Texas Man Catches
UFO On Tape

By Ray Pedraza

A Mission man claims he may have captured the images of a UFO on his VHS camcorder, early Monday morning.
The man, who doesn't want his identity revealed, says he was awakened by his dogs around midnight.
When he went to see what they were barking at, he says he literally couldn't believe his eyes. Bright lights, unlike any he'd ever seen before, danced around in the sky at a distance.
While he doesn't want to speculate, some of his friends who viewed the tape, believe he may have been in the company of space aliens.
"Well, to me it's very out of this world," says Jose Nieto, a friend of the Mission resident.
Laughing, he adds, "I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see E.T. here in the Valley after seeing this!"
Nieto says he and his buddy joke about it now but are still wondering if anyone else in the Mission area saw the unidentified flying objects.
Showing Action 4 News the amateur footage, he says as many as 15 lights could be seen but the one he focused his lens on appeared to be changing shapes.
"Actually you see something spinning. I mean it looks like a mushroom, Pac Man and different colors. It's just pretty amazing, you know, pretty colorful."
Nieto says he's see no stranger to the extra-terrestrial. He claims he's seen UFO's before but none quite like this.
"Not as bad as this before. I've seen UFO's in the past but not as bad as this one. I'm very surprised. And once again it makes me wonder, 'Are we really alone?'."
Action 4 News did check with Mission Police spokesperson Martin Garza to see if anyone reported the suspicious sighting; he says 'no'.
But on Monday, there were media reports of a similar sighting in Mexico.
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