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George A. Filer
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Filer's Files #09 3-4-00 - Chuck Warren Webmaster
Cosmonaut Alexandr Baladin stated that "flying saucers" have come into close proximity to the MIR space station as well as the Baikonur Cosmodrom. He added there is sufficient evidence to warrant a scientific study of the phenomenon, and that it is time that world governments officially acknowledge the UFO phenomenon's existence. "General Vladimir Ivanov, former commander of Russia's Military Space Forces, recalls that three objects flew at a considerable altitude over Baikonur Cosmodrome and were picked up on radar. There is no way they could have been airplanes." insisted the cosmonaut. Baladin disclosed December 23, 1998, at Brazil's First International Ufology Forum, that he and fellow cosmonaut Musa Manarov had seen UFOs. During docking operations between his space capsule and the MIR, Baladin saw a glowing object a short distance away. Manarov managed to capture the strange phenomenon on videotape, that was shown during the UFO congress in Brazil. Baladin claimed that the recording and other evidence presented during the Congress, "must be studied by an international scientific commission." Baladin insisted that the Russian military has a great contribution to make to UFO research, giving as an example the multiple-witness case at the Kaputsin Yar missile base, whose personnel sighted a semi-circular object flying at low altitude lighting up the bases facilities with a powerful searchlight in June 1989. "Many of my old comrades, who are now working at top-secret military facilities, acknowledge having seen UFOs. Thanks to Rubén Sobrino.
I have been examining videotape purporting to document encounters between UFOs and U.S. and Russian spacecraft. One scene shows the space shuttle just below the Russian space station MIR. Watching these videos it is difficult to obtain accurate measurements of distance and size. However, the viewer can see three discoidal shaped objects approach from the right. Two of the objects appear to fly slowly past the MIR while a third object slows to a stop and hovers in the vicinity of one of the solar panel arrays. I'm not certain what these objects are but they do not appear to be spinning ice crystals or floating shuttle parts. They seem to create their own light or fireball rather than being a reflection from the sun. They do not look like space ships depicted in the movies. However, the exact design of alien space ships traveling in space is apparently unknown. There is some evidence that they may use advanced nano technology techniques to shrink the size of their craft. We have numerous eye witness accounts of a small light coming in from space. Hovering and appearing to grow from the size of basketball to a large craft. Later they can be seen shrinking or disappearing altogether. Our scientists are now predicting we are developing similar technology. You will carry your car around in your pocket. When your ready to travel you set it down and it grows into a full sized car. The NASA Shuttle films show numerous strange objects in space. They may not look the way anyone expects a space ship to appear. A small object moving through space would theoretically be able to accelerate and travel at higher speeds using less fuel. A great deal more research is needed. Thanks to Tom Sheets and ISUR who provided me with the tapes.
The January 10, 2000 issue of "Aviation Week & Space Technology", page 28, "US Milsats Dodge Y2K" has this interesting paragraph: "Officials would not comment on Defense Support Program capabilities, but the satellites probably detected many new 'targets' -- large fireworks displays -- as the new year's arrival progressed around the globe. DSP infrared sensors are designed to detect hot, long-burning events such as missile launches, but can 'see' relatively small heat sources." Editor's Note: We assume that UFO propulsion systems would provide enough heat to be present on the satellite images. Space Command admits to picking up as many as a dozen uncorrelated targets per day, that are unknown targets not kept in their space data base.
Note - MUFON's Ron Regehr, with 28 years' experience working on spy satellites, made some remarkable comments to Jeff about the objects coming and going from planet Earth which are being picked up by US infrared imaging satellites. You can hear Ron's interview during hour three of the 3-2-00 the Archives.
William P. LaParl reports that on Fox News, February 29, 2000, at 12:45 PM EST during a live feed: John McCain was just asked a question about the lawsuit from Peter Gersten to open UFO records from the military. Before the news people pushed McCain into laughing with them about "aliens," surprisingly, McCain immediately said he was "very interested in the subject," and mentioned a series of Arizona sightings from a couple years ago that remained "unexplained." Apparently, these were the- Phoenix "V" Lights of March 1997. Thanks to Bill La Parl.


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