Overlooked Israeli
Strange Phenomena
By Barry Chamish <>
Here's a good reason why reporting on UFOs, though a non-profit cause in the short run, has its longterm rewards. Every now and then someone reads the reports and offers unique opportunities that enrich a person's existence. Such was the case this week when a documentary crew preparing a film about the history of giants for the Discovery Channel arrived in Israel to tape a segment based on my research connected to the subject. I had the pleasure, and it really was fun, of accompanying producer Alexander Brown and director Charles Wilkinson up and down the country for interviews, during the course of which, significant new information emerged which has been overlooked until now. Two outstanding examples are:
Genetic Alterations In Yatzitz - Probably the most convincing proof that UFO-related giants visited Israel for two years beginninng in 1993, was the incident at Yatzitz. In January 1995, Herzl Consantini and Danny Ezra witnessed a nine foot robotic giant which left 8.5 kilometers of impossibly deep boot tracks in its wake. I thought I had previously covered the encounter from every angle, but I had, in fact, missed a profoundly important detail which Herzl revealed in his interview this week.
Fruit trees which grew beside the giant tracks produced weird genetically altered products the summer following the incident. Herzl rummaged through his records and found newspapers of the time to back up his claim: Charles Wilkinson filmed the relevant pages. They showed Herzl holding a four-headed nectarine, as an example of the bizarre alterations to trees affected by the passing of the giant.
The Haunting Of Bet Zarzir - In April 1998, Golan Marzuk discovered and photographed Israel's first thoroughly investigated crop formation. The pictogram was formed in a wheat field beside his village and it was a symetrical 27 metres by 27 metres umbrella-shaped image.
Since the incident, the village, whose population is Druze, a rather secretive offshoot of Islam, has reported continuing aftershocks. In each case up until his interview this week on July 20/99, animals became very noisy and agitated before a misty image appeared before different villagers. Marzuk described the images as, "human in appearance but either small, half the size of a normal man, or large, one and a half to two times larger. They were seen just outside the homes of three of my relatives and were hazy, like they were formed of cigarette smoke. People in the village are very upset by all this but it is not in our nature to reveal such things to outsiders. I've become very interested in UFOs since I photographed our crop formation and want other people to have the knowledge as it emerges from our village."
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