Steve Neill, Renowned
UFO Researcher and
Artist, Quits UFOlogy
From Steve Neill <>
After being involved in the most serious UFO research and direct experiences with ET all my life, the behavior of most of the UFO community has become such a disgrace, so vile and demented, that I have decided to withdraw from the field permanently.
All the petty, infantile mudslinging and politics, the backstabbing and throat-slitting, the egos and the liars, the radio cult figures, the betrayal of 'friendships' have all overshadowed the critical issues at hand...and have often made a virtual laughing stock of anyone who innocently tries to tell the truth.
The UFO 'community' is its own worst enemy. Any respect this field might have had or been due to receive has been destroyed by the actions of many, if not most, of the key players involved. I say *most* involved because there are some very good professional people in the field...but they are a relative few and maintain low profiles for the most part.
After many, many years of involvement and serious study, I have regrettably had to accept that many of the good people who come into contact with this subject are often destroyed by it, and can lose family, friends and even their careers because of the fighting and manipulation and treachery running rampant.
Perhaps the people who designed and implemented the 50 year UFO cover-up are right. Perhaps they know exactly what they were - and are - doing. Perhaps they realized it by simply watching the behavior of the UFO 'community' and knew better than to give this biggest secret of all to the masses. Without doubt, if the world at-large acted like the UFO 'community'...the world might well stop...the engine of society gagging itself to a dead stall after choking on the outrageous lies, deceit, fraud, hate, and hoaxes that so permeate the UFO 'culture' these days.
In retrospect, perhaps some of my own actions have been irresponsible and may have unwittingly contributed to the stress and downfall of the sense that my experiences terrified them and set up an opportunity for hustlers to play on the underlying current of exaggeration, fear, and anxiety that hearing these experiences can bring about. Somewhat naievely, I thought it was important that people know and that it might help some of them. But for all those I helped, I may have done a disservice to many more.
It can be reckless to alarm the public, even if you do have proof. We should think more of what the 'truth' could do to those who hear it...instead of what it can do for we who know. This isn't a warning about pollution or some social injustice but of an invasion by beings from another world(s) who have *total control* over us. And we, as a species, haven't a clue. That kind of knowledge can destroy one's ambition, social parameters, and, in some extreme cases, even the will to live. This we cannot allow to happen. Certainly, many humans may be 'ready' for the 'truth' but given the current state of the world...and the strangle hold on over half the world's population by organized 'religion'...the results would be catastrophic.
Finally, it would be a much better use of our time if we pursued issues we CAN control in order to provide a real future for our children...those who can still think for themselves.
Have any of you talked to a 16 year old lately? Many of our own children, tomorrow's 'leaders,' have very little hope for the future. They often live for the moment and the next high (drugs or otherwise) and their heroes are all too often dark 'movements,' and dark rock bands with their dark and ugly lyrics, dark video games of death and terror, and dark thought which is spawned and nurtured in their young minds by the greed-obsessed 'entertainment' industry and other mass-mind control mechanisms. What happened to the The Beatles and John Glenn? What happened to at least the idea of morals and positive values? Responsibility? Accountability? What happened to the concept of 'giving'?
The same egomania and self-aggrandizement that fuels the morons who top the pop music charts is found in the UFO 'community' as well. Oh yes, the vocabulary is a little more astute but don't kid yourself, it's the same old rocket-to-stardom "I wanna be a star" syndrome.
In the UFO 'community' theft of others' research has replaced the real thing. Many 'researchers' go to conferences and on radio programs and simply spew various mixtures of other peoples' data...begged, borrowed, and just plain stolen. When is the last time you heard someone unique...who actually said something 'new'? It doesn't happen very often.
It's time to try to reach back to being the great beings we were...and that we may reach ahead and make it to that future which holds so much promise. We went to the Moon over 30 years ago and what a proud moment it was.
Now it's time to journey to Mars...and the stars beyond...where one day WE will become the aliens. Let's give the world something positive for a change. For starters, let's stop knocking NASA. Sure, every agency has its problems but overall they've done more to help this planet and its people then any of you UFO folks will ever hope to do. It's stupid to make an enemy out of the very people who have the keys to our own Starship.
I know some of you will be offended by my actions and my words. You wouldn't expect it from Steve Neill of all people. Well, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee, you don't know 10% of what you think you do. After all, there is life after UFOs and it's a great one I plan on living. My efforts at this point are to shift back to what I was doing before all this promoting manned space exploration anyway I can. You will already see examples of this redirected energy on my website and there will be more to come.
All the Universe or Nothingness.
The choice is ours.

Neill <
A brief comment on one Robert A. M. Stephens. If you strip away the foul language (which he claims to use only to respond to people who abuse him), you might just see the UFO community's own karma coming home to roost. The chances of this man 'just happening' to stumble into this arena are about zero. If nothing else, he has exposed many of the biggest frauds and egos, and most guilty corruptors of reality. He has also held up a mirror to UFOlogy...forcing it to look at it's own ugly face. He has shown how it has defiled its own opportunity to make an orderly and intelligent advance into our immediate future. Robert A. M. Stephens is a symptom of serious trouble...and, just perhaps, he is the bitter medicine that could start a cure. Only time will tell.
Mr. Neill,
Four years ago I went to work for a company that supplied its software engineers with access to the internet. I began reading alt.aliens.visitors at that time. This was about the time that the Alien Autopsy film was debuting. Also there was Bob Lazar and the tunnels and Jim Lear's stories. For the first time I was able to see a large piece of the picture as I have been a UFO follower since the '50s when I was a boy. Since then I have an internet connection in my home as well and my first web page each day is the Jeff Rinse Sightings page. I have never listened to Jeff's radio programs as they are not available in this area (DFW), but the type of news his page reports is what I'm interested in. Current events including the UFO news! If it were not for people like yourself in the UFO field dedicated to the truth, I would not be as informed as I am today in these matters. Truly it must be very frustrating to have to deal with the liars, thieves and debunkers, but somehow we the public thinkers can pretty well tell who is lying and who is not. We have time on our side and can watch the communities credible member's reactions and wait 'til the dust settles. We are not stupid! I have known for years that the alien presence is here, don't ask how, I just have known. Call it a slow arousal from a deeper sleep, call it higher concious- ness or whatever, the point is most thinking people know the truth. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your effort in this field and wish you the best in the future. Mars is an exciting next step and I have been aware that NASA's effort has redoubled toward it. Thinking back a few years, the thing that stands out in my mind is that panoramic composite picture sent back from the tiny Mars rover. Incredible! The problems that plague our world are gripping to say the least. Such varying awareness spans the planet, from primitive natives to sophisticated engineers and technicians, from the spiritually deprived to corrupt politicians. The span is great, but time is on our side, time has a way of bringing birth to new thoughts, to new beginnings and peace.
Have a nice day,
Woody Pope
Engineer, guitar player and UFO buff