Astounding Daylight UFO Photos
From Name Witheld By Request
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Estimated shape and construction based on photos - Neff

The following photos were submitted with detailed information from the photographer, who choses to remain anonymous to the general public. The photos were taken in the Eastern US. There are no signs whatsoever of digital manipulation or tampering. Note the similarities of this object with some of the Anthony Woods UFO photos from Bedhampton, England. Note: Images have been down-sized and compressed due to extreme load on the server. This leaves behind some jpeg compression artifacts not present in the originals we received. See the enlargements from the originals which show no pixelation.

I work in a relatively urban area, and I walked outside today (Sept 11th 2002) to shoot some stills of clouds around the parking lot, for a website. I used a digital 8 camcorder, with smartcard for still pictures. I shot on the first shot, something pretty damned odd, but I didnt see it in the camera first, I saw it after the first shot. I then followed what appeared to be a *very* silver chromed object for about 30-40 seconds. I got only stills, despite it being shot on a digital 8 cam. I had just got done filming my son's black belt testing in Tae Kwon Do, and had removed the tape...go figure, when I could *really* use it. I relied on the smart media card to get as many as possible. I have 6.
The object darted about with unbelieveable speed, stopped, darted, stopped, etc. I at first glance, believed it to be a mylar balloon, until it stopped and remained still, then shot to the left away from me, then towards me and down, and eventually off to my right. I truly tried to remain calm and collected, telling myself to get reference foreground objects in the shots. I got a couple, but I had to keep one eye open to see it at times. One shot shows it coming towards me and up, and altho I didnt plan to, I caught it partially behind a lightpost. Had it come any closer I would have called to the guard desk inside to see it, but just as I thought of doing so, it slid away, at a speed I dont care to calculate.
Here is shot one. It could not have been higher than a airplane you'd see on any day. I was not zoomed in at all. I didnt catch sight of it in my viewfinder (like I said, I was shooting clouds) After this shot, I dropped my camera, and looked at the preview window. As I went back up to shoot, there it was. To be honest in a couple of these shots, I could not see it very clearly, it was very shiny, and I guess it took on a lot of the sky color. I shot some with both eyes open. In this shot it was not moving. The edges are from the UV and haze filters on the camera, which I was using the weekend before. Unfortunately they show up on the still cam, but not the video.

Here's the next one, it shot away and then was rising back up and towards me. I tried to get it with the lampost, instead I got it behind. Might be good, might be bad. Anway, take a look. I didn't touch the image whatsoever. It's naturally that clear. I think this might be the clearest...besides the idea that I screwed up and partially obscured it.

The object appears to be composed of capsule shaped, silvery segments
alternating large and small, surrounding one very large, central capsule
Here's the next shot. This is where it shot VERY fast from the lampost area to the right, and up. It made a movement at least a yardstick's width at the outstreached arm (at least a good quarter of the sky) across the sky, in less than say, 2-3 seconds if was startingly fast. This from a very sluggy smooth movement. I want to say "darted" but it was more like it was sliding, not zip-like.

Fourth shot. I had lost sight of it behind a building and moved out a little to see where it went. (It went left fast and behind the edge of the wall.) It then came more overhead or closer, from the left. Moving pretty fast. It's blurry, but it's there.

Here is shot 5. This is after I had once again lost sight of it. As it shot from the left to right in the last shot, it almost went overhead. When I followed it with my eye, once I spotted it again, it was making a sharp arc, back away from me. I began moving faster the further away it got. Now it was away from me and slightly left. I shot quickly as I thought I was going to lose kinda looked like it was leaving. It's a far shot, but a fairly clear one.

Ok, here's the last.

At this point I had moved out a little bit, as I saw it coming from what I thought was its exit, on my slight left, and it came a little towards me and slightly right. It continued to move fairly quickly upward, as it was getting smaller.

Unfortunately, when a still is shot with my cam, you get a pause as the viewer shows the shot you just recorded...and I guess recycles for the next shot. By that time, it had moved higher, and further to my right. In one second it looked a lot like you see in this shot. In the next instant, it became a whiteish streak, and seemed to go away and slightly up. I never saw it again after that. I don't know if this thing actually changed shape, although I cannot say for sure...but it left in less than a second and traversed a good area of horizon as it went. I've never seen anything move that fast. It also became less solid-looking as it went. The "streak" was almost impossible to see, and I doubt I'd have seen it through the camera. I saw this only with my eye and I simply didn't have time to shoot it. This thing was very erratic, and I consider it luck to have gotten anything.


The photographer answered the following specific questions for clarity:

1. Did you notice any sound coming from the object?
No. Nothing whatsoever.
2. Were you aware of anyone else nearby watching it as well?
No, I was very alone. I debated at one point going back to the door to get someone, but I would have missed a lot of the shots you see.
3. Judging from what you saw, could the movement of the object have been by force of wind, or did it seem to have its own propulsion?
Seemed to have it's own way of getting around. It didn't follow the wind, although I thought at first it might be a group of balloons, the wind was rather gusty that day, and it never went the way it should if it was a balloon. Not to mention the speed was unreal.
4. Did it appear to rotate at all?
Not that I could tell. I was really paying more attention to where it was.
5. The object appears to be very large as it maintains clarity even at a very high altitude in the last frames. Any size guesstimate judging from your own perspective?
I wouldn't fancy even a guess. Impossible to really tell.
6. Have you encountered UFOs before?
Another Similar Craft
This still is from a well known MPEG of a shape shifting UFO believed to have been filmed (and the film leaked) from either Area51 or Ellis AFB -- I can't seem to nail down the story. The footage is fascinating, to say the least. (Click here to see MPEG)
From Lee Connolly
Dear Jeff
Just wanted to bring to your attention that the UFO photographed with remarkable clarity on your web site today, appears to be exactly the same object which was photographed by Ed Walters of the famous Gulf Breeze sightings. If any of your readers can get hold of a copy of Eds book "UFOs ARE REAL, HERE'S THE PROOF" they will find a photo of the very same craft as it was being buzzed by an F15 fighter on January 12th 1994. Maybe if anyone is in contact with Ed Walters he would be interested in seeing these latest images.
Lee Connolly
You reference a black and white photo from out of a book. This photo is the same as this color photo (or frame grab) that I have. I think it came from a video tape I have, somewhere in my collection:
Just thought you might like as well.
Mark Center
PS, this grab came from the Elder's Mexico tapes from a few years back.
From William Burke
Jeff, thanks for publishing these photos and leaving them up; it's nice to have the luxury of time for reflection on these images.
I preface my own analysis and remarks by saying I am NOT a trained photo analyst; however, like many of us that have been "in the game" since Zapruder's film, I have learned quite a lot about what films show, as opposed to what they appear the show, and what they do NOT show.
So this is my own opinion, nothing more, but I do know a trick or two:
The images show an object of high reflectivity (roughtly equivalent to, say, Mylar) that is not very large, and not really very far away. The object, I believe, is not more than 10-12 feet in greatest diameter, and is never much more than 100 yards distant in the pictures; the average distance is probably 60-75 yards. Yep, I believe we are seeing an inflatable object, perhaps of a Mylar-like material filled with helium, on a tether of some sort. More sophisticated computer analysis may or may not make this tether line - which could be no more than 15-pound test fishing line; hard to pick up unless conditions are right.
As for the object traversing one-third of the shy in 2-3 seconds, that is not very fast, really... a good gust of wind would do that easily.
It is also very interesting that the Gulf Breeze UFO flap has now been brought into the picture! Gulf Breeze has, to my satisfaction, been exposed as one of the classic UFO hoaxes in history. The first time I saw those photos in the book, it was obvious to me that they were spoofed photos.
I urge you to submit these pictures to impartial analysis by experienced computer photo analysts; it is my belief they will be exposed as the hoax they are.
--William Burke,
devoted Rense reader and fan
From: Mike
I just read the above story and was shocked because I, my father in Law and son watched the same type of object stop in mid air then separate into three pieces. We thought it was a balloon at first until it separated then returned together minus one piece (this one piece flew south). It was moving to the east from the Sacramento CA. area. about two months ago. We watched for news reports but as usual nothing reported.
Just thought I would let you know,
From: Michael Carlin
Mr. Neff,
Intriguing images that I'm sure have attracted the attention of a variety of .mil servers! Picture #4 seemed to show a stable platform that had altered or morphed it's configuration. To my eyes, it looked very much like the bottom central nozzle had moved in a fashion seen on jet fighters with "thrust-vectoring" capability. With limited data, this still did NOT look like a simple mechanical action as much as an actual morphing of shape.
You may find the URL below of interest. Once you wade past the hyperbole, it's obvious there is some real substance to the "morphing metals" technology. The DARPA search they suggest is still possible, I did it yesterday, and while time-consuming, it reinforces the notion that all the REALLY GOOD toys are still wrapped in deep black.
Following is a short quote from the page.
Michael Carlin
We think you should know about it. The advances are being made in the development of new metal alloys. These alloys have remarkable characteristics, in that they will change shape upon the application of an electric current or magnetic field. They change shape, or morph, as the researchers prefer to say, rapidly and with some considerable force. They are termed compact hybrid actuators,, a mouthful of engineering jargon, so we would prefer to call them living metals,. Why? Because these alloys incorporate advanced nano-technology that is designed to enable them to mimic living systems in their versatility and dynamism. The list of potential applications seems endless, and the U.S. military is funding a variety of related research programs exploring the full range of options. Self-healing wings that flex and react like living organisms, versatile bombers that double as agile jet fighters, and swarms of tiny unmanned aircraft are just a few of the science-fiction-like possibilities that these next-generation technologies could make feasible in the decades ahead.
Just so that you don,t think this all sounds like drawing-board ideas being dreamt up by some egg-head think-tank, there is a considerable body of evidence to show that the testing stage for some of these alloys has already taken place.
We have accessed over 130 documents so far, including pictures and video footage, budgets and names of project leaders and their departments/companies involved. This technology is being incorporated into prototype applications right now. These include morphing aeroforms in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and fighter aircraft, morphing rotor-blades in helicopters, in-flight navigation, guidance and control systems for small missiles, satellite technology (especially with respect to optical systems), and sonar-absorbing materials for submarines.
David Rudiak
Readers may be interested in other multilobed UFOs that have been photographed over the years, particularly the so-called "Nellis UFO" This is shown in a 1994 video of an anomalous object over an Air Force fighter jet training range northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada (Nellis Range). This Includes audio of perplexed range personnel and radar tracking overlay enabling precise determination of object flight characteristics. The object circled the radar/camera facility at a precisely controlled distance, made a right angle turn, flew vertically, flew at speeds as low as 15 miles/hour, but also over 500 mph, and made sudden jumps in airspeed.
Full discussion, photos, video captures, graphs, and links at my website:
David Rudiak

It is curious that when ever a daylight photograph of a UFO comes along, the general consensus is almost automatically "it's a fake." As if UFOs have to be mysterious lights in the night or fuzzy, grainy, distorted pictures in black and white?

It simply stands to reason that as more people have more cameras with them as part of their normal routine, still and video, we are simply bound to start seeing some good, solid, clear daylight evidences such as this. If the object is some kind of balloon, it appears to be very large, judging from its retained shape and detail in the final picture, where it has moved farthest away from the photographer. One would expect a small balloon at such distance and altitude to blur out or lose some definition of shape. If it is a large balloon, it's also probably an expensive one. I don't see any evidence of a tether, either.

I took quite a bit of time searching dozens and dozens of commercial and industrial websites (including weather balloon manufacturers) that deal in large scale helium balloons and could not find one in any inventory which even remotely resembles this object. It is an utterly non-representational form (ie, it isn't a run away used car advertisement shaped like a Dino or a lumberjack or what have you. I once saw a star shaped mylar ballon, roughly 5 feet tall and 3 feet thick, detatch from an advertising station at a used car lot in a high wind and go sailing over the freeway. There was no mistaking this at close range --- similar to these photos -- for a large helium balloon. It had no stability at all, it twisted and turned in the wind and tumbled through the sky wildly). A helium balloon of that size, considerably smaller than the object in these photos, would easily cost several hundred dollars.
If someone wanted to hoax a UFO, it seems a more traditional saucer shaped 'blimp' would be employed. It would certainly be a very expensive hoax to have something of this configuration custom made and released in the hopes that someone, somewher might photograph it. Not impossible, of course, but unlikely. Communications with the photographer convince me he is not a hoaxer, is someone experienced in UFOlogy and personal contact experiences, but simply does not want to deal with the hassles of debunkers for the sake of his job and family, though willing to deliver his photographic evidence over for complete analysis. Many people have emailed to say this is not an alien craft. I think people need to be reminded that 'UFO' does not equate to alien craft. It merely means an unidentified flying object. This could very well be some kind of 'probe' of our own making -- we have no idea the extent to which our government labs have achieved in antigravity research to date. Object of similar shape and unusual, non-disc shape have been photographed extensively for several years now. It is almost as if the classic "saucer" is long gone, replaced by more complex, sometimes even organic looking devices. - Webmaster
Interesting Comparison
These images were shot by Anthony Woods in Bedhampton, England this year.


From Bruce Maccabee

Several readers of the above report on the multi-lobed UFO have recalled the photo by Ed Walters in January, 1994, of a similar sort of UFO that was apparently "examined" by an F15 jet. The analytical report of that event is presented at this web site:

The reader is also invited to browse through numerous other case analyses at that web site, including obs, rods, other Gulf Breeze sightings and even Ashtar.




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