Strange UFO Captured On
RAF Radar In Scotland In 1965
From: Dave Ledger <>
From UFO UpDates <>
Date: Winter 1964-1965. Location: RAF Saxa Vord, Shetland Isles, Scotland. Source: Retired RAF personnel. Name witheld at Witnesses Request. Report and Witness Interview by: Dave Ledger
Before I proceed to report on this significant case, I would personally like to thank the witness involved, for showing his willingness and courage in coming forward after 35 years to discuss and log this extraordinary case report with UFO Scotland. His willingness to discuss the sighting and the relevant details associated, is to be commended and we hope that it may set an example for other ex-servicemen to follow.
During the Month of May 1999, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity of speaking with (for the record) an ex RAF member who was once based at the Early Warning Radar tracking station at RAF Saxa Vord in the extreme North of Scotland. This meeting had been set up by my father who is also ex RAF (retired) and had happened to meet my source via social circles who in turn, agreed to speak with me so that I may document the event.
During the winter of 1964-1965 at the location of Scotland's northern most Early Warning radar tracking station, RAF Saxa Vord in the Shetland Isles, a serious and relatively unknown incident took place which was witnessed by ground Radar personnel who were on duty at the time. The case was also documented and recorded by the Royal Air Force themselves.
My source reports: Radar Operators observed a stationary return on the early warning radar which gained their interest and curiosity. The object was observed sitting motionless at a height of approximately 20,000 feet. (I asked him how the height of the return was established and he informed me that it was obtained by using the radar's height finder on the system.)
The return was a very strong signal which showed up clearly on the radar as a "real structured object", but what caused immediate concern was the fact that this particular object could not be readily identified by the personnel on duty.
Seeing as this was during the "cold war", the personnel had to assume that this anomalous radar return was an incoming hostile as it was now slowly approaching toward the North coast of Scotland from a North Easterly direction. There was no reply from the IFF (which was to inform them if the incoming was friend or foe) so the unknown was treated by the on duty personnel as if it were a hostile, possibly Russian.
For an unspecified amount of time, the unknown object slowly continued to approach toward the Scottish coast, a few minutes followed then a QRA alert was sent to RAF Leuchars in Fife, who in turn, scrambled 2 English Electric Lightnings (which were the interceptor aircraft at that time) to intercept and identify the incoming threat. RAF Leuchars was the nearest station at this time to deal with such a request.
NOTE: I did ask my source the initial range and distance from the coast, that the radar detected the anomaly from, but he could not answer me due to the fact that it may be giving away confidential and secret information, which we do respect here at UFO Scotland. Reporting is one thing but spilling official secrets is not our aim. It has to be said that this range information will also be well outdated by now anyway.
The two Lightnings were vectored, via ground controllers, towards the incoming bogey but as they approached the locale of the unknown object, my source hinted that the object seemed to become aware of this fact and what happened next suprised them all. The object just proceeded to go vertical,rapidly, directly up and up until it was lost on the height finder on the radar system.
I then asked the witness "at what height the Height finder could lose track" and he reported that it was about 100,000 feet.
Significant point: It is a well known fact that no aircraft on this planet at that time or during present day, had or have the capabilities of performing these types of manouveres captured on Radar or could even climb to that altitude period.
The witness then told me that he believed that the anomaly was definately exhibiting intelligent control and was in his honest opinion "Not one of ours!" At one point, when the unknown was witnessed by the radar operators to go vertical instantaneously, the two operators just looked at eachother, shook their heads and said "NO".
It was further established during the interview that Ground Radar returns were out of the question seeing as this incident took place over the North Sea and not over land.
The case was apparently logged through the official channels and apparently, the scrambled Lightnings got nowhere near their targets.
The whole incident still remains unexplained to date and the witness informed me that this particular incident was the only unexplained event that he had ever witnessed during his career and that he did feel that it should be logged as an important sighting pertaining to ufo research and our search for the "REAL TRUTH"
Technical details:
The Radar equipment that the anomaly was recorded and tracked on was known as a "Type 84" Radar System and a "Type 13" height finder.
This particular case has never been heard of publicly, at least to my knowledge, although I personally feel that it should be logged as a very significant report, from a very credible source, which supports the case that we do indeed have unidentified objects penetrating our air defenses on a regular basis and more importantly: The Authorities do know about it but they dont tell!
Report by Dave Ledger for UFO Scotland.