Bizarre Cloud Observed Over
White Sands - ET Haunts Roswell?
From: name on file
Subject: Great! Something new to kill us with...

I don't think that this is directly chemtrail related, but a very long (maybe 10-20 miles) single-line strip of very well-defined cloud, looking much like a big, round rod, formed over the testing areas between White Sands Missile Range and Alamogordo yesterday morning (April 5) about 8AM.
While other clouds moved in and out of the area all day, that one cloud remained motionless all day long and did not dissipate until about 6PM. Even then, it simply dissipated very slowly, rather than drifting off like the other clouds.
This morning, it is back. Probably some kind of testing going on out there, but don't know what it is about. Just wanted to log it and let someone know, for future reference.
There are a lot of other clouds today, so the one I am talking about is obscured right now, but if I can get a clear picture of it later, I will send it.
BTW: While I'm at it, I was at the German Change of Command ceremony last summer at Holloman AFB, out in the area where the aliens...uh...crash dummies were taken from the Roswell weather balloon disaster in 1947. During the ceremony, I was walking around taking pictures, and happened to snap this one. Thought you might like it...

Note strange anomaly in window. Unretouched photo.
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