People's Rally (June 5-6)
At Area 51 To Expose
Global Governance
From Norio Hayakawa <>
2nd annual People's Rally in Nevada (June 5-6) To expose Global Elitist's plans for a GLOBAL GOVERNANCE:
This is an invitation for the public and the press to participate in and to cover the upcoming event known as The People's Rally at AREA 51 in Nevada.The People's Rally at AREA 51 will take place as scheduled on Saturday-Sunday, June 5-6, 1999, right at the restricted boundary line on Groom Lake Road (in Lincoln County, Nevada), as previously announced worldwide in the Internet newsgroups.
This will be a legal, public assembly and will take place on legal, public land. The event is intended to be a spontaneous, peaceful gathering of concerned citizens. There will be speakers at the Rally to address several key issues. One of the purposes of the gathering will be to bring to the attention of the newsmedia once again the continuing plight of former Groom Lake workers who are still suffering from illnesses caused by long-term exposure to highly toxic chemicals without their knowledge while working at AREA 51, the base that officially "doesn't exist". The former workers and their families' plea is not so much to seek for monetary compensation as to seek for cures to the diseases.
At the People's Rally, the following proposals will be made:
1) That the government, through its most appropriate agency or channel (whichever one they may deem appropriate) and through a publicly recognized media, give a brief statement, once and for all, of assurance that the former workers were or are being medically treated for their illness.
2) That the government construct a clearly marked new fence at least several miles along the restricted boundary on both sides of Groom Lake road, instead of vague thin orange posts posted wide apart.
3) That the government construct a new Guard Shack right at the restricted boundary line (where it should be, to begin with) by Groom Lake road, instead of the present Guard Shack which is hidden more than a third of a mile inside the restricted area.
4) That there be a Public Affairs Office built specifically regarding this base, separate from the PA office at Nellis AFB, which at present is incompetent to give proper answers regarding the base since it is not a Nellis asset.
5) That the government designate this multi-faceted base in more concrete terms and not just a vague designation like "an operating base by Groom Lake", which is still being used. The lack of an official name of the base could bring about more problems in the future when dealing with rightful lawsuits that may arise from any future accidents at the base.
These are some of the proposals to be made at the Rally.
According to Norio Hayakawa, founder of a group called the Civilian Intelligence Network (which he describes as a citizens' watchdog group on government oversight), the government has in the past several years concocted, disseminated and manipulated popular theories linking AREA 51 with "extraterrestrial" UFOs and "alien" technology in order to discredit any serious scrutiny of this multi-billion dollar facility and its programs, some of which may be in gross violation of environmental statutes. Hayakawa also speculates that some of the weapons systems research and development at the site not only far exceeds the bounds of national defense interests but also may serve to promote and accelerate certain "globalist elitist" agendas.
Quite a number of people may already be camping out overnight on Saturday, June 5 at the site.
There will be a special news conference in Rachel, Nevada (approximately 21 miles north of the "secret base"), the day before the event. (Tel. 702-729-2515) The news conference will take place at 12 noon. The main event on Sunday, June 6, 1999 will take place, beginning at 6 a.m., right at the restricted boundary line.
All vehicles are to be parked off Groom Lake Road. Lincoln County Sheriff Dept. will not allow any vehicle to be parked on the dirt road for the event. On the evening of June 6, there will be music, etc. in Rachel. Also, early on Monday morning, June 7, there will be a hike up to the ridges of Tikaboo Mountain to observe the Groom Lake facility. The hike may take about 3 hours.
For Simple Directions and Maps on how to get to the AREA 51 Rally, go to: Maps to Area 51 (
Saturday, June 5, 1999 12 noon: Press Conference in Rachel, Nevada (public urged to attend):
Main speaker: Ted Gunderson, former Chief Agent-in-Charge of the FBI in Dallas, Memphis and Los Angeles
Topics: AREA 51 and Weapons of Mass Destruction Biological and Chemical Warfare Martial Law, Y2K Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism
3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Seminars ($4.00 admission)
7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Seminars
Sunday, June 6, 1999 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. Main Rally at the Restricted Boundary line on Groom Lake Road.
10 a.m. Breakfast in Rachel
11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Final seminars and conclusion
Written by Anthony J. Hilder:
On the 6th hour of the 6th day of the 6th month (666), the 2nd Annual People's Rally will be held at the periphery of what has been described as America's most "TOP SECRET" underground bacteriological, biological and chemical warfare test site. This covert military facility operates independently from the purview of Congress.
The rally, which will be held on Sunday (June 6, 1999) will be preceded by a PRESS CONFERENCE on Saturday, June 5, at high noon at the Little A-le-Inn in Rachel, Nevada. This new conference (public is urged to attend) will feature Ted Gunderson, former Chief Agent-in-Charge of the FBI in Dallas, Memphis and Los Angeles, and Anthony J. Hilder, producer of the ILLUMINATI/CFR expose. Hilder and Gunderson will reveal what they envision as being a series of staged events occuring over the next six months, which will lead the nation towards the installation of martial law, the cancellation of the Constitution and a move towards the acceptance of a One World Government upon the ashes of all national sovereignty. What has this got to do with DREAMLAND (the secret facility) and future wars against the people of the United States and all sovereign nations of the world? Come and see.
This is an invitation for the public to attend and the press to cover this historic event, which is intended to give answers and direction to avert an impending international crisis. There will be a seminar a the Little A-le-Inn from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, June 5, featuring four different speakers which will expand the information on the national crisis which many in attendance feel will be coordinated with a stock and currency crash coupled with a Y2K catastrophe. If your're looking for another UFOOLOGY event, this is not it.
If there are anti-gravitational flying discs being tested at the Groom Lake site, they are not flown by aliens, but rather by pilots who live at the covert operations facility.
The Rally on Sunday, June 6 is a lawful public assembly in accordance with the First Amendment. It will take place on public land. All in attendance are CAUTIONED NOT TO CROSS BEYOND THE SIGNS POSTED WHICH INDICATE THE BORDER OF THE BASE. Everyone coming up from Las Vegas or down from Salt Lake are URGED to fill up their tanks with gasoline in either Ash Springs or Alamo BEFORE proceeding up to the Tikaboo Valley and/or the Little A-le-Inn as there are NO gas stations for fifty miles.
Three major topics will be addressed at the Seminars. (There will be a $4.00 admission)
1. Exploring the evidence which would lead us to believe that genetic engineering, cloning and cross-species gene splicing are being conducted. 2. Bacteriological, biological and chemical weaponry 3. If there are anti-gravitational flying discs, those may be used to stage a mock invasion to create panic and usher in a Global Government under ILLUMINAZI control.
For more information, please contact: Joe and Pat Travis at the Little A-le-Inn HCR 61 Box 45 Rachel, NV 89001 (702) 729-2515
Press Contact: Anthony J. Hilder at (310) 288-6656