New Oz UFO Sightings
From Diane Harrison <>
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Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 09:27:19 -0800
Subject: UFO UpDate: UFO Sighting Report OZ File 00506 03.01.2000
New Oz UFO Sightings
From Diane Harrison <
UFO Sighting Report OZ File 00506 03.01.2000
1800 Callin Code: 00506 03.01.2000
Date Reported: 03.01.2000
Date sighted - 2.1.2000
Day: Sunday
Time Reported: 10.50 pm
Location: Endeavor Hills, Victoria
Reportee: Peter Ho
Report Rep: Alice Mitchel AUFORN Vic
Shape: V shape
Size: Large
Objects: 1
Colour: Black with Dim orange lights
Sound: None
Speed: ?
Duration: 3 to 4 minutes
Direction: Suddenly disappeared
Witnesses: 1
Sunday night the 2nd of Jan at approximately 9.30pm, after falling asleep
in his chair, Peter woke up and went outside to feed his dogs.
As it was such a nice night he decided to relax for a while and
do a bit of stargazing which he very often does late at night.
After about half an hour, he looked up and noticed a large,
solid black V-shaped object with dim orange lights which were
situated along the front end of the object.
Peter said it was a very clear night and he first noticed the
object because it was blocking out the Big Dipper constelation
he had been looking at previously. There was no sound emitted
from the object at all and Peter estimates that it must have
been at least 5 times bigger than a Jumbo Jet.
He sighted the object for only 3-4 seconds when Peter says it
just disappeared from view.
There were no other witnesses.
Best wishes Alice Mitchell AUFORN Victoria.
Thankyou Alice for this report.
UFO Sighting Report OZ File 00465.07.01.2000
1800 Callin Code: 00465.07.01.2000
Date: 07 :01:2000
Day: Friday
Time Reported: 10.28m
Location: Keilor Park Victoria
Reportee: Carl McS
Report given to nearest rep: Alice Mitchel AUFORN Vic
Size: Star like
Objects: 7 pulsating 3 laser
Colour: white
Sound: None
Speed: Fast
Duration: Aprox 1 hour
Direction: S/E to North
Witnesses: 2
On the night of Friday 7.1.2000, the witness sighted 7 pulsating
white lights travelling from S/E to N across the sky. He also
observed what he describes as 3 laser type streams of light in
the sky also.
He said the objects moved across the sky very fast, faster than
he has seen a high altitude plane travelling at, he could not
judge the size of the objects, but they looked to be the same
size and shape of a star. He, and another witness, his brother,
observed these lights for approximately 1 hour when all of a
sudden they shot up into the stars and were lost to view.
Best wishes
Alice Mitchell
Thankyou Alice for this report
UFO Sighting Report OZ File 00510 31.1.2000
1800 Callin Code: 00510 31.01.2000
Date Reported
Date: 31.01.2000
Day: Monday
Time Reported: 7.39am
Location: Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Reportee: Pat
Report given to nearest rep: Jan Stone
Shape: Rectangle
Size: 16 centmtrs
Objects: 1
Colour: Bright white light, with reddish cone tail
Sound: None
Duration: 3.45am to 5.10am
Direction: East Hovering over Mudjimba Island (slightly to the
Witnesses: Pat asked around but no one else has come forward
yet, she may ask the local paper to publish her story in the
hope that someone else saw it.
Pat a very well spoken, educated, older lady was staying at the
Discovery Beach Resort on the Sunshine Coast (used to be the old
Surf Air) on Friday night, 28th January 2000. Her room
overlooked the ocean and the hotel was right on the beach. At
about 3.45am on Saturday Morning (29th) Pat woke up from a
restless night, (Pat does have trouble
sleeping) and saw a very bright light shining through the window
of her room, Pat got out of bed and looked out the window and
saw this light which Pat describes as 500 times that of a
fluorescent light.
She was looking out to the East over the ocean, Pat says there
is a very small uninhabited island about half a mile out to sea
from the resort called MUDJIMBA ISLAND, and the light was just
above this Island about 2,000-3,000 feet up and slightly to the
North of the Island.
The light stayed in the same position and after about a hour Pat
noticed a shape, rectangle, with a reddish cone tail end. Then
some little flashes of light came out the cone looking tail.
Pat sat at the window watching this light until 5.10am when it
started to move upwards and disappeared. Pat says she has never
seen anything like it before, and would like to know what it
She has never thought about UFO's before but it has now made her
think about it and want to know more. She is familiar with the
stars and says it was not a star.
Thankyou Jan for this report
Regards Diane Harrison
Director Of The Keith Basterfield Network Australasia
Co Director of The Australian UFO Research Network
Australian Skywatch Director


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