ET Landing In Alberta?
By Sun Staff

Photos Of Strange 'Circle Of Fire' Crater In Alberta

George Hofer returned to his Hutterite colony in southeast Alberta with a strange tale of a funnel of fire in a farmer's field.
The funnel lit up the night for an hour, then faded into sparkles.
A month later, farmer Ken Masson found a three-metre-wide circle in his field, with four indentations inside.
Word spread quickly that an alien spacecraft had landed.
This week, a University of Lethbridge geologist refuted the UFO theory, but replaced it with an explanation nearly as interesting.
Pano Karkanis said the crater in Masson's field near Etzikom, 250 km southeast of Calgary, was caused by a meteorite.
Karkanis analysed the soil in the crater and tested it for radioactivity.
He found no signs of radioactive material that might suggest exposure to extraterrestrial technology (as if ET always uses radioactive propulsion systems -ed), nor did he find anything else indicating a spacecraft had landed.
He dismissed the indentations as marks made by rainfall (oh, please -ed), saying the meteorite probably buried itself a metre deep in Masson's field.
But Karkanis' findings drew criticism.
Masson himself didn't buy the rainwater explanation, pointing out the area had been dry as a bone, with farmers such as himself lamenting the absence of rainfall.
Others have said a meteorite wouldn't produce the effect Hofer saw, and that it would have left residue in the crater.
Also, the crater's perfectly circular shape is not likely the result of a meteorite impact, believers said.
Masson wishes to leave the site undisturbed until the mystery is unravelled.


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