 18, 1999, a tourist was states, "I was driving in a taxi to the airport about 2 1/2 hours away from Lhasa. My driver pointed out an object in the sky and said, 'UFO!' It was about 4:00 AM and the UFO moved toward us I never saw anything like it before. It reminded me of a Las Vegas sign all lit up with thousands of bright bulbs. My taxi driver indicated he had seen five so far. He also pointed to something alongside the road to show us where a UFO had landed, but it was too dark and I missed it. I watched the object with blinking bulbs and didn't recognize it from anything I had ever seen. The craft was oval shaped with, bright lights like a Las Vegas sign, many bulbs lit up, around the edges with tentacles of red lights. At times we were underneath as it hovered overhead for about 40 minutes. The moon was bright and there were many stars but the UFO was brighter. Thanks to: Jeroen Wierda of PUFORI,
Former Police Chief, Fred R. Saluga writes, "I have been conducting research on UFO's and law enforcement for about five months now and have found something very interesting." I have sent out numerous e-mails and also regular mail on this research and received many interesting replies on the alien abduction question. Many people state they do not discuss abductions and possible bruises or marks with anyone for fear of law enforcement coming to their home on a domestic violence complaint. This is also true with children, as they state that they would not even let their child attend school because they would be visited by the local Child Abuse Agency. Then they would have to explain the marks and when they could not, they would be charged with child abuse and have their children taken away. I would also appreciate any information on the government experimenting on children with or without the knowledge of their parents, that could be considered to be child abuse? I find these replies very interesting and would appreciate your response on the above if this ever happened to you. Thanks to Fred Saluga,
Clark McClelland writes, "I just viewed you Filer's Research Institute entry concerning the Aurora. Very good data. In 1992, I was told by a VIP from the KSC where to look in the early AM hours to view the Space Shuttle as it would be crossing above Orlando, Florida. The information also included that I would also see the SR 74 as it trailed the Shuttle. I watched and was surprised to actually view both ships as I was told. Keep up the great work. Thanks to: Clark McClelland CAPE KENNEDY, WASHINGTON DC - The huge IMAX movie theaters are showing a film called "Mission to Mir." One scene shows the US Space Shuttle near the Russian Mir space station with three disc shaped UFOs approaching the Mir. James Oberg writes these objects are simply ice crystals as claimed by NASA. The blinking light is caused by the spinning reflections of the sun off the crystals. Those who have seen the film insist these are not ice crystals, but some unknown type of space ships. Susan Creden the Director of the Florida UFO Research & Study Group sent me a copy of the film for review that appears to show the same scene as in the IMAX theaters. There are various objects in the sky that are unidentified. Some appear to have lights that blink off and on. Some appear to fly behind the MIR that is 600 to a thousand feet away. It is doubtful that ice crystals would be visible due their small size if they actually are fly behind the MIR. If they actually are moving in front of the MIR they could be crystals. Analysis of the film continues.
Aviation writer Phil Klass questions last weeks Wendy Connors' claim that Col. Howard McCoy (who headed the intelligence center at Wright Field in 1947) sent Alfred Loedding, or somebody else, to Roswell to investigate the "crashed-saucer" incident. Klass states, "Her claim is flatly challenged by a number of once 'Secret' documents. For example: McCoy's letter of Nov. 8, 1948, to Air Force Office of Intelligence Requirements in the Pentagon reporting the conclusion of his group's analysis of 180 UFO reports. McCoy wrote: "Although it is obvious that some types of flying objects have been sighted, the exact nature of those objects cannot be established until physical evidence, such as that which would result from a crash, has been obtained." Former "Secret" minutes of McCoy's remarks at the March 17, 1948, meeting of the USAF's Scientific Advisory Board (which included some of nation's top scientists). In discussing the USAF's plans to create an office to investigate UFO reports, McCoy said: "I can't even tell you how much we would give to have one of those [UFOs] crash in an area so that we could recover whatever they are." Thanks to Phil Klass
Wendy Connors replies: I've concentrated solely on the Air Force Study of UFOs called Project SIGN for well over a decade. Personally, I know more than Mr. Klass concerning the organization of SIGN, the people involved and how it was conducted on a day to day basis. Phil, I know you were at Wright Field and have talked with some of the old guard who knew you then, but I won't embarrass you. Besides, Mr. Klass does not know the extent of my research because, gosh, he never was curious enough to even ask me before coming forth with his meager argument based on bits of old information and documentation. He continues to use such information out of context. For example, Mr. Klass, did you know that Col. William R. Clingerman, a fighter pilot during WW II, had a habit of twitching his head? Or Col. McCoy's secretary was considered a real eye full for the men at T-2 and her name was Izzy Goodwin (she also liked to wear plaid skirts)? How about Col. Miles Goll being born in Manchuria, China to parents who were Missionaries and had difficulty obtaining initial security clearances when he first went into the Air Corps? Or, the SIGN member who loved to drive through the gate (of course sometimes he didn't bother opening it before doing so)? So, you see Mr. Klass, you just don't know as much as you think you do about Project SIGN. We have all kinds of new information, documentation and interviews. What it all boils down to Mr. Klass is that you may think you know everything that is known about SIGN, but partner, I've got news for ya...I know the rest. Best you stick with your excellent aviation research and writing. Better that you not enter into my area of expertise because, quite frankly, in that arena I've got you way out klassed. Thanks to Wendy Connors Project SIGN Research Center www.projectsign.
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