Secret Committee Linked
To UFOs In 1948?

By Frank Warren

In his book, "The Last American Hero," a biography on Major General (Wild Bill) Donovan, Anthony C. Brown, said, in 1948, First Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal invited Donovan, former first Director of the "Office of Coordinator of Information" (COI [7/15/1941-6/13/1942]), then later the Director of "The Office of Strategic Services" (OSS [6/13/1942-10/1/1945]), to serve on a secret committee including Dr. Vannevar Bush, Admiral Sidney Souers, and General Alfred M. Gruenther to study "defensive problems" concerning "unconventional attack" against the United States. [With emphasis on the Russians]
According to Brown, the study was split onto 7 categories:
1). Clandestine attack employing "biological weapons."
2). Clandestine delivery of atomic explosives.
3). Attacks on key individuals, groups or installations.
4). Certain special applications of psychological warfare (i.e.,
thought control or special mode as it was called).
5). Unconventional methods of economic warfare.
6). Clandestine attack employing chemical weapons.
7). Clandestine attack employing radiological weapons.
After Donovan accepted Forrestal's invitation to join this "secret committee," he in turn formed a smaller group to study the problems, which included, "Otto C. Doering, T.J. McFadden, Richard P. Heppner, and 'future director of the CIA,' William Colby."
The primary members of the "Committee" certainly was a very
impressive cast of characters; Donovan the "Father of American Intelligence," who was Director of the first civilian intelligence agency, COI, which transcended into the OSS during war time; "Admiral Sidney Souers," the first Director of the Central Intelligence Group (CIG), and at the time, "Executive Secretary of the National Security Council; "General Alfred M. Gruenther," the youngest 4 star General in U.S. history, future Commander of NATO, at the time Director, Joint Chiefs of Staff, member of the National Security Council; "Dr. Vannevar Bush," chairman of the National Defense Research Commission and Office of Scientific Research and Development during World War II. Also Chairman of the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics, which became NASA, from 1939 to 1941; as well as chairman of the Joint Research and Development Board from 1945 to 1948.
Interestingly enough, Admiral Sidney Sours, Dr. Bush and James Forrestal were all cited as being members of the "above top secret" group named "Majestic 12." According to documents leaked to "Jaime Shandera," (the first of many to surface since 1984, now known as "Majestic Documents)
a producer of video documentaries, which he received towards the end of 1984. (The documents were derived from 35 mm film which came in the mail with postmarks from Albuquerque, New Mexico).
Upon reviewing declassified FBI documents on Donovan, this author found mention of the "secret committee" which included him, as well as adding the name of Dr. Karl Compton. Compton was head of the Office of Field Service (OSRD) and president of MIT, as well as becoming Chairman of the RDB--succeeding Vannevar Bush. In addition, both Compton and Bush served on the above top secret "Manhattan Project."
Here is an FBI doc mentioning Donovan and the secret committee
Here is an FBI doc mentioning Compton:
Dr. Karl Compton would later be associated with James Killian, Detlev Bronk, Dr. Mervyn Kelly, Lee DuBridge, and Merle Tuve, Fred Hovde, R. E. Wilson , Dr. H.P. Robertson, Dr. Irvin Stewart, Dr. Jerome
Hunsaker, Robert Oppenheimer, and Dr. Lloyde V.Berkner.
Bronk, Hunsaker, and Berkner were also purported to be members of the "MJ-12 Group." H.P. Robertson would later head the panel in his name investigating UFOs for the CIA in 1953. All had very impressive resumes in terms of acadamia, science, and government.
The smaller group under Donovan: "Otto C. Doering, T.J. McFadden, Richard P. Heppner, and 'future director of the CIA,' William Colby," were all tied to him either by business, serving with him in the OSS or both.
A lot has been written, and documented about the idea of the massive UFO activity in 1947 possibly being advanced aircraft from the Russians, developed by German scientists expropriated to the Soviet Union after the war. Was the goal of the secret committee to prove or disprove that these "unconventional craft" i.e., flying saucers or UFOs was a new secret weapon, and or delivery system of the former Soviet Union?
All of the 7 study categories mentioned above for the secret committee that Bill Donovan and the others were in, are also mentioned in a myriad of "Majestic Documents." In addition, here is an "MJ-12 Doc" that makes reference to "our intelligence liaison organization":
Although difficult to read, it's a "top secret 'codified majic eyes only' memorandum" from DCI Rear Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter to President Truman, dated 2-11-1948; in part it says, "For some time, the last two months in particular, I have had our intelligence liaison organization concentrating on the possible presentation on 'Majic' for my use as well as for the other officials concerned, particularly yourself. A highly specialized organization is now engaged in the very necessary process of separating the wheat from the chaff and correlating the items with past information in order that I may be able to quickly and intelligently evaluate the importance of the product."
Could this "top secret committee," composed of two of the best scientific minds of the time, as well as the father of "US Intelligence," along with two of the best from the Army and Navy be the "intelligence liaison organization" that Hillenkoetter refers to? Truman of course was aware of the "MJ-12 Group," so it would have been redundant to reference "that group" in that manner.
Was this "top secret committee," a branch of the larger "Majestic 12 Group?" Is it just a coincidence that many of the same names associated with "Operation Majestic 12" are intertwined with the "secret committee" involving Donovan?
Unfortunately, at present, the current data "asks more questions then it answers." As the research continues--certainly more information will come to light.




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