Missouri UFO Ballot
Initiative Language Certified
From Bruce Widaman <>
(1-8004UFO) and Bob Bletchman (860-675-6379)
History continues to be made in the Show-Me state, where the Missouri secretary of state recently certified the signature-petition language for the first-ever ballot initiative to combat official government secrecy on UFO reality.
"With receipt of this action," explained petition-drive committee co-chair Bruce Widaman, "we can start gathering the requisite number of about 75,000 signatures for placing the measure on the ballot during the general election this fall."
After several months of navigating the complex review-and-approval process, Widaman and some of his Missouri-based colleagues in the Mutual UFO Network, Inc. now are gearing up to start circulating the signature petition. "To have any chance at all of meeting the state's deadline of May 7th, we have to round up at least 500 signature-gathering volunteers," he said. "And maybe some benefactor will step forward to fund a corps of professional circulators. But even if we fail to muster that degree of support, we already have achieved a moral victory in coming this far -- and there's always the prospect of renewal for the next general election."
That moral victory can serve as a model for the other 15 direct-initiative states (as well as the seven indirect-initiative ones). And Widaman hopes that volunteers from those states will come forward early to follow the Missouri lead. In doing so, they will have added their voices to the growing call for full accountability as to what the government really knows (and when it knew it) about the origin and nature of unidentified flying objects.
Widaman noted that a UFO-ballot-initiative dedicated banking account has been established at MUFON headquarters in Texas ( to help support the project. "As in all public-interest endeavors, we need some funding from the citizenry to offset expenditures," he said, adding: "And now's the time for volunteers to start the process in the other states." He listed the other DI states as Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.
Numerous UFO researchers worldwide view this initiative as a formal means for gaining (and expressing) the sense of the electorate on a vital public issue: "If indeed the Earth is being visited by alien spacecraft, then we have a right to know and the government has the duty to tell," Widaman concluded.
He defined the direct-initiative process as a grassroots means for empowering the voters to legislate statutory change -- in this case as an official proclamation to urge congressional action toward ending the government coverup of the UFO experience.
Here's the full text of the proposed proclamation (which would take effect immediately upon a favorable majority vote by the Missouri electorate):
"Be it enacted by the people of the state of Missouri that the year 2000 be proclaimed and observed as the Year of UFO Awareness. Because of the Federal Government's failure to be officially forthcoming about Unidentified Flying Objects, the public remains ill-informed and confused on a matter of potentially great consequence. We therefore urge the U.S. Congress to expeditiously convene open, comprehensive hearings in which government personnel (military, civilian-contract, and agency employees -- active and retired) are permitted to present sworn testimony regarding their personal knowledge of any UFO-related evidence, to be given under immunity by waiver of any applicable security oath or agreement of nondisclosure. This proclamation acknowledges the following facts: (1) the weight of the cumulative evidence -- e.g., eyewitness, electronic-detection, photographic, documentary -- overwhelmingly supports the conclusion of a majority of Americans that some of the reported UFOs represent somebody else's spacecraft; (2) the Federal Government's handling of the UFO issue has contributed to the public cynicism toward, and general mistrust of, government -- a development injurious to our republic; (3) this initial year of the third millennium affords us a renewed opportunity to explore, assess, and convey every facet of UFO reality."


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