UFO Smear -
Portentous Penn, Tedious Teller

By Alfred Lehmberg

I'd like to go on record to say that I am personally appalled at "Penn and Teller" and their obtuse ad-hominum attack vis a vis their new Showtime series "Bull Shit" on persons associated with the abduction conundrum and ufology in general. At first blush their hackneyed production is merely uninformed, unbalanced, and unprofessional. Closer examination seems to expose real duplicity, shameless confabulation, and a total lack of -any- ethics. More consideration strongly suggests libel, dirty-tricks character assassination to facilitate hidden agendas, and the usual mainstream persecution of free-thinking persons for daring to think out of the aggregate social box!
Participants in their program were -obviously- misled, manipulated, and misinformed with regard to the purpose of their interview and use in the program. Creative editing -was- used to cant the contrived results into inaccurate and degrading distortions of summative disparity for the persons involved.
Persons associated with ufology (and ufology itself) were turned into mouth-breathing dolts or roundly foolish comic foils for a sneering (and very disappointing!) Penn and Teller, who laughed all the way to the predicted bank for their slack jawed and axe-grinding trouble, I'm sure (only *denial* makes the money the skeptibunky airily attributes to the true-believer).
Ironically, we take a step back to the fundamentalist -dark- ages with their aptly titled new Showtime series "Bull Shit". Verily. They blithely craft this crude assault on rational sensibility in the name of "knowledge advancement" like -any- good CSICOPian (the show was, oh by the way, -heavily- touted by that skeptical pretender as a "must see"), and this is the root of my appalled disappointment with them.
I'd thought Penn and Teller were hipper than that! I'd thought they were -smarter-. I'd presumed they had a degree of with-it-ness that, I come to find, is just -not- there. I -used- to enjoy their performances. Penn and Teller -used- to be minor gods in my personal pantheon. They -used- to matter to me. No more.
Now they are merely a two-headed James Randi for the X generation. They are 21st Century CSICOPians. They are ufological Luddites, ironic enemies of human growth and advancement, and two-color debunkers in league with the corrupted mainstream. They no longer -count- (with -me- at any rate)! They are no longer -relevant-.
I'd suggest the reader put the portentous "Penn" and tedious "Teller" into rational perspective, gauge the scope and effect of their contribution to documentary television with their "Bullshit" series (-their- name, remember), and put them in the same class as -other- 21st Century *reality* shows... but write them off as time, even -more-, foolishly spent. Truly, Penn and Teller have only demonstrated that they have no "there" there, any where -near- there -- SO there! Ignore them for the buzzing of the prevaricating flies they ape, and move on.
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"I cleave the heavens and soar to the infinite. What others see from afar, I leave far behind me." - Giordano Bruno, scourged by the scabrously specious scurrilous.



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