Did Eisenhower Meet ET
At Edwards AFB In The 50's?
By Diane Harvey <>
By Jim Marrs
A meeting between former President Dwight D. Eisenhower and a group of "grey" aliens in the1950s was one of the most fascinating reports to come out of a formal remote viewing study of UFOs a few years ago.
I commissioned this study, primarily in connection with research for my book, Alien Agenda. This may have been the first official remote viewing study of UFOs ever attempted.
Remote viewing is the ability to intuitively observe people, places, and things without the use of the normal five senses. Prior to scientific studies of the phenomenon by the CIA and U.S. Army, this ability was known publicly as clairvoyance. The term "remote viewing" was substituted to avoid any occult connotations.
While every military-trained remote viewer had some sort of experience with UFOs or their occupants, it was always in the course of training or inadvertently part of a viewing session aimed at another target. None were ever officially ordered to study the phenomenon.
In the summer of 1996, seven remote viewers, who had been previously tested both for their ability and accuracy, were commissioned to take a look at the UFO issue. Of course, none of the seven knew that was their target. They were only given an eight-digit "coordinate" number that represented the object of their viewing. As a "double blind" experiment, even the person who provided the viewers with the target number did not know the object of their study.
Interestingly enough, five of the seven quickly realized they were looking at UFOs while a sixth provided sufficient data that third-party analysis determined UFOs were the target.
When asked to describe any official interaction between Earth governments and UFO visitors, one viewer gave the following account:
"What I hear right now is a band playing 'Hail to the Chief' like they do at political conventions when the President comes into the hall. But this is not this time. . .I see a highway sign on what looks like a two-lane road, but itís desert-like in this place. This is sometime during the day. I feel the heat of the sun. There is some sort of airstrip, like an airport around here, close by I can tell. Iím hearing the sound of aircraft, like jet planes. This is some sort of restricted area though. I see some guard or observation towers. . .there is a convoy of cars, dark cars, coming down this blacktop road where I was."
"No, wait a minute! This is a base, a military base. An Air Force base. People get out of the car and go inside this building. They are all dressed in suits, dark suits. Now this is interesting! There are two, no, three saucer-shaped craft approaching. One of them lands while the other two stay up. Another lands and the third stays up. Then the third lands."
"The first that landed opens up. One of the black cars and a couple of jeeps go out to it. Two, no three, greys appear and descend from the craft. They are not walking. They, like, are floating to the ground. The door of the car opens and this tall, older man steps out, then a couple of military guys and one other civilian type. The civilian walks ahead of the pack up to the greys, who by then move closer toward the car and away from their craft."
"This is a hot place, the temperature is desert-like. The three [greys] enter the car and so does the older, tall man. Two of these greys are small, one is tall, but not as tall as the older human. Something funny about this guy. Wait a sec! Holy shit! Itís one of our past presidents. [The viewer later acknowledged it was Eisenhower.] He is inside the car in the back with the three of them, plus one military guy and one civilian. Two of the other military guys get in the front. There is a driver and this is like a limo. Up close, it is big and black and itís a Cadillac. They go up to one of the buildings, itís kind of squat, two stories, painted tan of white, light colored anyway."
"They are scooted in quickly by some people in blue and white helmets, big guys. The President and his party and the greys go into a room, a conference room it looks like. Just a minute! Iím sensing this whole thing to be preplanned. This thing was supposed to happen. Both sides feel anticipation, but the feeling tone is low-key, almost muted."
"The greys are interested in opening and maintaining communication. This civilian type asks how this can be done. The tall grey responds that they will provide them with the means to communicate with them locally and at a distance. This tall one also asks that they - the humans - not fear them."
"The President asks why are they here and the tall one replies that they are here in anticipation of future changes and that they will help accelerate the rate of development. Not for war purposes, says one of the little ones. They want an understanding with them, says the tall grey, but not an alliance. The President wants to know how long they have been around. The short one replies, a long time. He says longer than your recorded history. He says we were abandoned by our forefathers, our makers. The civilian type is visibly upset, like heís about to have a heart attack. The three greys turn and look at this guy. Wow! He calmed down almost immediately. They like the President. They feel he is steady. They donít like the civilian type with him, no, actually, they feel sorry for him. The President says he wants friendship and cooperation with the aliens and the tall grey says they too want the same. He also says they will continue to observe and wait to see what we do, how we act towards them. But, he says, they will continue to be active here."
"The civilian type wants to know what changes are coming. One of the small greys says they will tell us more when it is the right time. Soon, he says. The tall grey turns toward me now. Whoaa! He knows Iím here. One of the military guys kinda wakes up and wants to know whatís wrong. Nothing, says the tall grey, just that we have a visitor. How can that be possible, asks the military guy. It is not yet the time [to explain], says the small one."
The viewer said his RV session ended abruptly after this incident like his thoughts were being blocked "as though there were still things to talk about in private, without eavesdroppers around like me."
Asked for an analysis of the remote viewing session, the viewer replied, "This appears to be some sort of meeting between an American president and greys in some Air Force base somewhere in a desert type place and the time would have to be in the mid-1950s. Iíd say with about 70 pr 75 percent confidence thatís what it was."
The UFO remote viewing study project officer concluded that while the other viewers generated data consistent with this personís viewing, "unfortunately, no additional correlational anecdotal data was available in this context, although [this viewerís] report possessed high internal consistency, clear elements and an evident closure."
For further details concerning UFOs and remote viewing, read Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs, available from finer bookstores everywhere. Also Jim Marrsí book on the U. S. Armyís remote viewing program, Psi Spies, which was suppressed by the government in 1995, is available online right here at Alien Zoo. Order your copy today.
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From Bruno Watt
Wow, what a story!
I have a quick question though, what was your reason for putting it forward? Is it as an example of badly worded false evidence? Because if so 10 out of 10, this is one of the most entertaining pieces of garbage I have recieved from the list yet!!!!
If on the other hand you forwarded it in a bid to advocate it as truth then I have some questions for you.
1) How does the author define "formal remote viewing" and how does it differentiate from informal remote viewing (or other)?
2) Who (presumably from the US government) wears Blue and White helmets? While I am not an expert in modern military uniforms I can gather that there would only be a small number of groups who wear such helmets. Such information would be useful.
3) I am bothered by the use of the term "greys" and where the author refers to the whole scenario as "preplanned". To me this sounds all to simmilar to the style of evidence given by patients who have, through therapy discovered oppressed memories of alien abduction (and in previous times demon's etc). Now I am more inclined to believe that rather than there being any "greys" these memories are simply false, either emplanted there or generated partly out of fantasy or repressed pain. Otherwise why did the author not go into further detail about them, detail that could have given a little more credit to his story. In the same line of thinking I dislike the vague use of the statement "tell us more when it is the right time". These sort of vague promises are evident in so many other hoaxes.
So, I guess you're asking why did I write this? Well, I find the article interesting but the language says to me that its fabricated (and the fact that the author is 70-75% confident, why not totally?). As you posted it I presume that you either support its views or find them as laughable as I do. If you support them then I hope you have some good evidence or at least have a good practical understanding of the topic and are able to elaborate on the article.
Bruno M Watt

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