Three Discs Photographed
Over New Mexico

Name Witheld By Request

Dear Jeff, I took this photo in late November, at about 4:45 PM. These 3 craft, although appearing globular in the photo, were actually disk-shaped. They emerged from behind Shiprock Mountain at Shiprock, NM, and proceeded slowly due west. By the time I got my camera focused upon them, they had flown some 15 to 18 miles southwesterly, in less than 5 seconds. They briefly hovered there, then moved into the trianglular pattern, which is when I snapped the photo. As I lowered the camera, they sped forward in an arcing flight pattern, moving northerly, then abruptly turned left and disappeared. I have spoken with several area residents who claim to have seen similar sightings in the same area, but none of them want to be identified.
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