UFO 'Fleet' Reported
Over Buenos Aires?

From Scott Corrales

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December 4, 2002
BUENOS AIRES 11/28/02, 8:30 a.m -- An intense "UFO wave" rolled over Capital Federal. Two witnesses saw a variety of phenomena. Using a camera described as "broken and out of date" one of them was able to photograph a fleet of three objects descending over the northeast section of Capital Federal. No apparent electrical anomalies were reported in the witness's area. Minutes earlier, another object flashed for several minutes over the vicinity of Chacarita and Belgrano at an altitude of 1500 meters. "Arturo and I saw the entire phenomenon," says witness. He employed a Sony 360 Nightshot "reduced to VHS and paused" (in his own words) to record the images. "The camera's date is in error, showing 11-27-2002," adds Ricardo E. D'Angelo, the main witness. "What can be seen in the video sequence is some 15 frames of one UFO, hitherto unseen, which crossed the skies from south to north on a lengthy journey, seconds before the formation was observed. But upon reaching a point equidistant from the other two (not seen until that moment), it stopped completely for only brief seconds."
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